• WARNING: Spoilers

    1919. The admiral Kolchak runs Siberia. 32 villages, unwilling to recognize the authority of Kolchak, unite in a Soviet Badzheiyan Republic. This republic turns into a strong power in a rear of White Guard. Headed by Red General guerilla Peter Schetinkin (P.Glebov). The white army authority was gravely disturbed by guerillas actions and even make an attempt to eliminate Schetinkin directly, sending a killer to him. But he is unmasked. Then it prepares a large-scale counterinsurgency operation against the whole Badzheiyan republic, with help of military forces, but the intelligence of the Red gets to know about it. Guerillas, understanding the threat hanging over, draw up a daring and unexpected plan to leave for Mongolia and having got a support of Mongolia, and cut into the Kolchaks army rear.