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  • The cast and the crew come together to remember the making of the comedy Anger Management. Combined with footage shot behind the scenes as the film was made they discuss how hard it was to keep a straight face with so many jokers on set, how the costumes were designed to give the film a real sense of New York, how demanding Jack was in regards his props and the logistics of scouting locations and shooting the climax in Yankee Stadium.

    Some 'making of' documentaries on DVD's are very good value, picking back over the making of a film with plenty of stories and observations from the main people involved. However others are no more than a collection of clips and vague promotional interviews from the cast and crew who mostly gush about how wonderful each other are and how the film was just a 'hoot' without ever saying anything of any great interest. Guess which one this is?! Yep, you got it. Given that this was made as part of the DVD as opposed to audience demand for a good documentary it is no surprise that this is more a promotional piece than anything else.

    There is some interesting stuff in the short film but nothing that is amusing and nothing that will really stick in your mind. Some of the background stuff about location scouting and the special effect shots at the end are interesting but only in a very general way that could easily have referred to any film. Given the sheer number of stars involved it would nice to have had some nice stories from some of them but few of them offer anything.

    Overall a fairly lackluster extra, typical of the promotional style 'making of' documentaries that act as filler on far too many unloved dvds these days.
  • movieman_kev5 May 2005
    A little less fluffy as the other putrid masturbatory extra related to this film, "My Buddy, Jack", but not very much so. It's funny when the director boasts about how many cameos he got in the film of famous people. You know what who cares? If he concentrated less on getting cameos and more on, say, making the movie, I don't know... FUNNY, then he might have had a good (or at least passable) film on his hands. But I guess that was way more to ask for from the Director of "Nutty Professor 2" and the Writer of "My Boss's Daughter". This 18 minute featurette can be located on the region 1 special edition DVD of the movie "Anger Management"

    My grade: D
  • This short includes excerpts from the film, outtakes, interviews with cast and crew except Jack Nicholson, publicity and on the set footage. The most interesting comments are about the costume design and CGI effects used for the Yankee Stadium climax.