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  • This is really first class animation which swims into the realm of Fantasy. Where time and reality are thrown out the window.

    Animation by itself is gorgeous, thou first time viewers will most likely be confused what's going on in first couple episodes, thou it slowly makes more sense as you watch it.

    This basically tale of a boy named Jing, who steals rare and very difficult things for a living, with his bird-pal (girl crazy) who can become living energy weapon of incredible power.

    Each show has different theme and something to steal. As well as gorgeous music, and compelling stories of how is this guy going steal this thing...there the music. Japanese music for this show, specially beginning and ending themes are high energy and addictive to listen. Thou in the original language which to me, adds something more to it. Something you've never heard before.

    If you like something different that borders on realm of fantasy and fun. Which doesn't need a scientific answer and does it in style.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The thing that makes this series so likable, yet not-well known like Naruto, is the fact that it seems to have no real plot other than Jing finding some treasure to steal and getting the girl. However, this isn't the point that I'm trying to make.

    If someone were to read the books, the sequel series as well, and watch the series, including the OVA, you'd notice some funny facts in the series. Like, for one, every single character, location and term, except for two, are all based on alcoholic drinks. Most of the episode plots and the OVA plot are all based on stories, locations, or some other meanings that existed sometime in the world. Pretty cool, huh?

    All in all, I loved this series very much. Even though to most people this may seem like a 'kid's show' on the outside, it has never ending surprises that almost always make you laugh and wonder, 'what will Jing steal next?'. The only disappointing part about the series? The fact that it's so short and the OVA non existent. I hope that later on, the sequel book series of KOBJ gets made into an anime. I would love to see what happens next.