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  • I remember being obsessed with this show as a kid after seeing it at school. However I got to thinking about it recently and figured that I'd be put off now by the fact its painfully obvious that its people wearing furry suits and that most of the landscapes look like theyve been painted on a wall in the background. Anyway I have managed to see it again and I found myself falling for it again. it works great as an adventure story, There's so many different elements to it, the quest for the veetons, The widgets who keep appearing and The Evil Charn. actingwise varies, Sean Barret (Gorwen) comes across sounding very wooden, though he does seem to try and I realize he might stammer cos the character is supposed to be weakening but it still sounds wooden. David Collings (Charn) is quite entertaining as he is very menacing in the role and is obviously having fun with it. I also warmed To Tim Lyn as Boris. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this cast has actually gone onto do bigger things like The Archers and Emmerdale. This is definitely a guilty pleasure. Like I said, I thought id grow out of it but i havnt. A classic gem. My fave episode is probably the great battle, tho Charn goes from being genuinely menacing to a bit over the top villain in this one.
  • James and Helen - 19 year old university students; we believe this is without question the best show ever to have been made in the history of the world, ever! TV was only invented so that the world could witness the adventures of Gorwen the dragon, Boris, Doris, Moris, Rodey the rat, the three little kids, the widgets, and the struggle to rid Pelamar of the evil Charn, and mend the ever-glowing yellow vetacore, that all took place inside a mural painted on a school wall.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Through the dragons eye is fantastic. The story line is three young children go into a different world. The theme tune is one thing i will always remember it goes. North or south, East or west the quest, to save the land of Palomar, goes far. While the children are their they find out the vetacore is missing and they have to find all the pieces. The characters they meet are the vetacore keepers, a rat,a dragon and an evil villain. The evil villain had a power to melt things but only the dragons wing could rappel him. When the children find all the vetacore pieces and get out of Palomar it has only been 15mins. Although they were in Palomar for days. I cant think of a first school which hasn't watched this so i would give it 9 out of 10.
  • Through the Dragon's Eye was a huge personal and family favourite in my primary school years. After finally tracking it down, it's one childhood favourite that still holds up really well, managing to educate while telling a great epic story with more imagination than most educational programmes.

    Inevitably, any budget limitations (cost, time constraints and of its time) do show, especially for some of the costumes (i.e. the widgets) where it is true that that it is people being in costumes is obvious, it was so as a child and is even more so now. The photography is quite nice still though, keeping it simple while not being too much so, and the painterly-like sets are very charming and beautifully colourful. It's a very effectively and appropriately scored programme as well, complete with one of the most memorable theme songs (that and the villain Charn were my most vivid memories of Through the Dragon's Eye) of any educational/children's/family programme. Through the Dragon's Eye is also written with the right amount of humour, sense of adventure, emotion, cuteness and suspense, back at a time where educational/children's/ family programmes respected their audience, children will have no trouble understanding what's going on and adults won't find it dumbed down for them and instead be involved in the quest. The educational parts are well-placed and entertaining, and make their point very effectively without preaching or getting in the way of the story's flow.

    Story-wise, Through the Dragon's Eye is a winner. The ten episodes are a good length and go quickly, and the story is very interesting with plenty of entertaining, urgent and suspenseful moments. The widget scenes in the third episode go on a touch too long, but the scenes with Charn are particularly strong and the battle between him and Gorwen while short is an epic knockout. The characters, with the exception of Doris whose bitchy attitude does get on the nerves, are mostly engaging. Had no problem with the widgets and found them quite cute, the children are appealing, Rodey has some humorous moments and Gorwen is such a noble and driven character and the main reason for my interest in dragons. The most memorable character however is Charn (even the appearance is enough to freak one out), a truly terrifying villain with a surprising sense of humour. The acting is good enough, with David Collings' menacing but entertaining Charn and Nicola Stewart's appealingly diligent Jenny standing out. Sean Barrett is also suitably firm and has a great authoritative demeanour, Charles Collingwood is sweet and fun as Rodey and the more likable Boris gets the easier it is to like Timothy Lyn more.

    Overall, despite being over twenty five years old Through the Dragon's Eye holds up very well, it's very easy to see why it was so well-liked by the family as a child. 9/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Through the Dragon's Eye is part of the Look and Read series featuring three very different personality children who enter a mural they have painted on their school wall. There they meet dragon Gorwen, mouse Rodey and the secondary coloured Keepers. This was originally made to help teach first school children to read, rhyme and recognise colours but it has become a sort of cult show. The villain Charn was personally the most impressive character in the show for me, and it was a shame they kept to the rule of baddies losing. The children are sent as they have to fix the Veetacore which powers Pelamar, and the ending is rather sad when they have to return home. Definitely one to watch, whether learning or a fan of fantasy and furry animals like the cheeky Widgets. Full of surprises and definitely a one to watch whether you're 9 or 99.