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  • I used to watch this show, and I am personally very happy that the people at the Nicktoons Studio decided to stick it on Nick Toons Network. I think that it has all the makings of the classic Scooby-Doo episodes, except the monsters aren't guys, in rubber masks messing with people.

    This show invokes creativity and tickles almost any cartoon lover's fancy. Unless of course it isn't your thing.

    So watch Martin Mystery and give it a chance. Unless of course, narrow-minded-ness is your thing...

    Then I'm gonna be wondering why you're even WATCHING cartoons.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think this show is a wonderful and entertaining show. I'm 13 and I watch it almost everyday on nicktoons. One of the best parts is that they take old fables (such as the boogey man) and come up with an explanation.

    But as I was reading though the other comments I saw some things that I had to say something about.

    Ginger87: yes it did take place of Doug. But I think that nick thought it was getting old and people found it not interesting anymore. They do change there cloths, (well at least Martin and Dianna) they all just have the same colors/patterns.

    Well I hope my comment was helpful. And I hope you all enjoy watching I know I will!
  • The show I personally feel is wonderful. I hit on it one day on Nick purely by accident and fell in love with it. I've always been into the paranormal stuff and I am pleased that this show is showing that stuff as real instead of the made up lame stuff on Scooby Doo. True the animation is a bit laughable, but it is well worth it to see the unique take on monsters, ghosts, vampires, name it. If it's paranormal and often coats our beloved heros in slime it's on the show. I look forward to watching this show more and more and if it does become avaible on DVD I will purchase it for my children to enjoy as well.
  • I should like to register my opinion that this cartoon is an absolute bloody delight. It is consistently well written, with exquisite animation (I notice there is frequent use of purple). The distinctive voice acting is also charismatic. In some respects, the cartoon seems to me somewhat like an animated version of Doctor Who; there is even a line of dialogue "You will be exterminated" which I think may be a deliberate allusion to the Daleks. From what little I know of the Italian comic from which this is derived, this seems to be pretty loosely based on it, but it has a distinct, definitive feel to it all of its own. There also apparent references to various films, such as Ghostbusters (particularly with the incidental music), The Exorcist, and The Thing. Probably several more as well. For some reason, I can see a bit of a resemblance to the old Tintin cartoons as well, with the wide range of superbly animated location settings. Like Doctor Who, a lot of the programme has a strong scary quality to it. I personally don't find it frightening, but I might have done as a wee'un. If it gets released on DVD in Britain, I suspect it will get at least a PG. Well done to all involved in the creation of this programme. Yaaaaay!!
  • My boys LOVE this program. Minimal violence, no bad language, funny happenings. If your kids love aliens, etc. This is it. Some younger kids might find the aliens a bit scary but I doubt it. My wife and I enjoy it also (a bunch more than other animation such as Fairy Odd Parents which we refuse to allow on the TV).

    I am really impressed with the different plots also. Actually kind of nice to see something that is not a rehash of the 10,000 Scooby Do episodes out there. If you TiVo or DVR episodes, watch out for the marathons which will fill your recording space up in a flash.

    Also check out the Martin Mystery web site: for some fun things for the future alien agents to do!! The programming has some holes but is it is quite functional and fun.
  • Eriks33410 November 2005
    This show is actually pretty cool. Every episode is short and right to the point. As for DOUG and other old Nick shows, I'm sure many viewers can rehearse every episode line by line. Let NICK air some new cartoons and try something different for a change. Martin Mystery is on late night and does not interfere with any of the Nicktoon network show line-up schedule. This cartoon has very interesting plots and ideas. Its based on an old comic book series with a few differences. (character relationships, Name Changes) I here that it is a big hit in Europe and has many great reviews, with many die hard fans. I myself TiVo all the late night Martin Mysteries, and enjoy the show for it's sometimes corny but interesting stories. I suggest this Cartoon series for any Nick Toons lover, its not a new show, but since it hasn't been aired in most areas of the United States, its new to all of us. So make the decision for yourself and check out an episode or two, its better than watching a million time played over episode of DOUG or any discontinued NickToon.
  • That's the most interesting thing about this show. The rest is a little meh.

    It was kind of Totally Spies meets Scooby Doo, and that took a bit off of the experience. The humourous parts of it were a little choppy and made me feel like they didn't know what they wanted the show to be a comedy or a mystery/horror show.

    It should be interesting enough for younger viewers, so I would not go as far as calling the show bad. It just became a little formulaic and hyper active when they were not on a mission.

    But go watch it and judge for yourself, it has its moments.
  • I used to watch this show on the T.V. before I got rid of it. It's a good show, considering that each episode is only like 23 minutes which is a rather tight time frame. There are a few weird things about the show I noticed, like sometimes the animators reuse the same clip, or sometimes they use the clip and run it in reverse. There's also the thing where in the original Martin Mystery comics, Diana is actually Martin's lover, and they are not related. I am unsure as to why they made the two step-siblings in this series, although it was probably to stamp out any temptation to show any chemistry between the two.

    However this show is definitely for kids, not that you cannot enjoy it as an adult. The entire show is generally light hearted and not serious, and the show lacks anything that I can really relate to, with a few exceptions like the disappointed father, although as the series goes on if you watch enough episodes, you do become a bit attached to the characters. There is nothing serious relationship wise as I mentioned already, since the show is aimed at children they probably just took that aspect out which makes sense. But with this said, the show is aimed at being a fun mystery/horror type show and it delivers just that. The suspense is well paced and the violence is minimal. Most of the time it's the leading up to whatever monster is causing the trouble that is more interesting than Martin and his team actually confronting the problem.

    However being the kind of person I am, I look a bit too hard into the show. I'm not sure if this is intended but I can't help but feel kind of bad for Martin and Diana, especially Martin. Here is a teenager who goes to school and works a job. He saves lives and yet he's a total reject, as in all the girl's thinks he's some type of creep. And whenever he saves the girls that he likes, they just get memory wiped and they hate him again. And somehow, Martin keeps up a chipper attitude, seldom ever showing any signs of being sad. He does have friends, but they seem extremely minimal, and although Diana and Martin do care for each other as siblings, I find it hard to believe that they would ever offer each other any emotional support. The writers might not have been aiming for this, I'm not sure, but although the characters have kind of shallow personalities, if you look past the surface they seem quite a bit more deep and complex. But it is just a show, and I'm very sure I'm looking way too hard.

    Bottom line is this is a show you would watch for entertainment purposes only, but you may be presently surprised by it, like I was, and if you can make the show deeper then it might actually be, like I did, it really rounds out nicely and you will be a bit sad the series are no longer airing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As far as it went back to the year of 2004, I began watching Martin Mystery via Disney Channel Asia (I spent earlier childhood in Saigon). It wasn't until then that I had some concepts about what to watch. I usually sit down with a pack of chips and then just run through the programs. Until I hit MM.

    So MM was a cartoon with paranormal activities - in most definitions - true. But if that was about to be a negative impact point, I'd rather disgust that. Martin Mystery used to be a series of comics of the same genré, with paranormal and goo-infesting schemes. However the comic was far too mature - a good way to put it - boring!!

    I was of teenage back then. I immediately fell in love with the series. Martin resembles part of me just right - laid back, chill, childish, and caring (to a point) and Diana serves great half other part of me - a straight A goody two shoes. It is fun to see part of that reflection within the cartoon, but that reflection should not be just me - everybody had teenage. Everybody was once a teen, whom may have run their skateboards through the streets, or maybe flirting with girls and get slapped, or maybe with an A and declare themselves hero. Besides the slime and goo, we saw ourselves in the characters - woo, we were drawn into it. I can look back and forth now and see my friends around me whom were pretty much just like Java and Billy.

    Now then, Martin and Diana can be seen arguing, yet no one gave a good look at the chemistry that formed between them. I cannot forget the image of Diana embrace Martin inside the sea monster's guts nor the image of the "spontaneous fun hug" in "Eternal Christmas". I cannot forget the moment when Diana was truly touched by Martin's words either. Of course that was before the pranks were revealed and Diana left with "enough heat to levitate". It cannot be incest - it is pure love between the two kids who happened to have their divorced or widowed parents married. We simply cannot condemn their love, but to embrace it for its pureness and the difficulties they have to get through.

    The use of monsters was there taking part much criticisms from viewers as well. Yet, the contrast between a human being's rotten soul in comparison to a creature being negatively labelled "monster" is another aspect represented in Martin Mystery's adventures. I can still recall the episode "Shriek From Beyond", when Diana condemned the old sailor Rolf as being the real monster - not the Siren, whom was actually the victim. Along with the slime infected plot, we can see that glow of the ethical lessons being inserted and well appear, which, again, did taught us all something.

    The last two episodes of the final season, the "It's Alive (1&2)", was a true disappointment. There were simply no way someone like Diana would do such a treacherous thing. I would interpret this as Marathon's rush to finish the work, however if this was to be a finely crafted work then I'd say those two last episodes had gone sour. There are no way someone like Diana could turn against her step brother, and simply no chance she would have the heart to toss the grenade down that hole knowing Martin may be killed. And if Martin was accused for lack of sympathy, then we should look back at the whole time line of the series for whether if anybody was ever so willing to share any "pathos" to Martin. There are a fair bit of unfair going on there.

    2008 was a year full of disappointment for me. I turned on the TV after a hellish day. I can't see Martin anywhere. I waited for Martin, then for Kim Possible, then for my favorites, but none showed up. Without sufficient entertainment resources, I was rendered almost incapable. I was lost. Until now when I can find DVDs of the shows would I be a little bit more relief.

    However, let's be glad to know that there are chances of Martin Mystery et al coming back to television in a whole new series. They had confirmed the project and await our support.

    This is my expressions/feeling and review for this wonderful show. Would hope that everybody could take my words.
  • I used to really like this show as a kid. It was removed from Nicktoons Network in 2008, but i recently found episodes on youtube, been watching them a lot. And now, i now know how to critique things on different things, and i would like to do it here.

    Tension- This show definitely knows how to develop tension. The dialogue and the music that plays during the scene where its building up make the pay offs very effective. There are many episodes that scare the c--p out of you. Return of the Dark Druid is a prime example.

    Storyline- This show has quite a bit of story lines that are very interesting. Paranormal, extraterrestrial, and mysteries lie within and you want to know what is going on.

    Characters- There are many characters in this show, each and everyone are very likable and have their own personality, and you definitely feel for them.

    Humor- The show is on and off when it comes to its humor. Most of it is kinda cheesy and falls flat. 90% of it is between Martin and Diana. Martin torments Diana and her reaction is sometimes priceless, others are unfunny

    Music- The music fits everything, sometimes i don't really pay attention to the music, but this time, its effective and sometimes beautiful.

    There are other points i didn't get to, but it sums
  • Vogonavich28 August 2009
    The animation is a bit like anime meets the old Spiderman but somehow it works. Sometimes simpler is better. My teenage son and daughter get a big laugh out of every episode and the Martin/Diana relationship is so much like my kids it is creepy! Martin is all teenage boy with girls on the mind and an overactive imagination (er.. think "sock gnomes" being responsible for missing socks). He jumps to conclusions based on limited knowledge and has an unshakable faith in his own opinions; he also has absolutely no clue about acceptable social interaction. He can be a total pain but when it counts he stands up for his step-sister and his friends. Diana is all about doing the right thing and making sure the rules are followed... but the teenage girl in her manages to get out anyways.

    Martin and Diana often act like 2 year olds when fighting with each other, and to emphasize the point they get redrawn as immature kids. The effect can be hilarious and my kids love their childish arguments. I don't point out to them how much it matches reality around our place.

    The comment someone made about Martin/Diana being incestuous is just totally out to lunch. There really is nothing offensive about this show. Just fun with slime, aliens, weird monsters attacking quiet rural towns, and cursed objects that are found by innocent people. No one is hurt in the end, and Martin usually saves the day despite being such a doofus. And sometimes his bizarre theories ARE correct.

    Not sophisticated but provides surprisingly satisfactory entertainment.

    BTW: Martin's closet contains several outfits that all look the same. He changes his clothes but not his look.
  • I'm not exactly a fan of Martin Mystery, but I think this show is really nice. Only for the exception of too much slime. I understand that it's one of the 'highlights' of the show, just like the stereotypical teenage girls and gadgets of Totally Spies, but I can't get it why it always has to be green and opaque...It's like they don't know that there are other colors of slime and other forms of liquid. Not to mention slime is always in EVERY SINGE Episode of MM...

    I also noticed that they don't change clothes. I mean, yeah, cartoons don't usually change clothes and have 23 pairs of each shirt and stuff (Dexter?) but this is like, a 'newish' cartoon made anime-style, so I was thinking add a little wardrobe in it, eh??

    Bottomline: Good 6.9/10
  • reachkiramurphy29 September 2018
    This was a decent show for kids. And unlike what the other reviewer seemed to be worried about, no it's not too scary for kids of this age. Just some nice stories and some fun and funny parts for the kids to enjoy. Great website too if it's still up! Lots of games that make you think, etc.
  • enricoshapka28 February 2021
    Love it
    This cartoon was hilarious and amazing. Every episode had a new mystery monster to discover. There's also some good and mature parts where they meet java in a lab and become friends. The drawings and musics are great too. Must watch
  • This series is good, it is entertaining, epic and has charismatic characters, I recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    But despite the sometimes overly violent scenes, I think it great that the show is marketed towards little tots like my nephews because only children that age can be naive enough not to read into the wise-cracking and very subjective manner of the show. Okay the main idea is; Martin Mystery (the title character) and his step-sister Diana take assignment orders from their M.O.M. (Mistress of Mysteries) via a secret center. Upon receiving their new assignments each new episode, the duo go about fighting the glob goo spewing vermin that threaten the earth, but not before Martin ruins any new experiment M.O.M. is working on in her office each time they arrive to take their assignment. In one episode, Martin decides to go snooping around the center and in the process awakens a giant cave man whom they soon name "Java" (after Java man of course) and teach him the ways of the new world as they add him as a new member of their team.

    Reasons you might now want children under the age of ten watching include:

    1. Incest - There's this weird unshakable feeling of incest going on between Diana and Martin, IMHO.

    2. Violence - Diana physically assaults Martin in nearly every episode.

    3. Ignorance - The writers tend to be ignorant about other people's cultures, therefore reinforcing negative stereotypes.

    4. Frightening Images - some of the monsters the siblings have to fight can be unnerving and not to mention, scary!

    Just to mention a few. It airs on Nicktoons in the US.