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  • Call of duty takes first person WWII games to the next level. If you like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, then you will appreciate this game even more. COD was made by Infinity Ward (the original MOHAA team.) That's were many see the similarities. The textures, maps and character models are well done. For example character models in the game have different faces, unlike MOHAA where the clone element is apparent. (for the exception of hair color). You get a sense you are a part of the game. The stories are a lot more realistic then MOHAA. Most of the missions you participate in are actual events that took place in WWII. Yes, MOHAA had Omaha beach, COD has Brecourt manor, Red square, Pegasus Bridge, The Russian advance on the Reichstag and if it's not famous battles its locations such as Eden dam or the legendary Nazi battleship Tirpitz.

    Any WWII buff can appreciate the authenticity that Infinity Ward tried to bring to the game. The controls are a lot better considering you have 3 prone positions to choose from, unlike MOHAA which only has two, stand and kneel. Not to mention on your weapons you can aim and look down the barrel which provides some zoom and a more accurate shot. Its not just the authenticity of the maps, the AI in the game is far more intelligent then MOHAA. For example your enemy will try to take cover from avoid being shot. But the AI is much more appreciated in your team mates, which is very rare in the game to fight alone. Your team mates will stay with you and will not advance to far from your position and do put up a good fight. This is a much more realistic approach, compared to the lone wolf and I will even go as far as saying Rambo style that MOHAA portrays. I also enjoyed playing through the eyes of American, British, and Russian soldier. I would say that was a great move on Infinity wards part, an advantage of MOHAA. Cause I know gamers who are playing MOHAA in Europe are probably disappointed that they have to play as American servicemen and not as there own servicemen. Now I love MOHAA guys, but the series has fallen short in the last couple of expansions, Spearhead was great. But its time to make room for a new series and give it the credit it deserves. Call of duty gives the graphics, realism and replay value that MOHAA didn't have.
  • If you love world war II movies, you will love this game. It's like being part of the best world war II movies I've seen... everything is absolutely stunning in terms of presentation, and you can knock your house down with the rumblings of gunfire if you have a decent set of speakers on your computer- I've seen high budget movies that don't capture the chilling snarl of gunfire in the same manner.

    The voice acting is excellent... yes, that IS Jason Statham of "The Transporter" and "The Italian Job"! Everything is put together in a manner deserving of a high-budget movie. The charge on Stalingrad in tha later parts of the game seems eerily familiar if you've seen "Enemy at the Gates"... only, this is better because *you're* part of the action!

    They really went all out on this game, and it shows. Highly recommended!
  • westreal22 February 2005
    I must say,this game really captivated me.and not just for the shooting part but from the fact that it has copied some fantastic movies like "Saving Private Ryan" and "Enemy at the Gates" and by doing this ,it has made me very happy,finally a game from the movie not the other way around.and the sound...ahhh the sound..keep your head down,'cause i kept mine ..:))).Very good game indeed,the guns are accurate,the faces are nice,even the AI is pretty are thinking:"let's kill the sniper first" and that's good game-play. The bad part is that is very short game..almost 9 hours of continuous play and that's it. A good solid performance by the actors giving voice to characters too. Let's hope there will be some more games like this!
  • Not as superior as the Medal of Honor series but still an excellent game!

    The most original thing about "Call of Duty" is the story. The story gives you the feeling you're watching a movie were you are in control of. The levels aren't just levels were you have to go from point A to B and shoot everything and everyone on your way. The levels are scenario's in which there is always something going on and surprises wait around every corner. The levels are filled with great many moments and surprises in which you have to fight for your live and that of your buddies. It really gives you a movie feeling, it's no wonder once you know that the story was written by professional movie writer Michael Schiffer who also wrote the screenplay for "Crimson Tide", "The Peacemaker" and the recent movie "The Four Feathers".

    The amazing soundtrack by the excellent Michael Giacchino also add to the movie feeling of the game. The music is written like it's made for a movie scene instead of for a game level. Some tracks even surpass the music Giacchino did for the Medal of Honor games. The music is not spectacular or exciting (like he did for the Medal of Honor games) but emotional instead, which is probably one of the reasons why it gives the game an extra movie like feeling. The music for when you have to hold the Pegasus bridge until reinforcements arrive and the music when you storm the Reichstag in Berlin especially stand out. Giacchino isn't called the new John Williams for no reason.

    The levels like I said before are excellent. There is a high variety of levels in which you don't only play as Americans but also as British and Russian soldiers. Some of the levels uses elements and moments from the HBO mini-series "Band of Brothers" and especially from the movie "Enemy at the Gates".

    And then the sound. My God the sound! The game has probably the best sound I ever heard done for a game. It really gives you the feeling like you are in the middle of WW II and need to dodge bullets and mortars all the time.

    The gameplay however isn't that good, especially not once you're used to games like Medal of Honor. And the fact that you can only carry 2 weapons at the time (+ pistol and grenades) surly adds to the realism of the game but not to the fun of it.

    It's not a game you quickly play over and over again once you have finished but luckily the multiplayer option gives the game an high play-ability level. The maps are fun and you can choose between many play options such as SD (search and destroy) and DM (death match) or the original BEL (behind enemy lines) option.

    I even liked the game better once I found out that Giovanni Ribisi and Earl Boen were part of the voice cast. I'm eagerly awaiting the first add-ons!

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Call of Duty isn't just one of those other war games where you run around killing hundreds of Nazi's and claim victory at D-Day alone. Instead of being that kind of game, Call of Duty is well-thought out and well-designed to give the player the sense of being in the army.

    The graphics are great, the story rotates from three different Allied Nations: the British, the Americans, and the Russians, and each army has its own jobs and battles. The weapons are pretty cool, going from grenades to tanks and the outline and flow of the game just make you want to keep fighting for the Allies.

    Some downsides is that the game isn't very long. I beat it in a little over two days but kept on playing it for another month. I'd recommend the expansion pack which has a lot more levels and continues the journey.

    Call of Duty.

    Replay Value: 5/5

    Graphics: 5/5

    Outline and Design: 5/5

    5 out of 5 Stars. A Great Game.
  • Compared with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Call of Duty is just a little bit better. Both games are fantastic, and Call of Duty is the most accurate depiction of war during 1944-1945 I have ever seen.

    The graphics and sound are through the roof, definitely surpassing Medal of Honor in sound and graphics. But the only silly thing is what is it with always having to blow up something with explosives? It is like you take out one flak gun and there is ''2 remaining'', and so on.

    Anyway, this is probably the best WWII first-person shooter since MOHAA,and MOHAA spearhead.

    The American Campaign is the best, but the British campaign is not fun because there is not enough bullets flying, or tanks rumbling, or maybe it does not have the jaw-dropping theme that the American campaign had.

    The Russian campaign is probably the hardest, and I died 8,9,10 times throughout the Russian campaign.

    I love the American car ride level. It is very hectic, and it just adds to the fun of it.I finished the game in about 4 days, and I found it kind of short for a first-person shooter.

    Anyway, Call of Duty remains one of the most accurate and overall just plain GREAT games.
  • I've seen some appalling reviews in this place and I thought I should rectify the shot from some of the reviewers. What is Call of Duty aside from a WWII shooter? Well, just that. It's a world-war 2 shooter with an aspect centered a lot more on the war rather than a large-scale vendetta against Nazis. Medal Of Honor played like this chunky three-legged script-o-rama. You felt rather weak in front of soldiers that could smack you, while all you could do is stand there and shoot them. It was a great shooter, but I don't think MOH: AA ever set any kind of milestone. Nor was it an objective ever to beat MOH. Call of Duty literally SPITS on MOH:AA.

    Its gameplay is better, its sound is better, its scenarisation is better, hell the NAME itself is a lot more enticing. Call of Duty will give you something MOH: AA could never have. And that's -SWEAT-. In MOH: AA , it wasn't unlikely to be seen running through enemy lines just blasting away with your thompson smg. Now? If you even pop your head out, you're almost dead: That's if you play the game on Veteran difficulty.

    People saying that this game is too easy have just played it on Greenhorn (easiest difficulty). Is this an MOH: AA killer? You bet it is. Gone are the heavy and pointless infiltration scenes: There is one but I'm sure the people at 2015 just wanted to mock MOH's faults by making it extremely short a mission. See, Call of Duty doesn't mess around and try to be more than it really is. It tells you flat out: You're gonna be fighting a war here, boy. Saddle up.

    And it never lets go.
  • This computer game is just amazing, here you get the most intense feeling of WWII you have ever seen and if you have played this game you know that the war wasn´t very heroic!

    In this game you fight for the american army, the British armed forces and the russian red army. On american side, you take part in the D-Day (but not at Omaha, you are a parachute-soldier) together with your comrades, in most of the mission you are just a normal soldier between lots of others. You also have a leader who gives you orders during the mission so it feels very realistic. After the american campaign you fight for the british, here you are more like an elite soldier and this is the only campaign where you may feel as a hero because you bombed away the "Edertalsperre" or have stolen important documents. But in the next campaign this is over because as a russian there can´t be found anything heroic. I think this campaign is the best because this campaign shows how the war really was. In germany you cant only get this game if you are 18 or older or have parents who buy it for you ;)! But this is ok because in this game there isn´t much blood but you see hundreds and thousands of allied and german soldiers dieing in huge battles! As a russian you a part of the battle at Stalingrad and you also play as a tank commander, so this campaign really is the best.

    This game also has good soun effects and graphic but the only negative point is: It´s too short, you just need less than 10 hours to pass the single-player mode. The multiplayer mode is also good but nothing special, there are some new gametypes but thats all. So if you like intense games, buy this one, it´s really great!
  • A friend of mine gave me this game years ago. I love all those World War 2 video games... Just like Wolfenstein 3D and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, or perhaps Medal of Honor, etc. And Call of Duty beat them all! In my humble opinion, Call of Duty is definitively one of the best World War 2 FPS games ever made! And finally to see playing not only with the Americans, but also with Russians and British forces. Every, and I do mean every, (well almost every) mission is filled with high voltage, intense action, If you make one sound and the entire level turns into a bullet/explosions/bombs festival, no matter the mission type. Whether that mission be stealth, or simply running around and shooting everything you see. The game also offers a pretty rational amount of reality, which is cool, you can't carry 10 weapons, only 3 - pistol, machine gun/shotgun and grenade. So, use them wisely. There are some weapons that are good, some of them sucks, well it depends how you get used to it. I think every player individually can get adapted to weapons. Now, graphics are pretty good for 2003, but I think that game makers decided to focus on action and the atmosphere in general. And those two are through the roof in this game. Now, I have never been in a war, but when it comes to a really powerful ambient, this is pretty close to the real stuff. Probably. And that is what makes this game immensely exciting and enjoyable. I enjoyed every campaign, especially with Russians, their missions are extremely breathtaking. Level design is just great, voice actors did a good job and musical score is just rousing. I only don't like how they depicted Russians on the beginning of their campaign... They were portrayed in a really dark manner. Stalin was a crazy bastard for sure, and nobody denies that. I am a bit skeptical on that part for executing traitors right there on the spot. But, that's not matter now. So, this is highly recommended. I really can't, and don't know what more to say, you need to try this for yourself. Get one and live through a powerful action.
  • If you played Return To Castle Wolfenstein and all the way through Medal Of Honor and occasionally wished there were a few good men to give you fire support, this game is the answer. After playing the two games mentioned above I was really bored of the "average-shooter-concept": -one against all super evil stupid enemies-. Suddenly there was CoD and amazed me not only with fresh graphics, great facial animations and lip sync, as well as a quite clever AI; it finally brought in something the 1st person shooter genre had been missing for so long - AI comrades for your support. That's what makes CoD so special, and as the tagline promises, you're never alone. But unlike one might believe on first hearing this, friendly AI isn't stupid cannon fodder. They take and give cover, flank and even secure corners around which the enemy might be lurking. Of course they're no replacement for real human players in a multiplayer deathmatch, but for the single player experience, they're the best by far and they're with you all the way through the game (not like in MoH, where you get that mincemeat in uniform to support you ;-)) The storyline is based on historical battles, the tension while playing never gets too stressy (though sometimes hectic), never giving you the impression the developers overshot their aim. For the ego-driven "lone wolf" "rush-rush" players, games like MoH & RTCW might be first choice, while the more cautious "tookmethreehourstokilloneguy" players might choose Brothers In Arms (I call it the "lame" version of CoD/UO/CoD2 ;-))), or something like Splinter Cell, Call Of Duty stands right in the middle, giving you the best of both worlds, and this also applies for the expansion pack "United Offensive" and Call Of Duty 2.
  • The problem with this game is that it has to try and beat Medal of Honor : Allied Assault, and to be honest it doesn't. Don't get me wrong it's a great game and graphically it's arguably better than MOHAA; but MOHAA just plays better. I don't why because both games could have used the same game engine as far as I know. Both games have similar missions (both are based around the Normandy landings), the same look, the same array of weapons, infact COD could have been an expansion pack for MOHAA and most people would have hardly noticed, they are that similar. The only major difference between these two games, is that in MOHAA you actually get to participate in the Normandy landings (which is one of the best levels in any game ever!). Whereas in COD you are involved in pathfinder missions (your sent ahead of the invasion force). You do get to play on three sides in COD though (American, British and Russian). Although you don't get to choose which one you play, as you have to play the missions in order (the ability to choose your missions and side would have probably made this better than MOHAA). You start out playing as the Americans, then British, then Russians (6 missions each), once they are completed, you then have one final mission for each. Each of these missions are pretty much of the same type as the ones in MOHAA, so if you've played MOHAA you'll feel right at home. In fact that is one of the things that annoys me slightly about this game, it's SO like MOHAA that you'll find it fairly easy to complete (I only bought it yesterday and I've already completed all the American missions, except the final one, and all the British missions except the final one. All this in just under 3 hours WITHOUT cheating).

    So this game really is just a clone of MOHAA, which is a good thing, because MOHAA is such a great game, but also a bad thing, because it really doesn't offer anything new. If you really loved MOHAA and want some more of the same, get this while you wait for MOH:Rising Sun. If you haven't played MOHAA then go get it instead of this, as the Omaha beach landing mission is worth the price alone (think Saving Private Ryan, but actually being part of it!).

    Call of Duty, a great game, but to much like MOHAA to stand out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This game has some pretty cool elements to it, like the ability to switch from semi-auto to fully automatic fire on certain weapons. But I didn't like the fact that you couldn't sprint. Another negative is the health system: instead of healing over time like the later games in the series, you have to pick up health packs. As such, there are several points in the game that you feel screwed. The weapons were pretty nice, ranging from the Lee Einfield to a Panzerfaust. The game play involved several short missions with a loading time that took forever between each of them. I could literally have posted a review of it in the time it took to load.

    I give it a 7/10.
  • Over the past 7 years we've had many first person shooters...there's Goldeneye, Quake, The first medal of honours. Then we come to the recent ones...The late medal of honours, Call of duty, Timesplitters and Quake is still going! There are only two classics in there which are Timesplitters series and the quake series. Firstly, Timesplitters is literally a modern remake of the rare classic goldeneye with levels like siberia. Its like goldeneye but weirder and with zombies and monkeys. And quake, the modern one that went right with innovative weapons and online gaming...I forgot to mention unreal tournament and halo which are also amazing Pc shooters. The meaning of this is they do it right, Call of duty doesn't. They gave medal of honour a different name and added a series of short war heros tales...Yes the Russian accents are funny, but it feels like I've played the game 5000 times before...With a stench of medal of honour frontline and the gameplay of rising sun you'd think it would be good this isn't!