Alien Caller: [first lines - urgent babbling in some alien language]

Dale Sweeney: That's the night my life changed forever.

Officer Nick Senna: Whoa, it's like vertical littering.

Eugene the Gator Guy: [explaining time-travel] Now the earth, well here

[dangles some gator bait]

Eugene the Gator Guy: the earth, it's spinning around the sun. So say we go back, I don't know, 2 weeks. Now where's the earth now?

Dale Sweeney: Well, it's 2 weeks back in its orbit.

Eugene the Gator Guy: Right!

Dale Sweeney: So?

Eugene the Gator Guy: So you would send yourself back into empty space...

Dale Sweeney: Exacto-mo. Exacto-mo!

Mr. Fratus: Dale, I'm a Station Manager. The needs of our listeners is no concern to me.

Agent Cheswick: Have you seen any suspicious characters lately?

Eugene the Gator Guy: Just you two.

[last lines]

Officer Nick Senna: Holy moly!