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  • Spellvexit8 October 2005
    I was astonished at the dismal rating for this film, which at the time of this writing was 4.8. Into the Blue never demonstrated any pretense of becoming the next academy award winner, and instead faithfully executed its focus -- beautiful ocean scenery, beautiful bodies, and a significant degree of tension and action to carry the plot. I found the characters believable, especially given the target audience of the movie: the dialog was fairly cleverly humorous, but serious when it needed to be; the characters were adequately conceived, including the intentionally unlikeable 4th party woman who "wasn't family." Most of all, I enjoyed the pacing of the movie. Some slow underwater scenes were accompanied by peaceful music belying the increasingly perilous situations the characters found themselves in. Halfway through the movie, the tension never fully dissipates, as each event flows into the next as the stakes rise. The badguys are dealt with intelligently, and there are enough twists to convincingly carry the instability and danger of the situation.

    I went into this movie wanting to enjoy it, and I wasn't disappointed. Though its premise wasn't the most intellectual of premises, I don't feel as if it were dumbed down as much as many action movies do, and instead carried out is plot with due respect given its expectations. I'd recommend this movie as a good post-summer adventure flick!
  • Four young divers come across a legendary shipwreck that is rumoured to contain millions in gold, but nearby to their lucky find is another more sinister mystery. As rival treasure hunters begin to suspect their discovery, their friendships and loyalties are tested; and they must make haste before they become the hunted along with the treasure.

    The story is solid enough, and in truth it was well above my expectations, captivating my interest very early on and remaining suspenseful and intriguing enough throughout the picture. The cast are all good enough, although they were probably chosen as much for their looks as their acting abilities, but who can deny that Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott did add a sexy feel for the male audience, and i guess Paul Walker and Scott Caan did the same for the ladies.

    What really made the film for me was the truly fantastic scenery and the underwater camera work; it was flawless and stunningly beautiful in a way that is rarely captured on film, three cheers for the direction and the film crew for that.

  • cody-6322 October 2005
    I'm pretty critical of most pop films, but I thought this was one of the best ones to come out in awhile. The underwater cinematography was amazing - totally worth the matinée price and cheaper than diving- the kind of film you need the bigscreen to enjoy.

    Sure I love much more clever crafted films , but for the MTV generation this film had just enough, maybe the fact that I am an ocean person, have a thing for treasure, the romance of lost properties and jessica alba- i was totally enjoying it.

    I thought the casting was great- sure Paul really cant act, but he reminded of more than a handful of people I went to highschool with - so I could believe it- his obnxious pompous buddy was classic and some of the underlying subplots of human greed are so universal that I actually felt something for these morons.

    The real star is the ocean here and the good guy/ bad guy looked like my step brother and fit the bill. Anyhow i doubt this film will do very little justice on a small screen, but overall the script was solid and the sea animal work was mind blowing.

    Maybe I was just in the mood - but i enjoyed it and watching alba swim, god she is gorgeous. Didn't change my life, but I was entertained to the end.
  • SPaS4 December 2005
    Which is: popcorn. This PG-13 "kiddie-action" gets a solid 6/10 from me. I did have my expectations low but that has nothing to do with the fact that this movie is as solid and tight as Jessica Alba in bikinis! There were more than just a few moments where there was either a twist I didn't see coming or an intense moment that left me thinking "OK, wasn't this supposed to be a PG-13 movie?" On top of those, the overall - checklist looks green: dialog, characters, tempo, photography, editing... All in all, a cut above the rest in its own genre and a "risk-free" choice to rent. Shame it did only 18 million at the box-office because it's as good as "The Fast and the Furious"!
  • Into the blue is directed by Jhon Stockwell, and stars Paul Walker, Jessica Alba and Scott Caan in the leading roles. The movie isn't very good, but features some of the most beautiful underwater scenes ever caught on video-camera. The actors in this movie is not very good. except from Jessica Alba and Paul Walker who is good enough. The only good thing in this movie is to see the most beautiful woman in the world Jessica Alba in a swimming-suit. Jessica Alba was the only reason in wanted to see this movie. If you want to see a good movie don't watch this, but if you are looking for beautiful bodies and underwater cinematography this is the movie for you.
  • You almost feel like Rodney Dangerfield from Back to School after watching this movie. The film has some neat underwater photography, some good stunts, and even a twist or two. But ultimately, it's just as excuse to show off some young flesh. Is that entirely a bad thing? The Hound thinks not. A good dosage of Jessica Alba flesh can warm you up on the coldest winter day.

    Into the Blue is directed by John Stockwell. Yes, the guy who played Cougar in Top Gun. One may dislike the content of the films he's made thus far in his early directing career (Blue Crush, Crazy/Beautiful), but one cannot deny the fact that the man knows how to shoot young women's bodies. Since there are only two female main characters, that means there are also plenty of young men for the women to feast their eyes on. Paul Walker kind of has the Justin Timberlake thing going on. Seeing him and Tyson Beckford really makes me feel out of shape now that the holidays are over.

    Oh, the plot! I almost forgot. It's basically a re-hash of The Deep. We have young treasure hunters in the Caribbean who find not only a sunken ship carrying gold, but a recently crashed plane full of cocaine on the ocean floor. Naturally, the drug dealer of record in the area wants the coke for himself, and doesn't want anyone getting in the way by searching for treasure near by. The resulting action has numerous gun battles, shark attacks, kidnappings, and acts of machismo. The film is a little long, but the conclusion is worth sticking around for.

    This film is not to be confused with anything up for an Academy Award this year. It was filmed nearly a year and a half before it was released for reasons I would not dare to speculate on. It did make $18 million bucks in the theaters, but any long-lasting success this film has will depend on if any of these stars goes on to have a long career. There is an extraordinary amount of violence and gore for a PG-13 film. An F-bomb or two here and there, would have certainly given it an R. The acting is pretty sparse. The scenes above water look rushed, and possibly printed on the first or second take. The scenes below water are very impressive, however.

    The verdict: 5 of 10 stars. This is a popcorn flick with some decent production values, and a hot young cast. Not much else. Too many bad guys, and a plot that doesn't know when to resolve itself. Here's a little game if you get bored with the movie... see if you can hold your breath as long as these people do in some of these scenes. Some of the time it seems like they go several minutes without breathing.

    The Hound.
  • I didn't have high hopes when I went to see this film and expected it to be little more than Jessica Alba in a bikini and her friends arguing over some underwater goodies. How wrong I was ! Ms Alba is the only 'big' name in this film but all the actors do an excellent job in building-up and developing their characters. The dialogue and interaction is very good, how the characters relate to each other and how they behave is completely believable and its a really good story. Its starts off slow, setting the scene and introducing characters gradually and then it suddenly begins to accelerate - soon enough there are British gangsters appearing, a bit of piracy going-on, some mystery over a sunken ship and several plot twists. Yes Miss Alba is scantily clad but this is a good thriller with a good story that keeps adding surprises along the way.
  • This is a suspenseful and engrossing movie with agreeable performances and good rendering of underwater action. It concerns about an innocent couple(Paul Waker, Jessica Alba) get involved in an underwater search for treasures in the island Bahamas. They descend deep into the big blue without the aid of any kind of breathing apparatus, though sometimes use scubas. The frogmen get excited when they accidentally discover what they believe is a vast sunken treasure. They along with a friends(Scott Cahan, Ashley Scott) find a shipwrecked galleon and a crashed plane plenty of dope . In the process they are threatened and then must to thwart the enemies. The team of divers faces danger when they attempt to retrieve goods from a pirate ship, as they spend time in shark-infested water and compete with treasure-seeker(Josh Brolin) and confront against nasty drug-lord(James Frain). The four divers set off on a perilous expedition in search of legendary treasure of pirate, resting in ocean floor and take back drug into the plane.

    The pace moves along nicely and production values are on the high scale. This is an amusing seagoing adventure in which the ocean deep figure prominently , though this time guarding sunken treasure. The action is plentiful with undersea excitement with terrifying underwater sequences. The film is spirited, lively and at times rather frightening light bemusing. Made mainly as vehicle for Jessica Alba and Paul Walker, and they show particularly in the technical excellence of the underwater scenes. They show off their considerable screen presence, both attractive and slender. Lightweight entertainment notable for sunny outdoors and underwater photography as well as Jessica Alba in a bathing suit, a glamorous bikini. Jessica Alba fans will ask no more than the sight of their idol in a swimsuit although Ashley Scott come across as the more likable of the two girls involved in this fast-moving sunken treasure yarn.

    Gorgeous cinematography manage to keep this afloat with fab footage maritime by cameraman Shane Hurbut and pulsating musical score by Paul Haslinger. The movie was spectacularly shot in Cayman Island and Nassau, New Providence , Island Bahamas. The motion picture is professionally directed by John Stockwell. He's a good actor with no much success(Christine, Radiactive dreams, My science project) and occasionally successful director(Turistas, Blue crush,Crazy/beautiful, Cheaters).
  • I'd read about this film and seen the trailer and knew I would see it even after I read all the damning reviews people have written.

    For the first hour, it's easy to see why people might get bored, there's a lot of character and story building going on and besides the diving there isn't a lot else going on action-wise. Personally, I am quite into diving so for me the appeal was there. It was quite odd for me as after an hour I had found myself totally immensed in the story and unaware of anything else happening in the cinema around me! After the first hour things really start hotting up and the action begins. Without giving too much away the climax is just about right in terms of time although Jared's summary of who is crossing or double-crossing who was rather too brief and quick for me. Never mind, we all knew who was the bad guy anyway. And so after the climax is the finale and it's predictable stuff sure, but I'm all for a happy ending (hey, who isn't?!).

    I summary, I would recommend this to anyone 25 or under really. The story is solid enough to keep you interested and the diving scenes are pretty spectacular (as is Jessica Alba!). As long as you aren't expecting an Oscar winner you'll do fine!
  • I don't go to movies much but I am an avid diver and wanted to watch this on the big screen. There are really only about 5 movies that made the big screen and involve diving to any degree. I have over 300 dives and I have never seen a more beautiful capture of the love of water. From the Jet Ski scene to the Yachts to the fantastic display of coral fish and rays galore I felt like I was right there. It seems the movie is being ripped up because of the drug involvement and treasure find similar to the Deep. Are you for real? Take any murder mystery and of which there are thousands, and guess what there's a stiff a cop and someone with a weapon who seems like a nice guy but isn't. And that's OK cause as long as there's blood a babe and a bad cop the tickets will keep selling. As long as you see this movie for what it is you will enjoy it very much. This is about a guy with high morals -a little lacking today, who is living in trash to do what he wants more then anything in the world, a treasure finder. Trouble finds him because he is good at what he does. The movie is fast paced and exciting from the very beginning I can't believe the poor reviews that have been listed by other viewers. This is worth every bit of $7 to see.
  • Paul Walker and Jessica Alba play a struggling young couple living in the Bahamas. Friend Scott Caan shows up with latest girlfriend Ashley Scott, and when the four go diving they find buried treasure. Not only do they find a recent plane crash filled with drugs, but also a long lost pirate ship rumored to contain gold. "Into The Blue" is wonderfully shot, with beautiful scenery of the water and diving, and it's barely dressed actors. The film drifts around for it's first hour or so without too much going on. Most of the movie at first consists of the two couples arguing over what to do with the lost treasure. Caan and Scott, playing the selfish couple want to take the drugs immediately, while the more responsible couple(Walker and Alba) want to go about things the right way by filing a claim. Then the film really picks up at the end leading to a very exciting, and surprisingly violent final half hour.
  • If you like crystal clear underwater scenery, life at a sunny shore and boating there is no way for you to miss this film. I watched it twice on a razor sharp big scope-screen to take in all the underwater details. The film takes every opportunity to put the likable characters under water, and this is what the film is all about. The beauty of the people in this simple adventure plot adds to the overall beauty of this film and is not a separate element as a lot of Jessica-Alba-in-bikini-blah-blah suggests. Let it put a smile on your face but let it not pop your eyes out. Along with that, pop songs, film music and sound effects are organically interwoven. The film consists of scenes and NOT of cheap fast cuts and hectic camera work, below and above surface.

    The filmmakers obviously liked and knew what they were doing. What I couldn't believe is that the same filmmakers also liked detailed scenes of unnecessary cruelty though not too explicit and only near the end. I learned from this and some harsh critics here that when you set a new standard of underwater-adventure you don't reach that part of the audience who only want the thrill of fears and killing and the clash of good vs. evil, because these people totally miss the beauty (and all the work that obviously went into achieving it) and feel bored. So why spoil a film with that in the first place? There are enough cruel thrillers out there. So go for all-adventure, anti-cynic. A step in the right direction and an honorable follow up to THE DEEP.

    Funny note: After the Columbia-logo during the credits I thought, who knows, perhaps this is the new THE DEEP (also Columbia), and THEN on the screen appeared the name of the executive producers including Peter Guber, the original producer of THE DEEP ;-) Similar in story and more important similar in care for detail to achieve a great underwater adventure.
  • The film's first half isn't bad, except for the prologue, which isn't needed. A youthful, photogenic guy with big dreams, accompanied by his photogenic girlfriend, uses a skimpy boat to look for sunken treasure beneath the clear, blue waters off the Bahamas.

    The visuals are dazzling, with bright, vivid colors, and some terrific underwater photography that captures images of real sharks and real fish, not fake CGI effects. The plot stays slow, lazy, and realistic. The script then brings in an additional couple, turning the story into a semi-ensemble character setup. As the plot develops, our two photogenic couples find some interesting stuff beneath the waves, which revs up the tension and conflict, and presents characters with moral dilemmas.

    But the second half deteriorates into your typical Hollywood assembly-line action flick, with a whole series of super fast edit sequences and silly, totally unrealistic, out-of-control plot points spurred on by peripheral characters that detract enormously from the two couples. Frenetic action, accompanied by irritatingly frenetic background music, ruins the second half, and makes a mockery of the story's premise.

    Acting is okay, I guess, given that this is a highly physical film wherein physical attractiveness and agility probably mean more than subtle theatrical skills. If there's a weakness here it's Scott Caan, whose cocky Bryce comes across as a total jerk, with nary a redeeming quality.

    "Into The Blue" is very easy to judge. It contains wonderful cinematography, especially the underwater segments. And the strong visuals get support from impressive sound effects. But the story, though it begins well, collapses in the second half. The script is to blame. And yet I can't help but think that the real villain here is some Hollywood producer, typically underestimating the intelligence of viewers, who thinks that the story doesn't really matter if there's enough eye candy and explosive, mind-blowing action.
  • After reading some negative feedbacks regarding Into the Blue, I was a little bit pessimistic about that movie that's why I went to see it without expecting anything from it(...except maybe to contemplate Jessica Alba :). From the very beginning, the paradisiac place where the story takes place in with a suitable music grab you from your boring every day life...into the blue. After 5 minutes, you're already dreaming of being Jared (Paul Walker) (people here have no surname ;) having Sam (Jessica Alba:) just for you but everything gets complicated when old Jared's pal Bryce arrives on the Island with is 14 hours girl friend Amanda. As a bad boy, the new guy involves Jared in doing nuts illegal stuff with drugs discovered before in a crashed airplane. As a consequence. Jared and Sam who were hoping for a quiet happy life sink in illegality in spite of themselves and paradise becomes hell! Add to this some tiger sharks, lost treasures, pirates, drug dealers, treasons and you get Into the blue, the kind of movie you'll be happy to watch, a cold Winter Saturday night with noisy pals with some pizzas and fresh beers. I give it an 8 because it really lets me escape from reality. In a nutshell, if you're afraid to buy it, rent it!
  • anaconda-4065830 November 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Into the Blue (2005): Dir: John Stockwell / Cast: Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, Ashley Scott, Josh Brolin: Below average thriller about the temptation of danger. Simple plot regards the discovery of a sunken plane that contained a massive amount of cocaine and the danger surrounding the site as smugglers close in. Director John Stockwell wisely concentrates on the relationships and details the structure but the conclusion is unrealistic and action oriented. The big downside is that the characters are mainly cardboard props with little personality and exist mainly to narrowly escape getting their asses handed to them. Paul Walker is given the role of hero who will ultimately conquer because that is what we expect. Jessica Alba plays his girlfriend involved in the marine life. She gets kidnapped and plays damsel throughout most of the movie. Scott Caan plays an old friend who becomes greedy. He is the one who lands their asses in trouble because he is dumber than sh*t. Ashley Scott plays Caan's five day girlfriend who is more trouble than she's worth. She is also dumber than sh*t. We have a lot of stupid people in this film whose prime talent is making all the wrong decisions. Action fans will enjoy its impressive marine footage but story is thread bare and drowns in silly action and much nonsense that spirals the script into more than the blue. Score: 3 / 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Over the years these part oceanic travelogues, part bikini clad star vehicles have produced plenty of films, some of them good, some of them bad, nearly all of them instantly forgettable. All concerned here deserve some credit for producing a film with slightly more substance than many of their predecessors.

    There's nothing that interesting or different about the story: a group of deep sea divers searching for a boat of sunken treasure accidentally stumble across a crashed aeroplane filled with cocaine. One of them sees dollar signs, some go along with them, some don't. All of them end up in a world of trouble, especially the attractive female lead who gets kidnapped and held as ransom.

    But somehow this one seems to work better than a typical genre film. The production values seem sleeker, the performances more realistic and the leads more likable than a typical stock plot phone in effort. Paul Walker proved his worth as an affable, flawed leading man a long time ago. Alba can still make stupid actions seem intelligent, Scott Caan plays a redeemable rogue and Josh Brolin a grounded but watchable villain.

    This is hardly a cinematic masterpiece and follows a plot you've seen a hundred times before, but somehow seems to succeed, almost in spite of itself, where so many similar films have failed.

    Delivers exactly what the poster would suggest and with a minimum of fuss. In short, there are plenty of worse ways to spend two hours than Jessica Alba running into trouble in a bikini and continually getting saved by a shirtless Paul Walker.
  • TheJags18 November 2007
    "Into the blue" isn't a classic by any stretch of the imagination. However if you, like me, were expecting little more than another poor cheese-fest, you may well be surprised. Cheesy it is, but not sickeningly so, and while the acting will never win any Oscars, it's of an acceptable level for the most part.

    However, the film's real strength lies in it's eye candy. Now, I'm not just talking about Alba in a bikini (although, phwoar) or the obligatory sixpack with a mouth (in the form of Paul Walker here), because the of the beautiful Bahamas and ocean life are just fascinating.

    The story itself tries to be that bit more than your average yarn of this type, however, it doesn't really succeed in doing anything more than linking each diving/action set piece (which, in fairness, are usually executed with aplomb). However, everything that's required to pull off a rather brainless action adventure is here, and it's worth watching if sounds like your sort of thing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    INTO THE BLUE is beautifully photographed and most of the underwater scenes are astounding. Jared(Paul Walker)and Sam(Jessica Alba)are joined by old friend Bryce(Scott Caan)and his new squeeze Amanda(Ashley Scott)as they dive into the shark-infested waters of the Bahamas. Jared and Bryce have dreamed of discovering sunken treasure since they were boys. The foursome discovers a legendary pirate ship rumored to have gone to the bottom with millions in gold. The divers also find a sunken plane containing a cargo of cocaine worth a king's ransom that puts themselves in dutch with the drug lord wanting his illicit property.

    Walker proves to be a man's man in this well-paced adventure. And Miss Alba is a beat shy of cardiac arrest. Caan, son of veteran actor James Caan, is one of those method actors that can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Another actor's son is in the cast...Josh Brolin, son of James Brolin. The younger Brolin plays one of those cocky friends that turns out to be two-faced and devious. Miss Scott is attractive in her own way, but her talent seems one dimensional. Expect edge of your seat thrills and more than enough action to hold your attention.
  • Into the Blue Jared(Paul Walker) has just got fired from his job. He lives with his girlfriend, Sam(Jessica Alba) in a trailer park in the beautiful Bahamas where they try to make a living searching for sunken treasure in the shark-infested waters. When they meet up with Jared's friends Bryce(Scott Caan) and his latest girlfriend Amanda(Ashley Scott), they take a boat out to continue their search for treasures.

    What they don't expect to find is the wreckage of a cargo plane, filled with dead bodies and cocaine. They believe their fantsies of buried treasure has finally come true. But the situation gets sticky when they find out a group of dangerous criminals are desperately searching for this plane. When they find out Jared has found it, the hunt begins...

    'Into the Blue' really tries to be a movie. It's not mindless dumb movie energy you'd expect from watching the trailer. Jessica Alba and Paul Walker give convincing performances, and Scott Caan provides some much needed comic relief. The unique thing about this scuba flick is the footage is simply stunning. Nearly every shot in this film is beautiful, above or under water. And I'm not just referring to the camera pans up and down buff bodies. To put it simply, the writer and director knew what the target audience was looking for... and they deliver a little bit more. 'Into the Blue' is entertaining, crisp, lean and stunning shot in the clear waters of the Bahamas.

    3 from 4
  • Jessica Alba in a bikini: good. The movie itself: bad.

    If you want to see Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott in bikinis and other scanty modes of dress then the movie starts out very promising. Unfortunately the writers then tried to add a plot and failed miserably.

    I don't want to go into details because I do not want to ruin anything for people who wish to see "Into the Blue". Well, that, and it's too painful to recall.

    My recommendation: Go to the bargain matinée or wait until it comes out on DVD.

    Better yet, rent "The Deep" and you'll see a much better movie with a similar idea.
  • awichert8 April 2006
    If you want to watch a good movie along this same line go out and watch The Deep from 1977. The bad acting in this movie totally overwhelmed the eye candy of Jessica Alba. This is two hours I will never get back and I am ticked off. Why can't Hollywood make an original movie. Seems like that over half them movies coming out today are just remakes and bad remakes of classic older movies. Here is how I see Hollywood making a movie these days. Find the flavor of the day and a movie that has stood the test of times. Change the name and make sure everybody acts badly add some gratouis nudity and there you go. A block buster.

    Better movies now please.
  • rwl19643 February 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie has some wonderful diving scenes, and the girls are nice to look at. All the elements are present that make a movie "fun". The premise of treasure hunting in the ocean is always intriguing. I can accept bubble gum plots, and a trite story line under many circumstances. I can accept many many things that make a movie mindless fun. The worst thing about this movie is that it has a flaw so bad it ruined even the mindless "fun".

    Here is what makes this movie truly a stinker: You have 12 hours to save your lives, and the ones you love, but instead you take a ship out you don't need to recover cocaine. But, You don't go and get the cocaine instead you go after the treasure. You could always return for the treasure later after you returned the drugs to the stupid drug lord, but noooooo, you go after the treasure. I can't figure out why anyone would take this course of action. It makes no sense at all, The whole movie has stupid acts I am willing to look past in the name of fun. This one just went too far for me.

    I can't see past this obvious story flaw. I vote 4 out of 10 stars. I am being waaaaay to kind.
  • Are you expecting to see lots of close-up shots of a near naked and very tanned Jessica Alba swimming underwater for two hours? If so, then you won't be disappointed by Into the Blue. In fact, if you're expecting nothing more than to watch a bunch of very toned and tanned bodies swimming underwater for two hours, then you won't be disappointed either. You'll only be disappointed if you expect to be entertained. I was bored… by god I was bored! Jessica Alba plays Sam, a shark-loving scuba diver who spends her sun-filled days swimming in the glistening Caribbean Sea with her equally-tanned-and-toned boyfriend Jared (Paul Walker). While looking for buried treasure, they come across a sunken airplane filled with cocaine…and wackiness ensues. Yes, there are hot people to look at, but looks will only take you so far, and an hour "Into the Blue" and you're going to start wishing for an interesting and captivating story line. But you're not going to find one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yeah, I know it's too late now to say it, but I should have listened to the people who said this movie sucks, because it does.

    There's nothing to enjoy about it.

    4 stupid people who just swim around the ocean and decide to sell the dope they find. STUPID. I really don't know what else to write, other than DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE! I didn't really think anything about Jessica Alba before this movie, now I know I don't like here. And I, as a girl, am not really that interested in big shots of girls' behinds. So that didn't entertain me either.

    Just awful. Do not waste you money on this.

    The characters are unlikeable, I didn't even care what would happen to them. And the sea was always clean and blue, that was irritating sometimes. It was like this big fantasy world thing. Stupid. I'm really mad I wasted money on this. One of the worst movies I've seen lately
  • I don't know what everyone out there is expecting from this movie? I was expecting a movie targeted at teenagers and generation x, with a lot of skin and fast boats. While it definitely had a few close ups of Jessica and Paul underwater and some professional waverunner stunts, it was also a pretty good story with a "leave you hanging" ending. In fact, the storyline was much more dominant than the skin and fast boats. Although billed as the lead of the movie and clearly the largest star, Jessica Alba (and her character) played a backseat role to Paul Walker whose ethical and moral dilemmas were the heart of the movie. Maybe it's the same theme in many movies? Young bright people with everything going for them are introduced to bad influences and they are tempted by these outside forces. They make a few bad decisions, learn from them, and then make the right decision. Or do they? Into the Blue follows the same premise, but at least this premise dominates the movie, not selling out for the teenage box office. At least not overtly. This movie isn't going to win an Oscar, but it was definitely worth $10.
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