Madonna is host Ellen DeGeneres' eleventh cousin.

Host Ellen DeGeneres attempts to scare her guests with something that or someone who they are genuinely scared of.

Occasionally, the show got serious and rather emotional and dealt with serious issues and matters that have happened that affected host Ellen DeGeneres personally. In one show, DeGeneres broke down live on the set over a puppy she had given away and in other shows, she addressed the tragic deaths of homosexual teenagers and talked about a difficult day she had.

As of 2016, "Heads Up!," "Never Have I Ever," "Learning Accents" and "True or False" are some of the games host Ellen DeGeneres played with her guests. "What's in the Box?," "Let's Make a Trade," "Blindfolded Musical Chairs," "Fast Fingers of Fate" and "Epic or Fail" are some of the games she had audience members play.

On her September 16th 2019 show, she said "All right" 59 times, probably setting her own record. That's once every 40 seconds.

On one occasion, she showed a video of a cute baby goat jumping up and down repeatedly (as baby goats always do) and while the viewers were watching the video, Ellen added a useful and necessary bit of guideline, saying "Look at that baby goat. It's jumping."

Ellie Kemper stood in for Ellen DeGeneres as a guest host during the time DeGeneres was sick with flu.

Show very much modeled after the Rosie O'Donnell show from the 1990s. Whereas Rosie would sing in every single show, Ellen decided to switch that by a long, dancing shtick during every intro. Finally Ellen confided that she did not enjoy the dancing bit, but she felt stuck with it and did not know how to get out of doing it because she was convinced that the audience would be disappointed if she didn't dance.

On average, she says "All right" 19 times per episode (counted for seasons 14, 15 and 16). Being from New Orleans, she pronounces it as "aww-rite".