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  • alokc30 April 2007
    One of the very few multi star movies Rajesh Khanna has done- Dharam Kanta is one of them. Here RaajKumar and Jeetendra are with him in this movie. RaajKumar playing the role of his father and Jeetendra of his lost brother. This is a lost and found formula movie with some good songs by Naushad for a change in a Rajesh Khanna movie and no Kishore Kumar songs in the movie. The movie at times is melodramatic with loud dialouges and loud acting but is tolerable because both the actors Raaj Kumar and Rajesh Khanna have their style of acting. Jeetendra is washed away between them. Amjad Khan also has a big double role and looks huge and terrifying. Waheeda Rehman is there too. An entertainer which was an average success may be due to the fact that the theme was very common by then. It is a time pass which has to be seen for the stylish acting of RaajKumar and Super Star Rajesh Khanna.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Pros Great acting Star cast powerful dialogues

    Cons Weak script Especially the coincidence of five family members who are lost from each other meeting each other so frequently was quite funny. Moreover only one villain (Amjad Khan) vs three heroes (Raaj Kumar, Rajesh Khanna and Jeetendra) was also unbalanced.
  • Splendid effort from director to cast Raajkumar Jeetender and Rajesh Khanna in a Dacoit themed action movie.though in comparison to Jeetender Rajesh Khanna is not suitable for action roles but all three legends of Bollywood in combination make this movie a great entertainer. On screen rivalry between Jeetender and Rajesh was the best part in the movie and they followed it to other movies like Nishaan and Masqad.Jeetender looked fabulous in action and dancing along with Raajkumar traditional acting.All the female stars done justice to their role. Though many of movie scenes from lifted from Sholay and other but the gritty pace of movie will keep you stuck with the scree. Overall enjoyable flick.
  • sanjayppc16 April 2014
    This film has got a super cast - Rajesh Khanna, Waheeda Rehman, Raaj Kumar, Reena Roy, Jeetendra etc., but the story & direction by Sultan Ahmed is not up to the mark.

    Having such a cast, he should have thought much better. Rajesh makes his appearance only after a good 30 minutes into the film. He meets Raaj Kumar only in the climax. It was disappointing since they had acted together in hits like Maryada & Kudrat. Music is average.

    But the film has been mounted on a grand scale & so production values are good.

    Another addition to Kaka's films.