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  • This television series by Jaroslav Dietl is a quite legendary chronicle of the large family of Jakub Cirkl, the title (The Sons and Daughters of Jakub the Glassmaker) adverts to it. The story starts in the end of the 19th century when young and handsome Jakub comes to Albrechtice and within next parts we can see him and his growing family in the course of historical events (World Wars, German occupation, collectivization). Ordinary people and the rolling power of history, everyday troubles and national tragedies... People and their times. This idea is good, but the realization is strongly tendentious. The series was indeed shot at the second half of eighties, so there is a portion of self-criticism (Communist Party wasn't unmistakable etc.), but the reality was different. Except for it the series has a strong atmosphere and great human proportion. The performances are good: Ludek Munzar as the title character, Jiri Krampol, Petr Kostka, Jaromir Hanzlik, Svatopluk Skopal as his sons, and Daniela Kolarova, Jana Preissova, Marta Vancurova as his daughters.