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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ellen is a "no talent" bore who has, in the three shows I watched, ever given me a laugh or even slightly amused or interested me in anything she's got to say. Her interviewing style is creepy and jerky, there's no flow or ease of speaking. The interview where she attacks Dakota and asks why she didn't get invited to her party, is just plain bizarre. Why would Ellen ask a guest that on air? Surely that's a personal question! It clearly bothered Ellen because she made Dakota feel and look terrible! Is that the action of someone who wants to spread the love? Ellen is creepy and judging by previous reviews, not well liked. She had "her people" ask Australian journalists who were about to interview her, not to speak or look at her, prior to the interview! Who does she think she is? Satan reincarnated perhaps..beware everyone!
  • Show is terrible. She's lost all credibility. Just another out of touch celebrity treating people like they are the help. Karen with a platform
  • dajanadae7 December 2019
    Ellen is not a good host, she is not a good smalltalker, she comes off as awkward and just unlikable.
  • Ellen always interups the object and is only interessted in takling about her self and the products her franchise sells.
  • How does it feel to have watched a mean narcissist spew fake plastic feelings for years on TV only for you to watch it and go 'ohhhhh uhhhhaaaaaaahhh' she is so kind and hip?

    In the meanwhile, she is so fake and so made-for-tv ersatz. She could never dance and yet always moved around like she thought she could, never asked an insightful question because she caters to lightweight imbeciles and was so caring that when the pandemic hit and she had to tape from home instead of hiring her own crew or a unionized crew she hired a non-union crew so she can pay less.

    Very caring.

    How long have you been spending on this show?
  • They are all low quality for the non-educated superficial fatty, but Ellen is extra terrible.

    She makes one cringe when she decides to 'dance'

    Standard materialistic commercialism

    Children making asses out of themselves on national TV with their parents full approval

    i could go on.
  • plargreg11 February 2019
    Just kinda a lame boring mind numbing pointless experience it is watching this show
  • josephbrewer-8253116 April 2019
    Awful don't waste your time. I don't recommend! hate it, just awful.
  • randbark-212 October 2018
    All she does is talk about herself. Me me me me me me me me me!!!!!!!!! She takes personal credit in others becoming celebrities, even Lady Gaga!!!!!!!!! OMG, what a swelled, inflated ego. And all those ridiculous games on the show. The games are only a muse for her ego. And, has anyone ever heard any meaningful academic or philosophical come out of her mouth. She is just an uneducated woman who used to make people laugh, and made it. Not an original thought in her head. She even inferred that she should sell space suits in the Ellen Shop, based on the movie First Man. And, most of all, all she does is throw money at a lot of guests, treating them as being destitute. Pathetic, tasteless daytime TV.
  • The Ellen show is an important cog in the Hollywood machinery, combining lottery, tv shop, talkshow and gameshow. I like the talkshow and gameshow parts, but every spare moment is used to promote Ellenshop, Ellentube, Ellenworld or whatever. It starts to seem a bit like a person cult, and the crowds go wild whenever she buys their trust with gifts hidden under their seats.

    Isolated from the hyper-commercialized circus that is the show, Ellen the comedian has a rude kind of humor that I like. But I'm not a fan of how she for comedy's sake exposes and humiliates her staff, goes through her guests' purses, and confronts people who try to sell the goodies they get on the show. It's borderline abusive, and Ellen is so powerful that one has no other option than to play along. Her motto, "Be kind to one another", feels a bit hollow after all the mean things she makes a living from doing.

    Lastly, I'm deeply troubled by the show's self-appointed role as welfare system. Unfortunate people are carefully selected and awarded screen time and a check - all in calculated order to promote Ellen the brand and the company which provides the check. It's frightening to see such welfare-tainment, with people's futures in the hands of a powerful individual instead of a functional state.
  • Worst show ever. Worst host ever. She just resumes the *** world of today.
  • jwjtn2 August 2020
    Gotta love some karma... i guess no one is what they seem
  • Ellen DeGeneres's talk show is no different than anything else that includes her name: Full of fans screaming their lungs out every time she says something, or makes a joke, or simply stares. All the fans (who are often invited to the stage during the show) come running from their seats, scream for about a minute, then catch their breath and have a "Oh my God, I can't believe! It's Ellen!" shouting period, then go on about how Ellen is great, because she's amazing. Ask them why Ellen is amazing, they say because she's great. And this vicious circle goes on and on.

    The first thing you notice on this show is how limited the vocabulary is. Words like magnificent, wonderful, splendid, brilliant, gorgeous, stunning, excellent, charming, delightful etc. do not exist in the Ellen universe. All the guests, and all their work, whether it's movies or music or shows, are described as either "amazing" or "so good." You're more likely to hear "your show is so good. Sssoo gooood. Ssssssooo goooood" than something in the lines of "Your show is excellent."

    Once I actually witnessed her saying to her guest, "You're amazing, you're just amazing, simply amazing. Your movie is really amazing and... (waits about 10 seconds here, trying to find the right words, and finally: ) ... it's just amazing." These five "amazing"s in a row prompted me to write this review. On the other hand, the audience doesn't seem to mind. In fact, they look like they would find it off-putting if she tried to use a more extensive vocabulary.

    It's sad really, because in the rare instances where she breaks out of script and speaks as herself, Ellen can actually be funny. But the show is written exclusively to emphasize the "amazing because she's great, great because she's amazing" persona that she has built over the years, and that really brings the whole show down to an everlasting mediocrity.

    This persona is something that could only work in our times: She gives away money and gifts in every episode, but only if she can make a huge deal out of it and remind it in the following episodes. She often invites nobodies as her guests, people who have become famous for nothing, and goes on about how amazing they are, expecting the same high praise in return. 5 minutes of the show is simply showing funny videos from the web. Another 5 minutes is often spent on some little kid who can do dance moves, whom Ellen noticed on the web and invited. Add these together, and more often than not, 10 minutes (that's 25 percent) of every episode is just fill-in stuff from the web.

    Another few minutes of every episode is filled (or wasted, depending on your view) by Ellen promoting her merchandise and turning airtime into adspace for her personal shopping mall: We get to know about Ellen underwear, Ellen t-shirts, Ellen socks, Ellen mugs, Ellen water, Ellen bottles for Ellen water, Ellen cups for Ellen water, Ellen handkerchief for wiping your mouth after drinking Ellen water from Ellen cup... you get the idea. All this stuff is presented as if they are miracles of modern design and technology, while in fact they are the same stuff you see anywhere else, only with the name Ellen plastered on them.

    What I personally find annoying, though, is the way she talks to her guests. She almost always repeats their answers, such as

    Ellen: So what did you do with the prize money?

    Guest: I gave it to charity.

    Ellen: You gave it to charity.

    And on and on, she keeps repeating almost all their answers, so the talks with the guests feel longer than they are, although in reality they speak even less than they would in another talk show. During games with audience members, she keeps interrupting whoever is speaking with a non-stop verbal barrage of "Yes. OK. All right. Yes. All right. OK." with no attention to what the other person is actually saying. And the worst is: if a guest or audience member says something truly funny and kind of steals the spotlight, so to speak, Ellen is visibly annoyed, and tries to interrupt in a hurry. Not a good sign for a host.

    "A wasted chance" could be the best way to describe this show. She can be funny when she wants, and she does invite interesting people every once in a while, and the show is obviously quite costly, no expense is spared. Most importantly, Ellen is a very respected, beloved figure that could actually have an impact with her show, speak to people's intelligence, rather than their most basic "gimme stuff!" feelings. But this talk show has no appeal to anyone that's looking for interesting dialogue, or any kind of dialogue that contains more than 50 words.
  • mm-3931 October 2018
    Just hate this show. Not Ellen personally but more the format. Ellen dose the hyperbole. Are we having the best time ever?! Isn't this the best show every? Audience screams, yells and over reactions just like a trained animal act. The usual liberal flavor of the day causes. Sensationalism with a push to show that everyone cares. The formulated media template of any of these talk shows. Opera, Ricki Lake etc. There will be an animal act, a sensational family problem, a display of really caring of the current hot topic homeless etc. I find I only watch a day time talk show for the guests. I guess there is an audience for the formulated day time talk shows but not for me. 5 years down the road just change the name and there will be another show just like Ellen almost exactly, but with a different face. Similar to family sit coms, which I just can not digest anymore. 2 stars.
  • wahoo888813 May 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    I haven't seen this show for years because I work during the day. What has happened to it? Who is the target audience: 40 to 50 year old women with the mentality of a 12 year old? When will Americans get tired of watching millionaire celebrities getting paid millions of dollars to slobber all over their millionaire friends on TV who get rich from the millions of saps just like those that make up the audience who pay to see the crap they churn out in record numbers. It's no wonder Nigerians are phoning Americans scamming for money. We are a nation of idiots. And she still does those ridiculous dances at the beginning of the show. Why would anyone watch a show where you are constantly talked down to, demeaned and treated like an idiot? On the bright side, you'll probably get a reward just for watching.
  • I despise this show. I can't stand the focus on dancing people or Ellen dancing in the aisles. It's not funny - just stupid - the kind of stuff that's made for 10 year olds. It's the same routine - bring in some band that you can get up and dance to or bring in some so-called amazing kid to interview and/or do their thing. Not interesting at all.
  • rob_412 September 2018
    I'm disappointed in you Ellen. I worshiped you because you were open,but never demanded that everyone should be like you or you wouldn't tolerate them. Now you've turned to spreading hate,using your venue. You're a disrespectful,intolerant&hateful being. You've joined the gangster bullies of Hollywood,&you had the perfect chance to be a role model for the good😢I owned all your dvds&was a fan&I'm 💔.
  • Agent_Iris8 October 2020
    Based on her success, I am certain that I am in the minority here, but I cannot stand Ellen DeGeneres or her show. She is a poor interviewer who often talks over her guests and makes everything about her. Ellen's monologues, jokes and reoccurring gags are never funny. Her goofy dancing is Elaine Benes level bad.

    Her comedic style reminds me of Jay Leno (beating a lame joke into the ground in a desperate attempt to elicit laughter) and she comes across as acutely fake and disingenuous. I have read several different accounts of how she Is a diva behind the scenes and mistreats her staff, which I think strengthens my point.

    If you are a fan of Ellen, that's cool, but I am not and I never will be.

    I pray to God that she never hosts the Oscars again and runs around like a complete idiot wasting time taking selfies with groups of obviously uncomfortable celebrities.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    President Donald Trump has never made an appearance on this show directly. I know why. People applaud too loudly on this show. I know why. The games on the Ellen DeGeneres Show are not as clever. I know why. And the guests that come on this show have to adhere to Ellen's liberalism and let her talk as much as she wants and needs. And I know why. What I have concluded is that people who have a problem with the LGBT community, Ellen's ego, and how this show deceives you into thinking it is about compassion will not be as welcomed as the other people who buy into this propaganda aimed to please Ellen more than the people outside of her life. People do not have to like the LGBT stuff, Ellen, and her show disguised as compassion when it is really about Hollywoodized politics that make people not able to talk about their opinions if they are not gay friendly or something else. This does not allow room for inclusion but exclusion.
  • Ellen DeGeneres thinks she's funny, but instead is very annoying and arrogant when presenting this.

    This show is a silly hodge-podge of different things - and much of it is childish messing around.

    The only reason that I watched several episodes of this was to see the interviewees. However, her interviewing style doesn't allow them to talk freely.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Ellen Degeneres Show is the funniest talk show ever. She tickles the funny bone and doesn't crack a smile while you are dying from laughing.

    Ellen has had some ups and downs in her personal life but she has always been sincere and honest with the public and it comes across that way with her guests and with her rapport with the audience.

    I have never known my husband to become hysterical while watching any comic but he almost passes out from sheer laughter while watching Ellen.

    I wish Ellen the greatest success ever and know I will always be an avid viewer. You couldn't go wrong watching this show.

    Remember Ellen is bringing laughter back to daytime television. :)
  • The Ellen DeGeneres show is so funny; she is great at what she does. I believe that she is one of the funniest comics alive, she doesn't use dirty humor she uses everyday experiences to get a few laughs. The way she interacts with people is probably the funniest aspect of the show. All in all she is doing an amazing job, I hope that this show is around for a long time, Ellen deserves to have a hit. If you've never seen it WATCH it, it's amazing; it's one of the best hours of television. A+ This talk show gets four stars!
  • This is by far the best talk show that has ever been on television. Ellen is hilarious without being rude. Whenever I have a bad day watching her show will instantly make me laugh. She is one of the best comedians ever and one of the nicest most down to earth people ever. Her talk show is very unique and she has a variety of guests on her show both celebrities and everyday ordinary people who she has found a reason to recognize them. I also really love celebrity pets where people send in pictures of their pets saying they look like a certain celebrity. Tony, the JD on the show also is very funny and down to earth. This is definitely one of my favorite shows on television.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I find Ellen to be a combo of Bob Newhart and Jerry Seinfeld/Larry David. She has Newhart's dry, deliberately paced wit and the Seinfeld/Larry David (to me, these two are one unit) style of questioning society's everyday idiosynchrasies and playing devils advocate in a "curmudgeon" style of questioning many things that society deems proper and obligatory, like making small talk with people you can't wait to get away from...

    She has no problem admitting that on most nights she is asleep by 10:00 p.m. and leads a fairly "normal" lifestyle (as much as a true celebrity can, that is). She is so NOT pretentious...

    She's even "invented" her own little dorky 30 second dance that she struts in front of the audience with the help of her in-house musician, not caring whether it's "hip" or not...

    i don't think she's capable of using profanity, so her show is about as clean cut, family fare as you'll find on a non-cable station (but NOT syrupy sweet) --- YET, she's as funny as the best of the x-rated comedians, just like Bill Cosby can be...

    She's also likable because she is humble and often self-deprecating; she underplays her achievements and accomplishments...

    And, she's extremely respectful to her guests, letting them completely finish talking before asking her next question. So many talk show hosts (Larry King being the worst offender) simply butt in mid-sentence to a guests reply and want to steal the limelight. Even Oprah would constantly butt into Dr. Phil's conversations when he originally started as a regular on her show.

    Go Ellen!!
  • Normally I am not a big fan of talk shows, not so with Ellen! I love Ellen, her dry humor about everyday situations is hilarious. I love how she opens each show by dancing, and watching the show just puts me in a great mood. I notice most of her guests can't help but laugh at some of her comments! All in all, I have never watched the show without laughing, and I need that every day!!! Nothing is too heavy or depressing, or controversial. I watch this show at every opportunity I have. She is easily one of my favorite comedians, and I am happy to see she has succeeded where many have failed in the talk show business. Keep up the great work Ellen!
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