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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of 4 Inu-Yasha video games available (counting the online game, which can be reached at the adultswim website).

    As for this game, however, it's for the original Playstation. It can't be found on amazon website, which is a shame, because it's a lot of fun to play.

    You can adjust the game between 5 levels of difficulty, which affects how well the computer-controlled opponents fight you. You can also adjust how long fights are; you can have each round have a time limit of 30, 60 or 90 seconds, or no time limit, where each round only ends when one or both fighters have been knocked out, and whether you want each match to be best 2-out-of-3 rounds, best 3-out-of-5 rounds, or for each match to be just 1 round.

    There are 3 types of games you can play. One is the Vs. Fairytale mode, where you play 1 match as 1 of the characters against another character who is played either by the computer or by another player, and Dream Fairytale, where you select 2 characters and have them fight against 2 other characters in tag-team mode. You can play the Dream Fairytale game either with just you against the computer, with a friend against the computer, or you can play against your friend with each of you controlling 2 characters.

    Then there is the 1-player-only Feudal Fairytale mode where you take control of one of the characters (in the beginning you can only play as Inu-Yasha or Kagome, but as you beat the game you can unlock and play as the other characters) and you find yourself on a map of the area. You send your character to different points on the map and must defeat the other characters. There is a dialogue exchange between the characters before and after every match. You must win 5 battles (sometimes you must fight against 2 characters by yourself, sometimes you get to join another character in fighting a lone opponent,) and after winning all the fights the barrier around Naraku's castle falls and you must enter and defeat Naraku. The other characters you battle (the exact ones you fight against in each game are selected randomly by the computer,) are: Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Koga, Sesshomaru, Kagura and Kikyo. These are the characters you can unlock and play as later on, including Naraku. (You can also play against Kagome when playing as Inu-Yasha, or against Inu-Yasha when playing as Kagome.) There are also 2 mini-games in each level that you can play, however these are optional, and you must play them BEFORE fighting all 5 regular matches if you want to play them at all; any mini-games that are left over disappear when Naraku's barrier falls. You have one chance to play each mini-game per game, but you don't have to beat them to advance; win or lose, after the mini-game's over you move on. You must also collect a certain number of jewel shards in each game when playing as each character. You can collect shards by playing and beating the mini-games, and some characters have between one and four shards which you can collect. (Each character have a certain move that makes other characters drop shards if they are carrying any.)

    More on the mini-games: there are 3 types. Each mini-game has a time limit, and depending on how well you do you can get anywhere from 1 to 3 shards, or none if you do really badly. The mini-games are: Myoga has found a huge rock and says shards are in it. You must smash open the rock within 30 seconds to get the shards. Then there is one where Jaken has gotten 3 shards that he plans to take to Sesshomaru. You must try to get them from him, however he has his flame-shooting staff with him and you must slash your way through the flames before you can get to him. You have 60 seconds to do this. How many shards you get depends on how much time you have left when you beat Jaken. Fail to get through his defenses before your time is up and you get no shards at all. In both theses games a poison insect periodically flies across the screen, and if it hits you it stuns you for a moment. You must try to hit it before that happens. The final mini-game is where a whole swarm of poison insects fly across the screen, and you must swat 45 within 60 seconds. How many shards you get depends on how many insects you hit. Swat all 45 to get all three shards. In all 3 mini-games at certain points a character in peril will appear being carried by an insect. Fail to rescue the character and you lose 5 seconds.

    There is also an eleventh character you can play as. Unlock and beat the game as all 10 of the other characters, and when playing as Kikyo and Naraku (the last 2 to become available,) collect as many shards as you can when playing as each one of them. Then sit and watch the end credit sequence. Afterwards you get a special message screen from Myoga telling you how to unlock the special hidden character Totosai. Complete the required goals and Totosai becomes available. You can fight against him as any of the other characters in any of the game modes, or you can play as Totosai. Play as him in Feudal Fairytale mode and get the required number of jewel shards, and you unlock Full-Demon Inu-Yasha. Now you can fight against Full-Demon Inu-Yasha as any of the other characters in Vs, Dream or Feudal Fairytale mode. (You can't fight against Full-Demon Inu-Yasha when playing as regular Inu-Yasha in Feudal Fairytale mode, but you can in Vs. or Dream Fairytale mode.) You also can't fight AS Full-Demon Inu-Yasha in Feudal Fairytale mode, but you can in Vs. and Dream Fairytale mode.