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  • Watch this series.

    I am incredibly surprised at the quality of this series. At this point I have watched episodes 1 through 5, and am stunned at how much I am actually interested in watching this series.

    The show appears to be well-thought out, the sets are remarkably authentic feeling despite what I am sure for a new series is a small budget, and the interplay between characters is consistent and easily acceptable.

    The show is also very fast-paced and despite the short time (5 eps.), there are already a great number of believable plot threads.

    Most importantly, the characters are believable and likable and for a sci-fi series, real. As mentioned earlier, the interplay between the characters is something to see. Indeed, when watching the series I actually forget I'm watching sci-fi.

    Watch it if you can, I suspect you'll like it.
  • rune_play25 January 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    A huge fan of SG-1 myself, I was at first doubtful about a spin-off where the story was about people in Atlantis. I mean, Atlantis? How much more cliché could you get, right? I was terrified that it would be so bad, Stargate would become a joke in the SF world.

    I'm glad I was wrong. I'm hooked on the series and have watched every single episode. I can't wait for "The Siege" part 2 next week! The season started off with a great two-parter, "Rising". Amazing FX, great plot, great characters (it was such a pleasure to have McKay back!)and Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson from SG-1 to make the transition.

    The plot is that an expedition is mounted to send a team of scientists from all over the world and military personnel to the lost city of Atlantis. This team is led by Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a diplomat that was introduced in the episode "Lost City" of Stargate SG-1. They manage to get to the Pegasus Galaxy and Atlantis but they don't have a power source that can send them back to Earth (it's called a ZPM, zero point module). When they get there, they make a new enemy called the Wraith that preys on humans, sucking the life out of them.

    There was the worry that it would turn into the Stargate version of Trek's Voyager. An expedition stuck far away looking for a way home. It's already well known to Atlantis fans that from the beginning of season 2 there will be contact with Earth on a regular basis.

    After "Rising", the series slows down a little with some moderately good episodes but some brilliant episodes come late ("Before I sleep", "Poisonning the Well", "Home", "The Storm" and "The Eye" ...) Overall there are more great episodes than so-so ones.

    The Wraith then. They scare the hell out of me! The Goa'uld (from SG-1) are funny evil, the Wraith are terrifying evil. Seriously. I'd pick becoming the host to a Goa'uld or matter to a Replicator over being Wraith dinner anytime.

    The city of Atlantis is beautiful (those FX! Wow!), the theme music is great. The uniforms aren't all that convincing. And what I like most of it is that it's very newbie friendly (meaning you can easily watch and understand without having watched SG-1 before) while being interesting for old time fans (such as myself) of all things Stargate. The series keeps getting better as the season passes and though it's practically over now with the second half of the finale airing next week I can tell season 2 is going to be amazing. Even with the changes to the cast. McGillion who plays Dr. Beckett is coming back as a regular (excellent!) and Francks a.k.a. Lt. Ford is becoming recurring (not good in my opinion) and a new character by the name Ronon Dex (not cast yet) is gonna become a regular. The rest of the cast is brilliant and I'm glad they've started developing Teyla some more.

    All the show needs now is the Chevron Guy from SG-1 and for Dr. Zelenka to become a regular :D
  • An international expedition lead by Dr. Elizabeth Weir is set of through the Stargate into the Pegasus galaxy. They discover a threat far beyond anything encountered before. A race that destroyed the Ancients, the most developed race known to man.

    As a big SG-1 fan I had my doubts that this spin-off would succeed in being close to SG-1. To my great surprise I found Atlantis better in many ways.

    First there is a great well written story. They use the new galaxy for all it's worth. The casting is great. A nice mix of civilians and military. I find the characters here better then SG-1. David Hewlett and David Nykl make a perfect couple as Dr. McKay and Dr. Zelenka. And season two newcomer Ronon Dex is also turning out to be good as the quiet more mysterious type.

    Atlantis is a lot darker then SG-1. It's one of the more darker sci-fi of it's kind I've seen and it works. Specially since the mood is so well captured. The cinematographers does a great job at that. However, at the same time it's dark, the show manage to have humor. I like that. They don't overdo it. It's a nice mix. It gives the show a kind of looser feeling. A feeling of that they don't take them selves all too seriously. That it one of the things I really like about the Stargate series.

    The directing is also very good. The fact that the same directors and creative crew members work or has worked on both series gives the series much of the same qualities and they manage to stay somewhat in the same style without the one being a copy of the other.

    Stargate Atlantis features some of the best special effects you find on television. The plain CGI sequences is very well made and when they mix CGI and real footage you can hardly tell the difference. There are also some pretty nice fight scenes. These are very well coordinated and well executed. The Wraith makeup and makeup through out the show is also nice done. So are the costumes.

    As spin-offs have a tendency to might not be as good as the original Atlantis is on many points better then the original. This is a show you should catch if you get the chance.
  • I love it!... It could have went another five years..... Now all we see is garbage on t.v, bring back the GATE!!!!
  • I've read comments about how bad this spin off is. Are they watching the same series as I? This is not a carbon copy of SG1, or should it be! The story lines are completely different and the characters are fantastic! I love the Wraith! I look forward every week for this show. I just hope and pray that the Sci-Fi channel doesn't cancel it like they've canceled great sci-fi shows in the past! The super line-up on Firdays with Andromeda, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Battle Star gallactica, what more could a sci-fi Junker ask for? If Stargate SG1 ends it's run, this spin-off will take it's place without sacrificing it's quality!
  • I just had to give my 2 cents worth on this show in some public forum somewhere because I'd hate to see the studio cancel it because it wasn't getting very good feedback. I watch the show every Monday night and it is the highlight of my week (and, yes, I do have a life).

    I very much enjoy the characters, the story lines, and the Wraiths. And given the fact that it is still only the first season I'm hoping that the show will only get better. If you want to see weak story lines just about half the Star Trek: TNG series had them and that show lasted 7 seasons (I believe). Yes, I'm a Trekkie but I don't believe you have to be one or even a fan of the sci fi genre to enjoy this series.

    To the writers, producers, and actors on the show I'm cyberbegging that you continue your great work and know that it is being very much appreciated by people like me (smart and handsome).

    Dave M
  • Dr. Jackson discovers the last symbol of the 8 digit code for Atlantis, the origin for the lost city Atlantis, the location not being earth, but much further away in a galaxy called Pegasus. Dr. Weir, who took control of the SGC facility in SG-1, have been appointed leader of a expedition that travels through the StarGate to find the lost city, together with Major Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) and his team they explore the lost city Atlantis and the Pegasus galaxy, hereby encountering a new all-powerful race 'The Wraith' that supposedly have wiped out the 'human' race The Ancients.

    Major Sheppard, being a resemblance of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, of course stirs things up, and awakens The Wraith, and hereby the battle between Good & Evil begins in the Pegasus galaxy.

    SG:Atlantis is a lot like SG-1, don't get me wrong though, it's not entirely the same, but if you have seen the SG-1 show, you will know what I mean, it all begins in the same track that SG-1 did. To cut it short, Atlantis is more of the show we all love, SG-1, but in a new package, maybe even a better package, remember the budgets being bigger and bigger for the SG shows. I personally like Atlantis, it's not like I'm seeing anything shockingly new, but it's the fascinating universe of the SG, which we all love, and the more the merrier.

    You don't have to know the SG-1 show, to enjoy Atlantis, even though you don't have the full insight of the SG world from the former shows, you can still enjoy Atlantis, and part by part learn about the SG universe, so don't be afraid to watch this show, even though you haven't seen the movie or SG-1.

    Enjoy your journey with StarGate Alantis.
  • anifanmc13 January 2008
    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that as a spin off, Atlantis has done much more than its parent series, Stargate SG1, by introducing a new cast of characters who give us more of what the essence of Stargate is - funny, serious, sad, and epic at the same time.

    The premise of Atlantis is a continuation from the "Lost City" two-parter that ended Season 7 of SG1. Following further examination of the cave in which the Antarctic Stargate and Ayiana were found, Jackson discovers that the address to Atlantis is eight-symbol - that is, it is located in a whole new galaxy. Dr. Weir, the former head of the SGC, played by Tori Higginson, is appointed the head of the expedition, and some old favorites such as Dr. Rodney McKay return to the scene.

    The newcomers are no less handy. Major (and later Colonel) John Sheppard, played by Joe Flanigan, is the junior (and then later senior) military leader of the Atlantis Expedition and possesses an uncanny talent to pilot or use anything that requires the use of the Ancient Technology Activation gene. Carson Beckett played by Paul McGillion, is the medical officer aboard the ship and has become a fan favorite for innumerable reasons.

    Upon their arrival, they discover that Atlantis has almost completely run out of power and has been submerged under the sea. Not having enough power to activate a gate back home, they start looking for a way out within the new galaxy, and discover the Athosians, who tell them of a new enemy, the Wraith. Their leader, Teyla Emmagan (Rachel Luttrell), recognizes them as technological descendants of the Ancestors, as they refer to the Lantean Ancients, and believes that they have the power to stop them. Soon after, the team discover that the Wraith are waking up in droves and are a far greater threat than they envisioned - they were responsible for the extinction of the Ancients within the Pegasus galaxy. Much of the series revolves around trying to find ways to combat and destroy the Wraith.

    Later on, new enemies are introduced, including a new variant of the human form replicators created by the Asgard - only this time they have very powerful Ancient technology which rivals that of the original Ancients. Later on, Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa), a Satedan fighting against the Wraith in vengeance for the destruction of his homeworld and the murder of his people, joins the Atlantis team.

    A must see.
  • Atlantis had a great kick off, especially being introduced to us with some crossover of the Stargate Sg-1 crew comprising of the two original Stargate characters O'Neill and Jackson.

    With exceptional fx, some great makeup on the bad guys and what is forming to be a good team on the front line Atlantis is making a good impression and after winding down it's premiere season, its actors have already signed up for a five year deal proving it's popularity. Bringing in some oft he best audiences for a premiere sci-fi show it has potential to be worthy to carry on the Stargate franchise.

    The characters are likable, if we get to know them a little better. I feared a few may be culled in order for it to continue but it hasn't happened yet. Sarcastic spars can be a little too much but it's the kind of humour I'm drawn to so I shouldn't complain too much.

    it will be nice to get to know the characters better and if five years has been called for it gives us plenty of time. I do wonder about the bad guys, unlike Stargate SG-1's Gould, who we also got to know and had some sort of personality to them, it seems all the Wraith are around for is to suck out lifeforces before going back to sleep. For me they provide a convincing scare fest of 'Wouldnt want to meet one down a dark ally' but as to their staying power I'm not convinced, if they sleep every one hundred and fifty years, and yes we accidentally woke them up, wouldn't they go back to sleep after a while, are they now destined to stay awake forever in pursuit of Earth which they conveniently found out in the first episode.

    I'm still impressed y them, the look, the threat, but compared to the Gould and other bad guys of SG-1 like the replicators I do hope other enemies come into play lest they become too boring by the end of the second season.

    All in all,Atlantis has potential, and is worthy to carry on the franchise as the first spin off, ( i hope for a few) as long as the characters stay likable, the bad guys stay believable and the plots don't lose themselves in SG-1esque outlines.
  • cosmic_quest28 October 2004
    Having only seen a few episodes of 'Stargate: Atlantis' and given it is a young show, I have to say that while it may not be on the same level as 'Stargate: SG1', it is enjoyable in itself. No first season of any series is wonderful (look at Star Trek: The Next Generation) but 'Stargate: Atlantis' has fared quite well.

    The characters are likable although understandably we don't have much of a feel for them yet. There is a nice rapport between Sheppard, McKay, Weir and Beckett already but I think Teyla needs some work otherwise she'll just end up a token alien character. I'm still not sure how I feel about the Wraiths yet, I hope they don't crop up in each and every episode and other plot devices are explored instead. There is nothing so dull as when TV show focus on the main 'baddie' to the exclusion of everything else (Buffy and Angel were guilty of this as was 'The X-Files').

    I think if given some time 'Stargate: Atlantis' can progress to be as great as its predecessor and it certainly has the making of being a thrilling sci-fi show. People need to stop compared it to SG1 though and give it a chance to develop. Too many potentially good shows are cancelled too soon because they are not given the opportunity to improve.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was expecting a boring spin off similar to some of the Star Trek series', but I was pleasantly surprised. Instant action in the pilot episode when Dr. McCray nearly shoots down Gen. O'Neill's helicopter with the ancient's weapon. Thought it was rather fitting that Daniel really, really wanted to go with the Atlantis team....but of course, Jack said no.

    The Wraith are a whole new nemesis for the SG team to deal with on a weekly basis. They are ugly creatures that I think could crush the Goa'uld in a heartbeat. The healing ability of these creatures is amazing. The Atlantis team members pretty well have to blow them to bits at point blank to defeat them. Excitement in every encounter with the Wraith.

    Can't wait for this series to be released to DVD. It will definitely be added to my Stargate SG-1 DVD collection!!!!
  • Atlantis follows the adventures of the Stargate Atlantis team, which is formed after a secret base, abandoned by the original builders of the Stargates, is found buried in the ice of Antarctica. Their discovery leads to a daring expedition to the distant Pegasus galaxy, where they encounter a primitive human civilization and a sinister new enemy that threatens human life everywhere.

    Maj. John Sheppard, a courageous and gifted pilot,Dr. Elizabeth Weir, head of the mission and a diplomatic relations specialist. Rounding out the cast is Lt. Aiden Ford, an enthusiastic young officer who becomes Sheppard's second-in-command, astrophysicist Dr. Rodney McKay(SG-1), and Teyla, a beautiful young leader among the primitive alien civilization that the Atlantis team encounters. In a special guest starring role, sci-fi favorite Robert Patrick (Terminator 2, The X-Files) will appear as Col. Marshall Sumner in the two-hour Atlantis premiere event. Following its premiere, 18 additional original episodes of Atlantis will air during the show's regular Friday night 10 p.m. ET/PT slot, as a companion series to the all-new eighth season of Stargate SG-1.
  • There are some people who are comparing Stargate: Atlantis to Startrek Voyager. As a Trekker and a huge fan of Voyager, SG: Stlantis is not similar to Voyager. I have seen all the Voyager episodes, and so far, none of the episodes have had same storyline.

    Although they both start off in an unknown location where they cannot return to earth, the story that continues after is completely different.

    There are some similarities, such as the Wraith vs. the Borg and the Atlantians vs. Caretaker, many other things do not match.

    Atlantis has a unique storyline, that is very fun to watch and will continue to make you watch it again and again. Also, since this is made by Sci-fi, there are no commercials!

    However, if you are a Trekkies, where you want variety, you might not like the show. In the show, everyone speaks English (lol I know) and most of them (excluding the wraith) looks like human. Also, the technologies are not as techie as in Startrek.

    Give it a chance. I'm sure many people will like it. Also it will keep continue to make you watch more. Although not as scientific as Startrek, this is a must for every startrek fans!
  • Hi i am i Scifi fan and therefore i have not missed one of the best series of all time.

    I noticed that Stargate Atlantis has been canceled ! This is something that can't be allowed please help me and all other fans of Stargate by going to these sites and help us get the show back on the air with new episodes not only reruns

    addresses to sites that are trying to keep the show alive:

    www. tvseriesfinale .com/articles/stargate-atlantis-sci-fi-cancels-series-no-season-six/

    www. petitionspot .com/petitions/SaveSGA/ (there was some problems with this "long Word" so in the address no spaces) (no )^^

    I say again please don't let them kill Atlantis

    Thank you for reading and Don't let them cancel Stargate!!
  • mcaputo1-16-76935431 March 2011
    I started watching this series on Netflix and didn't realize there were only 5 seasons. I just went online to put season 6 in my queue and there isn't one! :( This was a great series. The acting was great, in my humble opinion. The character development and group dynamics was excellent and I felt like a part of the family. I was sad when Carson died and felt real depression, but was very grateful when they brought him back in later episodes, just as they did with Elizabeth. I thought Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett were terrific and I am going to search for some of their other works to watch. I am crossing my fingers they have done other things. If they haven't, someone in the entertainment business needs to find a vehicle for these guys... the whole team would be ideal. I'm very sad right now and feel a real finishing a great book that you never wanted to end. Thank you for 99 episodes of pure enjoyment. I wish you all the best
  • People are gonna hate me for saying it, but there it is: Stargate is better than Star Trek. Don't get me wrong, Star Trek is a great show. Historicaly , Star Trek set the bar for Sci-Fi shows and I am a big fan of TNG and Enterprise series.

    However, Star Trek was always more "Fi" rather than "Sci", technologies mentioned in it are mostly fictional and the solutions for the problems the crew runs into on the show are most of the time far-fetched and sometimes borderline ridiculous.

    Stargate, on the other hand, beginning with SG-1 and continuing with Atlantis, creates a believable scenario, by relating to actual historic facts (aliens pretending to be gods in order to enslave/study/help humans). It also presents us (usually) with decent and plausible explanations for the technologies used or for the events taking place.

    What I love mostly about Stargate is how it managed to create a Sci-Fi show where the characters have to rely mostly on their wits to solve difficult situations or to defeat technologically superior races, and also that it manages to throw in some quality humour.

    The cast is brilliantly chosen for both SG-1 and Atlantis, creating a family-like environment and making a great show to watch for everybody.
  • IF ever there was a Stargate show that could be restarted its Stargate Atlantis. Having just watched it again from start to finish in Feb/Mar 2018 I was reminded why I loved it so much the first time round - great cast chemistry, mostly very interesting episodes, good humour, very good special effects, and more.

    Many of the actors are available as well if they wanted to use any of them in a reboot.

    I did realize this time more then my first go around that they relied on Rodney to much to resolve situations in fantastical ways, and so yes I could conclude the writing was a bit weak in that department. Yet the writers did succeed at great characterization for a number of the principals, so not everything fell down in that department.

    They also lost their way a bit with a couple of them such as Teyla - the purposes of her being sort of "drifted" and it was clear the writing team in later seasons did not know what to do with her other then she be a strong member of the team. I will say this -Rachel Luttrell is really drop dead gorgeous - I had to be an adult to come to that realization....

    There is so much unfinished business for this series - I know the Stargate Atlantis Legacy book series helps close many of the loose threads, but I would like to see them acted out onscreen.

    Each Stargate series had something I liked, but I think this one had perhaps the best balance, and was the most "enjoyable" to watch. And to me at least it wore well.
  • Hi all! The Stargate SG1 series produced many fans all around the world then Atlantis branched off from that storyline into a storyline of its own. Atlantis has a brilliant storyline and, in my opinion, is now better than that of SG1. SG1 is now entering its ninth season and ideas are running out but Atlantis is a whole new realm with brilliant characters and amazing ideas. I strongly recommend Atlantis but it does require some knowledge of SG1!! Although O'Neill will be missed - McKay and Sheppard more than make up for that loss. This is currently my favourite series and I recommend it to any sci-fi lovers. It's truly brilliant! Keep it up guys!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am writing this review in the commercial break during 'The siege Part 2' and erm, spoiler, That battle. Wow.

    This episode is one of the best in the entire series, possibly the best, but seeing as so many episodes have been great, particularly 'The Eye' and a few others, but after the seasons slow and rather plain start, this series has ramped it up in terms of action, story, special effects shots and acting. It's so dramatic, and it seems to have moved into a more "Battlestar Galactica 2005' story line and situational direction. It is probably my fav show on T.V right now, and has been in my top 5 of the year. It is that great.

    Get into it, now.
  • Quite enjoyable, and no, I'm not a teenager.. It's nothing fancy and it's single-layered: don't look for deeper meanings in these shows. It is however nicely executed and some of the main character do a very decent job (Dr. Weir, McKay Zelenka).

    The main idea of how the Wraith came into existence is very refreshing and a good explanation for why they look so much like humans; a very big problem I have with Star Trek stuff is the inexplainable likeness to humans of literally EVERY alien they encounter. Here they at least try to give it a nice twist.

    Currently at season 3, I have to admit, the cheesy episodes are getting more numerous but the good episodes still make up for that so I keep on watching it. Best SF sho ever is Farscape so keep that in mind while evaluating my view :-)
  • Sci-fi should inspire us with the mystery of new alien races, the wonder of new places, and the geekiness of technical gadgetry.

    This dreck is NOT sci-fi. It's non-stop soldiering, in which the bad guys are without personality, without empathy, without brains. Oh, and...the good guys, too, are without personality, without empathy, and without brains.

    Every episode, the problem is violence and the solution is violence. Guns, guns, guns... this is NOT sci-fi. A kid watching this will learn life-lessons that do not include socializing, invention, nonviolence, or science.

    The only character that's even remotely memorable (and not nonstop violent) is a Scottish engineer. *polite coughing* Clearly, the writers couldn't be bothered to be original, and borrowed the bio of Star Trek's "Scotty" and the twitchy personality of Star Trek's "Bones".

    "Stargate: Atlantis" is as boring as a 1980s video game.
  • I'd think of it as being a merely geeky series. The story would be the only thing keeping the viewer going. Everything else is pretty flat. THe characters are more than bland, missing any depth at all. Almost every contact with foreign species is violent. The general figure makes the stupidest decisions ever, which also contributes to the badly stitched sequences of each episode.

    Over all: Cheap production, cheap acting, cheap story. I guess one has to be a total fan of Stargate to be able to enjoy that. Me personally - I get shivers watching.

    Thank you.
  • Although this series has nice movement, good basics and descent enemies (the Wraiths), it has the "true American ending sickness". As (almost) always, the good wins, the bad looses and this is a very strict limitation. Where are the twists? Why are there no surprises? Why it always comes to that there is a minimal chance to survive, but against all statistics, time after time it comes to that no team member really die? I'm sorry, if you are not a true fan of an American action (with happy endings), avoid this series. There are some characteristics that make one hope things will change in time, but NO IT DOESN'T! By the way, the actors are pretty lame, all except Jason Momoa.
  • Stargate Command has sent a team to investigate the Ancients' city of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. The team is led by Dr. Elizabeth Weir (Torri Higginson) and Major John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan). While they are exploring the Pegasus Galaxy, they accidentally awakens the deadly Wraiths, a race of creatures that survive by sucking the life out of human beings.

    It's the second TV show of the franchise. It takes the same concept, put new people in a team, and take them to different worlds. At the start of season 4, they decided to blow up the team by replacing Dr Weir to energize the show. What it did instead was crumple up any chemistry this show had. The producers probably had good reasons to try but it sped up the show's demise after 5 seasons.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am an avid Stargate and Atlantis fan, but there is one thing that concerns me and that is that the Pegasus Galaxy is not at all strange. I guess I was a little disappointed when the producers of the show resorted to the same mission backdrops as are used with Stargate SG1 - the surrounds of Vancouver. I realize there are budgetary and time constraints, but surely a few strange plants and some odd animals would suit the new galaxy? We have yet to see many at all except maybe for the large plastic bug-like creature that attach's itself to Major Sheppard's throat in the episode "38 Minutes" and a few glowing bugs from "The Defiant One", that could have easily come from a Stargate SG1 episode in Season 4 called "Prodigy", where the team encounters something that looks almost identical. Then there is the control room...the consoles look as though the designer took his or her ideas from keyboard stands in the 1980's and the new arrivals have plugged into the software with what seems ridiculous ease. We are supposed to be looking at technology left by a culture of far superior beings 10 000 years in the past. A culture advanced enough several million years ago to pick up their entire city and relocate it to an entirely new galaxy. One would almost expect something well beyond that of the Star Trek Universe, and yet it falls disappointingly short. With intense reality-based series out there such as CSI, NYPD Blue, Crossing Jordan, Medium and such, the public have developed a hunger for not only the realistic interpretation, but the meaty personal interaction; heroes that don't come through with only scrapes or minor irritation by the end of the episode or emotions handled with 'one-liners' such as "I have to live with it" and you never see the character ever dealing with the problem again. People who are often seriously injured and don't just bounce back by the next episode. Now, although Atlantis is in an entirely different setting - one entirely fantastical - the people within are from our world and I believe they should react accordingly. We all get stressed and burnt out. We get allergies, have accidents, sprain ankles, have moments when we don't want to carry on and challenges where we feel like beating our heads against the wall because the solution is beyond our grasp. We miss our families if we are away from them and suffer from self-doubt and lack of confidence in new settings. If we could only increase the emotional intensity of the interaction between Atlantis characters, it would make for emotionally satisfying viewing. Sometimes it's best not to have the problem solved by the end of the episode. And I am not referring to the Wraith here; I am referring to the problems in everyday life or perhaps the emotional fallout from a particularly traumatic experience, (that for once isn't just manifested in the form of dreams - yawn!) affecting a character for episodes to come. I love Stargate Atlantis, but I want some juicy, emotional episodes where the characters are up to their eyeballs in trouble and it isn't so easy to get out. And when they do, their lives have changed and not always for the better - at first. Needless to say, I still love this program and refuse to miss a single episode, (except for the time we had a power outage and my VCR shut down!) and will continue to watch for as long as it is on air.
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