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  • I can't get enough of this show. What a concept; not only is it very entertaining but the sheer importance in what they are accomplishing is enormous. I find the four hosts to be engaging each in their own exuberant way. This team diligently researches the background of a plethora of old artifacts brought to their attention by us the viewers. Thats right, people like you and me that are sitting on strange, old objects, documents or land-sites even homes. Their histories are dissected by this team in order to reveal it's true history. A must see, I am a fan as long as the series runs which I hope is a very long time. Thank You PBS, the watchers and the detectives, thank you, thank you.
  • I enjoy this show a lot. I had started watching it with my (since deceased) grandmother, I guess as an outgrowth of watching Antiques Roadshow with her.

    People approach the detectives with items or stories they'd like more information about, and we follow their investigations. They return to share their findings with the person. They tend to be very interesting. While the items or stories usually have personal significance for the people who had them, they tend to be of general interest as well, covering sometimes little-known aspects of history, or even being findings of some importance.

    It's definitely good family viewing, but I continue to watch it on my own.
  • SnoopyStyle28 August 2013
    This is a great way to look into great history stories. The premise is that viewers send in their personal artifacts that the show's experts investigate. This PBS show is reminiscent of Antiques Roadshow except that it's much more in depth and they don't talk about money. Both of which is a plus in my view.

    The experts are well spoken and photogenic. It has an infinite number of possible stories to tell. And so far, it hasn't run out of good stories. Although some artifacts seem more of a setup. Some of the viewers seem to already know what they are sending in. I'm sure that there is a lot of TV reconstruction around each find. That's a minor problem. I still find this a very compelling watch. It's a great way to see history from the ground up taking the small pieces to examine the big events.