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  • I just saw a screening of this movie. I really did want to see this movie in theaters because the trailer seemed pretty good to me. I do like boxing movies, there are fabulous ones like Raging Bull, Cinderella Man, Rocky,... but this one failed where the others succeeded.

    Although the director got the chance to work with some of Belgium's finest actors, like Koen De Bouw, Jan Decleir, Carry Goossens etc., the acting sometimes feels a bit unnatural and rather forced, except for Jan Decleir, who's always outstanding. Especially the main character, played by Kevin Jansens, could have been better casted in my opinion. He's still young and this was one of his first major rolls, so I guess we should give him a little credit.

    The storyline is rather cliché with a few better worked out parts, and shows some faults in the details, but it works out well in the end.

    The directing was solid, some nice shots were put into this movie but Guido Henderickx had already proved himself worthy in his previous productions. The score was perfectly fitting the movie.

    I recommend you to go see this movie if you like Flemish movies, but temper your expectations...

    (If my English shows some failures, please forgive me because I speak Dutch)
  • first of all my congratulations for the uprise of the Belgian cinema with this production it's has an international look,the cast is outstanding,great score,and very well directed especially my compliments to the new Belgian star Kevin Jansen's he did a fantastic job, he plays his character with bravery,very natural,is very pure in emotional scenes and so and so.....! also the rest of the cast was amazing koen DE bow as the brother and jan decleir as box trainer max, most credit to director Guido Hendricks , after mother,why do we live, he is back in action thank you very much Guido en cast en crew to everybody go and see!!! greetings tom
  • I've seen this movie in avant-premiere. After seeing the movie, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. To be honest I expect more of a Belgian movie. In my opinion, this movie has no highlight, there's no build up of the suspense, dialogs are superficial.

    Kevin Janssens however did put down some good acting. On the other hand, I've seen better performances of Jan Decleir. The problem in my opinion is that there are no real character roles in this movie.

    At the avant-premiere Kevin Janssens made an appearance. He told the audience that he had trained 2 years to put down a realistic performance of a boxer. I would however think a real boxer to be a little better in to shape than Kevin was. But nevertheless, as I've said before, he put down some good acting.

    I'm not promoting this movie, but I'm not implying it's terrible as well. To me, this is just a movie, nothing more.