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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Storyline: Munna Bhai (Sanjay Dutt) and his gang are the typical 'Bhai's in Mumbai who claims to be a social worker helping out people in recovery (through kidnapping, haath-pair todna) etc and has lied to his father that he is a doctor. When the truth is discovered, an insulted Munna then makes a resolve to become a doctor. Coincidentally, he joins the same college where his enemy Dr. Asthana (Boman Irani) is a strict Dean. A comedy of troubles starts when the 'cool' don confronts strict Asthana.

    Comment: Although the story is quite similar to Hollywood's 'Patch Adams', the movie can make u laugh non-stop except for some serious scenes that are very few in that movie. The tapori style of Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi is just too good. Sunil Dutt has acted after a really really long time of 17 years. Gracy Singh is graceful and sweet. Boman Irani has done a good job as a Strict Dean of the medical college who accidentally believes in Laughter therapy. Although the punchline of the movie says "He might just cure you", forget about the curing, he will surely make you laugh!! Truly Amazing Humour!!

    Rating: 4/5
  • Odsingh30 December 2003
    I saw Munnabhai MBBS primarily because of Sunjay Dutt. He has always been good in comedy, and his movies make you laugh without having to take help of double meaning dialogues or crossing the line into bitchiness. Ofcourse, Sunjay Dutt has to have a gangster connection, only then the movie can sell. He is the eternal gangster and those roles fit him well, no body can deny that. But where you really have to give director the full points is that he saw the comedic talents of the junior Dutt and put them into a simplistic, well made movie.

    All the characters, be it "Circuit" (Arshad Warsi) or the "Dean", or Sunil Dutt, have been portrayed well enough in the movie.

    Some of the scenes, like the one where Sanjay Dutt "rags" the seniors make you laugh out from the heart, because this is something which every fresher in the college dreams of.

    I think, the movie deserves full points for direction, story, acting, nice title.... This movie was a real treat to watch when most of the other Hindi movies (especially the over-hyped stuff) turn out to be below average.

    10 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An excellent tapori-comedy movie after a long time. The plot line revolves around Munna Bhai(Sanjay Dutt) and his sidekick - Circuit (Arshad Warsi).

    Murli Prasad Sharma (Sanjay Dutt) becomes a bhai after coming to Mumbai. His father(Sunil Dutt) wanted him to become a doctor. Every time his father visits him in the city, his dhobi ghaat place has to be transformed into a hospital to show that he is a doctor. That scene is hilarious.

    But once Sunil Dutt finds out the reality, he is heart-broken and leaves. So now Sanjay Dutt has a point to prove and gets an admission to become a doctor. He doesn't get along well with the dean of the college. He is also in love with his daughter (Gracy Singh). The story now focuses on how people in the hospital need to be loved and appreciated. Arshad Warsi provides humour after every few scenes. Songs weren't that great except I really liked the "Subah Ho Gayi Mamu".

    Sanjay Dutt does justification to his role as the Bhai. Arshad Warsi in the supporting role has acted very well. His role in this reminded me a movie he had done earlier - Tere Mere Sapne.
  • Well, watched it past-night once again(nth time, I guess!). Just came to IMDb to see the response of our desis! Disappointed!!! Just 381 people have voted for it and the rating is going below 9! This movie deserves to be in top-250 of IMDb! This type of movies are made once every 2-3 decades. Munnabhai M.B.B.S. is a class.

    I remember very well, when I first saw the promos of this movie on TV, I was considering it as yet another timepass-govinda-sanju-type-comedy- movie. The night next to its release, there was a party in Mumbai having guests like Nasiruddin Shah and Om Puri! Mr. Shah stated "This movie will go ahead of Vaastav." I was surprised like hell! Vaastav!!! Went to theatre the same week and watched it. GREAT MOVIE! I can't mention a point against it. Everything was simply superb. If we talk about acting! Even the sweeper or peon acted far better than the lead-actors of other Indian movies.

    Don't go on anything, watch it and decide yourselves. You will love the movie, I swear!
  • The funniest film of 2003 and perhaps the DECADE. Munna Bhai MBBS is a non-stop laugh riot! Sanjay Dutt gives another mind-blowing performance.

    Rajkumar Hirani is the new kid on the Block, but it doesn't show, one of would think he's a veteran filmmaker by the way he has directed his debut venture. Vidhu Vinod Chopra is not know for producing comedies, but his risk has paid off BIG TIME!!!

    The film also stars Sunil Dutt, after a very long gap, but he does full justice to his role, he's in full form and doesn't miss a single beat. Rohini Hattangadi is excellent. Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani simply steal the show. Gracy Singh is Sweet, Sensitive and spellbinding. Jimmy Shergill is excellent in a role that seems tailor made for him.

    Abbas Tyrewalla's Dialogues are superb and are the soul of the film. A definite must see!!!
  • This movie was terrific. The comedy caused rip-roaring laughter. Sanjay Dutt makes a comeback after his poor performance in Ek Aur Ek Gyarah. The emotional scenes are very poignant. The emotions and comedy have been integrated perfectly. The themes of the movie are very inspiring.
  • i got the chance to watch this movie couple of years back in TV, but at that time i was not into Bollywood movies. but after that i saw the ratings of this movie in IMDb and downloaded it.. wow its worth the 1gb of my bandwidth!! i don't wanna say about acting or other stuff, i am writing this review as just a movie fan...throughout the movie all i did was laughing, feeling sad or feeling happy...there are quite a lot of hilarious jokes.. and although i don't like songs playing in movies (i have to accept it and just get on with it when comes to Bollywood right ;), the songs are also nice... and there is a good life lesson too.. just give it a try, you wont regret it... 2 and a half hours of laugh!
  • Inspired by the Hollywood movie 'Patch Adam', 'Munnabhai M.B.B.S.' tells the comedic story of a thug who wants to become a doctor. The film has its major share of comedic moments and its dramatic moments. It is indeed an entertaining film with the famously lovable characters like Munnabhai and Circuit.

    Rajkumar Hirani may have taken the idea of an older outsider wanting to become a doctor from 'Patch Adams' but in essence 'Munnabhai M.B.B.S.' is its own film and it is the performances and comedy that make it worth the watch because most the dramatic moments are a little over the top. While the dialogue in the comedic scenes are witty and hilarious, the ones in the dramatic scenes are a mess.

    Sanjay Dutt totally nails Munnabhai. It's hard to picture anyone else in the title role. The actor does full justice. It was nice to see Sunil Dutt after a long time and that too as father to his own son. The actor has a strong presence, even in a brief role. Gracy Singh is cute and adorable. Jimmy Shergill is awesome and holds his own as Zaheer and Boman Irani too does very well. However, it is Arshad Warsi who steals the show in a breakthrough performance as one of the most memorable film characters of recent time, Circuit.

    Most of the songs are well balanced and are good additions to the film. I found Munnabhai's romantic ballad hilarious when he tries to convince the suicider to cut the crap. On the technical side, it's alright. On the whole this is one enjoyable flick. One would have expected more from the second Munnabhai film which I found boring but why should that prevent the pleasure that comes from this movie?
  • It has been added to my version of the Indian classics.Parinda,Lamhe,1942 A Love Story,Dil Chahta Hai,Kaante,Shool,Satya,and now Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.(Forgive me if I am forgetting some great movies).I myself am a student of medicine and though its so unrealistic and atmosphere and so melodramatic a storyline but for once I don't care if it is.The dialogues have been written by some wizard.It was really good to see V.V.Chopras name in the writing credits.Sanjay Dutt was at his killer best and the rest were there to supplement him.And they supported big time from Arshad Warsi to Boman Irani to Gracy Singh.I Don't know whether I would cry and laugh both the same time ever again in my lifetime.
  • suxena4 January 2004
    When I went to watch the movie I was not so sure on how well the director could handle a comedy ( He is not exactly known for that!), BUT 10 minutes into the show and all my doubts were dispelled! This is a superb comedy, and you should watch it for Arshad Warsi's acting, if not anything else. 8/10
  • They say laughter is the best medicine, so here comes Dr. Murli Prasad Sharma to cure you. He may not be the brightest, he may not be the most polite, hell, he may not even be an actual doctor but he will put a smile on your face and make you forget all your problems. So if you haven't seen the tactics of Munnabhai, then forget your problems for 2 and half hours and treat yourself to his funny and endearing classic.

    Murli Prasad Sharma, aka Munnabhai is a gangster who claims to be a social worker. He ran away from his village years ago to make a life in Mumbai. However, he ended up becoming a goon who lives with the a lie he told his parents. He's a doctor. So once every year, Munna's parents come to see their "doctor" son and his clinic full of small time cons who pose as other doctors/patient. One circumstance leads to another and Munna's parents come to find out his real identify due to Dr. Asthana. A shattered and disappointed father, Hari Prasad Sharma leaves Munnaa in anger.

    A Munna full of shame is now destined to become a real doctor and so begins a tale of laughter, emotions and important lessons in life.

    When i initially saw the promos of this movie, I wasn't really interested. I was more interested in watching a star studded dud named L.O.C. Kargil which came the same month. I expected Munnabhi MBBS to be a slapstick comedy with no logic whatsoever.

    Firstly, there is no silly comedy in this movie. The lines are fresh, some are make your chuckle and some turn you in tears. The situations are fresh and nothing is forced. The very first scenes catch your eye and put a smile on your face.

    Sanju kidnapping the man in the first scene, Sunil Dutt scene at the railway station, the act put up by Sanju in front of his parents. You're just 15 minutes into the film and you're laughing out loud. The sequences in the hospital only get funnier.

    The film is a comedy but does not shy of trying to touch your emotions and it succeeds big time. Sunil Dutt confronting his son is heartbreaking to watch. Sanju's scenes with Jimmy Shergill is brilliant.

    The music is situational so it isn't conventional in any way. Although, the songs are different, they're good for the most part. The title song, Dekh Le, Chan Chan etc all go well with the screenplay and are soothing to the ears. There may not be a chartbuster in the soundtrack but the songs are still good.

    The writing is just brilliant. No loop-holes in the script. No dip in the screenplay. Characters are fully developed. Raju Hirani's story is fresh.

    Another highpoint - Abbas Tyrewala's dialogues. Just outrageous. They are funny, and not a bit over the top. The emotion filled dialogues are perfect too.

    Gracy Singh, Jimmy Shergill, Krush Debo etc all lend great support. It was a pleasure watching Sunil Dutt with Sanju.

    Baman Irani is a great talent and I'm sure he would agree with me that this movie boosted his acting career. He's hilarious. A brilliant act! Murli Prasad Sharma would not be what he is without his side-kick Circuit, played by Arshad Warsi. Arshad is a scene stealer. His best act yet. This role was a turning point for Arshad.

    Now to Sanjay Dutt. Before Munnabhia, Sanju was doing mediocre movies and mediocre roles. He hadn't give a box office hit in ages. Munnabhi MBBS is Sanjay Dutt's role. He was born to play the character and nobody can do it better than him. Not SRK, not Aamir - NOBODY! Although these people mentioned above are a huge part of the movie, none of them deserve more credit than the real hero of this masterpiece.

    Before naming him, I'd like to thank Vidhu Vinod Chopra for finding this guy. Yes, I'm talking about Indian cinema's current best filmmaker - Raj Kumar Hirani.

    This is Raju's film and no one can deny it. A perfectly directed movie and a novel idea. Hats off to this guy, who gave 2 more classics after this movie. (Lage Raho Munnabhai & 3 Idiots) What is there left to say? Just watch it, enjoy it, and watch it again. (I know you will!)
  • Herag9 March 2004
    Sunil Dutt was the original funny man of the Indian Cinema (Padosan)even though he did not mean to be, he had a vacant,stupid look that came across better than his romantic roles that he had to endure in countless movies. Now we have his prodigal son Sanjay Dutt who has a physique for a gangster and a facade that is as vacant as his father which makes him perfect for a comic role (The Burt Reynolds of Bollwood). He is a disaster in romantic movies and many may feel the same way too. He is very adept at playing the intensity of a gangster as in "Plan" or a gangster/fake Doctor as he does here.As Munnabhai he fills the coat to the fullest with his talent. The story is poignant and moralistic where the audience comes out with a message instead of glossy eyed teeny- boppers watching the recent string of bubble gum movies like KKHH, DDLJ, KHNH, most of them starring mediocre actors albeit saved by catchy music. Talent will shine no matter what-Gracy Singh is an example of that premise, this is an actress who has the elegance of the yesteryear Stars like Vijayantimala and talent go with it, and she has only one place to go-that is the top.Boman Irani is just is just superb. All in all this is a delightfull movie that makes you feel good-after all that is what it is all about.
  • It's ridiculous that this film is in the list of the best 250 films ever. The fact that it is a rip-off from Patch Adams is not my greatest problem. I mean, The Magnificent Seven was an excellent remake of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. But this Indian film about a mobster who wants to become a doctor to please is father is almost too stupid for words. We have a very unpleasant main character, silly goings on with totally unbelievable gangsters, sloppy acting, unnecessary songs and dance acts, sentimentality, and so on. What we see here is another example of the failing voting system of IMDb, because if more people from the western world would see this film I'm sure it would never get an 8+.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    With a poll coming up on IMDb's Classic Film board for the best titles of 2003,I started searching around for Bollywood movies that I could watch for the poll.Taking a look at the top grossing Bollywood films for 2003,I was delighted to spot a flick which I had seen the first half of at a friends house a few years ago,which led to me quickly booking an appointment with Dr.Munna Bhai.

    The plot:

    Finding out that his mum and dad are coming down to pay him an early visit,underworld gangster Munna Bhai orders his gang to completely change the appearance of his mansion,in order to keep his underworld life hidden from his parents.With no time to spare,Munna Bhai and his fellow friend/gangster decide to pretend to be dr's,so that Bhai's family can be happy at him having a 'traditional' job.

    Keeping everything under wraps,Bhai is caught by surprise,when his mum and dad reveal that they are going to arrange for him to get married to a former school friend of his nicknamed 'Chinki.'Keeping his underworld links under wraps,Bhai's parents run into the head doctor (Dr.J.C. Asthana) of a leading medical university.Talking about how proud they are of their son,Asthana destroys any sense of pride that Bhai's family have,by revealing that Bhail is actually a major gangster.Sickened by the sadness that his parents feel,Bhai decides that the only way he can bring happiness back to his parent's lives is to enter medical school with his gangster buddies by his side.

    View on the film:

    Running at 2 and a half hours,the screenplay by co-writer/ (along with Lajan Joseph,Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Abbas Tyrewala)editor/director Rajkumar Hirani moves at a lightning fast pace,with the writers jam packing the movie with hilariously sharp one dialogue and quick-paced slap-stick which is smartly always rooted to the characters current situations which helps the jokes to never feel disconnected from the drama taking place.

    Making sure to never become sickly sweet,and backed by a wonderful score from Anu Malik, (with almost all of the songs thankfully being subtitled)the writers wisely use the running time to gradually give the film a real heart,as Munna Bhai discovers the skills that he used to keep his gang together,can be put to better use for people who are in desperate need.

    Returning to the screen for the first time in 16 years,Sunil Dutt gives a very good performance as Munna Bhai's dad,with Dutt showing a real sorrow towards his real life son,as he discovers the lies that he has been told.Meeting up with his dad on screen,Sanjay Dutt gives an excellent performance as Munna Bhai,with Dutt delivering each one liner with a real relish,whilst also making sure that the comedy moments never get away from Bhai's aim of making his mum and dad proud.

    Despite there being a 20 year gap,Gracy Singh gives a charming performance as 'Chinki',with Singh showing a real sincerity as Chinki finds herself being taken by Bhai's charms,whilst Arshad Warsi shows a real comedic bite as Bhai's loyal sidekick Circuit,and Boman Irani (covered in expertly done make up effects) gives a tremendously ruthless performance,as the Dr who is determined to make Munna Bhai fail at the school.
  • anujgarg2624 November 2006
    its just a hilarious movie, u can spend hours laughing . the movie has got a great blend of humor , the pace of the movie is so good that you will never feel bored. the movie has a criminal who is trying to be a doctor to fulfill his fathers wish. how he lands up in the same college were the dean is the person who insulted his father and how he goes on to trouble him in the hospital and classes. to top is all he falls in love his the daughter of the dean his old friend also. its a just a great comedy to see the actor behaving in a very insane way, the way he keeps ordering his other gang members to get something or other and the way he cheats his way to topping the class again and again.
  • This movie is an over-the-top comedy fare from start to finish. And if it does not leave you in stitches rolling on the floor, then you really ought to go see a doctor!

    Pretending to be a doctor when he's actually an underworld don, this is a simple yarn of a thug out to prove a point to his parents by getting into medical school and becoming a real doctor. What a hilarious idea!! There is superb acting by the main characters Sanjay Dutt, Boman Irani, Gracy Singh as well as almost all the supporting cast. Arshad Warsi is outstanding as the don's right hand. The substitute doctor acted well, too. Some of the melodrama (the guy with cancer, his family, etc) could have been cut in the editing room, but doesn't affect the pace much. It does have a few dance numbers, but nothing out of place or forced.

    Vidhu Vinod Chopra is making a name for himself taking calculated risks with new directors (Hirani, Sarkar of Parineeta) and new talent. Great to see someone in Bollywood sticking their neck out to make something at least plausibly entertaining, not the usual romantic nonsense.
  • Brilliant comedy, huge message, miracle at its best. This movie is an ideology, a thought, an idea, a discussion, a help, a concept, a psychological analysis, in all the reason to start religions.

    It plays on an idea....."It doesn't matter what you are or what you do, the only thing that matters is what you feel inside, what you are inside".....Patch Adams is a man who see vagina as a fact and just remains with it without attractive or repulsive thoughts...... Munna Bhai is a man who see the world with what it need and not with what it is having.

    Mind and logics play on the level of physical existence while love and compassion play on the level of life, its events, the religion. Dead body for experiment is referred just a subject but he orders to refer it with respect and not as a blob of flesh. A goon with a kind heart creates difference.

    The film is obvious drama with lot of loop holes but since its a comedy and has so many unforgettable punches of logic that its highly respectable. Such kind of movies are not for comparison, they are to abide by and understood with heart and not the brain.
  • Munnabhai M.B.B.S is truly amazing. It is so very entertaining. The prime reasons why it works is for the Mumbai language used in the movie.Its so lovely. Rajkumar Hirani's direction is just great.As a first time director he deserves a pat on his back. The music is quite good Performsnce wise-Sanjay Dutt is truly a star.He is just so excellent.Arshad Warsi playing the role of Circuit is stupendous.His comic timing is superb.Boman Irani is very good playing the role of Dr Asthana.Jimmy Shergill is also good.Sunil Dutt though he has a very small appearance he touches your heart.Note the the scene of jaadu ki jhappi and that will surely make you cry.Gracy Singh is lovable as Dr Suman aka Chinki.

    Overall Munnabhai M.B.B.S is fantastic
  • reneeshcr30 December 2007
    Munnabhai is a must watch movie,it has almost all the aspect which is expected from a Hindi commercial movie ,like, family value,comedy,romance and sentiments.This movie says about positive aspect of a Bhai,whom people considered to be a bad gay.This film is also about necessary of love and affection when we are doing a medical profession.This film also depicts the aspect about fathers expectation about his child.One of the beautiful thing about the movie is that chemistry between Sunil Dutt and Sajay Datt.This movie has improved the reputation of Vidhu Vinod Chopra and it also bring money to him.Narration of the story was very simple and attracting.Overall it is heart touching movie with lots of Comedy and Entertainment.So I love this movie.
  • nice movie . no doubt about that but not as good as Hera Pheri or the original Patch Adams. It's simply bollywood version of Patch Adams. but Sanjay Dutt is not in any sense less than Robbin Williams. terrific performance by Sanjay Dutt and I think Arshad Warsi is underrated like Saif Ali Khan.

    Gracy singh looked really beautiful and as always she has not much to do in the movie. Sanjay is enough to entertain the audience for full 2 hr. 30 min. and he has support of Arshad Warsi and Dr. J. Asthana(I don't know his real name but he is really good).

    Overall movie is good and worth watching more then once but surely next time your one finger will be mostly on fast forward.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A misfit/underdog joins the med school.

    Believes in healing by humour, making personal relation with patients, which is atypical of the docs.

    Hated by professors and fellows.

    Professors try to remove him from college.

    His roomie, who is the topper (also hates him), helps him stay.

    Now tell me how Munnabhai M.B.B.S is not a copy of Patch Adams! Merely by changing a bit of preamble and postscript of a story, one cannot call it original.

    At least Robin Williams could bring in some amount of tolerance to Patch Adams, but alas in here, there is none.
  • Even though the story line is stolen from Patch Adams (1998) starring Robin Willimas.. the movie is still funny and full of indian sentiments. It also has the usual song sequences fuller busters !!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There were a couple of great takeaways I got from this film. The first was a description of Munna Bhai's (Sanjay Dutt) real profession as a gangster - that of a 'loan default prevention specialist'. I think the Mafia could learn something about softening their strong arm approach by using a term like that. The other idea that came across rather successfully was the concept of a Magic Hug. That was reinforced a few times throughout the story for a positive effect.

    Other reviewers here on IMDb mention the American film "Patch Adams" as the basis for the story line in this picture, but not having seen it, the thought that came to my mind was another Hindi film, " 3 Idiots". In that picture, the message that came across was about believing in one's self and doing what you really want to do with your life. In this one, Murli Prasad 'Munna Bhai' Sharma is shamed by his past and decides to make his family proud by becoming a doctor instead of pretending to be one. Additionally, as regards "3Idiots", there's also the conflicted relationship between Murli and the dean of his medical colllege, who's daughter serves as a romantic interest for the ex-gangster.

    The film's best moments appear whenever Murli's unorthodox, humanistic and compassionate side reveals itself, as in his treatment of the near comatose wheelchair patient Anand (Yatin Karyekar). His ability to make friends with everyone he comes in contact with serves him well when the Dean attempts to formally rusticate him from medical school. You know there was only one way for this story to end, and it does, with plenty of magic hugs to go around.
  • Moi-me7 January 2004
    Not bad
    Munna Bhai MBBS is a typical feel-good movie added with some clever jokes. The script is a bit weak and predictable but some good performances covers that up. Everybody does it good especially Sanjay Dutt. He is the only actor who could pull-of this kind of role. Overall it's a funny and entertaining film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where M stands for Master of Masters B means Bindas character (Callous & careless attitude) B means Beshumar Actor (and actor of unparallel skills) S means Shayana Character (a very clever character)

    Story of an educated failure – with good righteous pair of parents , but son becomes hay wire because of the society – seeing corruption, cheating and bribery everywhere – the son – Munna Bhai – becomes a kind of underworld don – who is afterall good at heart.

    A "Jaadoo ki Jhappi" – meaning "Miracle hug with love" is the remedy to all ailments !

    Very true indeed – some little things he does because of which the movie is a smash hit among frustrated-by-socio-economico-political-lo- scenario Indians ..are as follows :

    1.he hugs the sweeper saying that he is also a human without whom its difficult to survive.

    2. he speaks against too much formalities before accepting a patient who is about to die.

    3. he faints at the sight of blood.

    4. he kidnaps a Chinese tourist and chloroforms him and makes it the dead body to be dissected on !

    5. This ragging the Chinese tourist happened because the tourist was taking the snaps of the bitter truth still existing in India – ie. Poverty !- He was taking the snaps of poverty stricken malnutrition-ed Indian citizens – this the Munna bhai & comrades did not like as they spend lakhs of Rupees on prostitute women & wine. Being wasteful and creating ruckus and unrest in the society is their major pre-occupation basically.

    6. The miracle hug is happening only between young boys and girls in schools & colleges – even more than that in fact like MMS of DPS…Baazi dot com…remember Indians ?

    7. He treats a cancer patient on his last days…by making a skimpy clad woman dance in front of him and even arranges for a date with her – since he was already dying of cancer – so an AIDS attack wont matter much.

    This , my dear people of this world – is a smash hit movie in Indai ! – Hail India.
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