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  • It is hard to understand why Arthur Mackley would in these days go so far as to put a rope around a man's neck and throw the rope over the limb of a tree. It is also to be regretted that he should put a premium on deception as in this play. A down-and-out is given money by a man about to leave for the east; at the same time the benefactor drops a note to the effect that he is wanted back home to welcome a new baby. The down-and-out, unable to secure work, decides to steal a horse. He is captured and stands under a tree with a rope about his neck. The culprit tells the group of his hard luck and shows them the letter he has found. They think it genuine and from his wife; they release him, give him a lot of money and send him home to his mother. - The Moving Picture World, March 8, 1913