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  • skater18073 January 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    I must say that I feel the same about "Rupel" as Joris. I also think the C.A.R.L - technique sucks, just because it confuses you too much. And Joris' statement that there are more series and films that are indeed worse then "Rupel", I can fully back that up. I feel the same way about 'The Golden Lions' by DNA productions, and some others. I loved it when I woke up one day and found the cast and crew of "Rupel" being parked across the street to shoot some footage. I went down and met some of the actors, including Johan Terryn, Hilde Heijnen and Veerle Dobbelaere. After that I was allowed to play a minor role in the episode - I think had to say about two lines. All in all, even though not all of Belgium liked "Rupel", I quite enjoyed watching.
  • What can I say about the VTM (Flemish TV)series "Rupel"... Well I'll start off with my thoughts after I saw the first episode. Disappointing...very disappointing. The plots really seemed to be made up by a three year old. Acting performances were much below minimum standards, in fact the only good actor in the series was Raymond Bossaerts who every Belgian still remembers as Ben Kurrel in the legendary BRT series "Kapitein Zeppos". The only fact that convinced me of looking at the next 7 episodes was that it is filmed in my own backyard, the recreation ground "the schorre" in Boom, Belgium. But I could no longer bear the terrible scenarios and the "deja-vu" feeling after every episode. So I stopped watching Rupel after episode 8. In it's all knowing wisdom, VTM thought that the series would make a hit, so they made a second series of 13 episodes even before the first one aired on TV. Big mistake... Luckaly, the person in charge of VTM's program management, Jan Verheyen, quit his job soon after the first series was shown on TV. Now let us never speak about that terrible piece of TV history again.