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  • Not only is this show retarded in near every possible way, the mobile suits are smaller than the humans. If they're mobile suits, how do the humans fit in them? The point of Gundam is that humans get in Gundams and use them to do what ever they needed them for. And some of the episodes didn't seem to have plots, just retardedness. And on top of that, the jokes, if you can call them that, aren't funny. Every time I heard about the show, I was offended. And when i decided to watch and episode to see what Toonami was talking about, that was the last time I ever watched Toonami.

  • My 5- and 9-year olds LOVE SD Gundam. There is no "dark side" to this series and the animation is beautifully fluid. Get both DVDs available at this time (2004) and hope and pray that more episodes are produced!

    The episodes are set in a NICE world with NICE robots and even mostly NICE enemies. There's plenty of robot gunplay. Nothing scary. Lots of action and colorful scenery.

    My kids LOVE these cartoons. I was happy to buy a DVD for them. The cartoons are original, well-produced and I feel good having the kids watch them.
  • I'm very enjoying watching ,yes it not what it should be for gundam everything is fantasy they just making another universe for SD gundam Force
  • Yep. A Gundam kids show. Unbelievable? Not quite. That's exactly what this is. The characters are really funny, although sometimes they can get a little out of hand and annoying. I enjoyed the first season quite thoroughly. The next season disappoints in a way, though. Those three Dark Axis 'honchos', Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, and Destroyer Dom? They're nothing but comic relief now! It wasn't like before where they actually posed a threat or actually did anything useful. Now they always get stuck somewhere with all of their Zaku Soldiers... Pitiful, really. My only hope is that they are returned to their former glorified funny villain status, instead of their current pathetic comic relief state.
  • I knew this was going to be a kids show. But I didn't know that it would be this bad. The characters are all very annoying and cliched. And if I ever hear Captain Gundam say, "I have a permit to use my gun" in that wimpy little fruit voice of his. I'm going to go crazy. As a fan of the original SD Gundam MK shorts I was very disapointed in this new CG-animated lame-action kids show with awful humor.

    Go watch the original SD Gundam shorts and be happy.
  • I am enjoying this show a lot. I may have not seen the other SD Gundam shows at all, however I can tell you this is no doubt in my mind very funny. Yes, it does have the action, war, and violence themes like a traditional Gundam animes does (of course, most cartoons and animes will have it anyway, even if it is a war against the forces of evil). In my opinion, this one shows it a amusing way so it will not be that bad for kids to watch (that is assuming that the parents will let their kids to watch it anyway since it does have a TV-Y7 FV rating). I just hope that Sunrise, the producers of all of the Gundam animes, will have more episodes or seasons for this one in particular so I will if Ark and Lacroa have been set free.