Awards of the Japanese Academy (2007)

Award of the Japanese Academy [Nominee]

Best Foreign Language Film

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards (2007)

Critics Choice Award [Nominee]

Best Composer

Hans Zimmer

Golden Globes, USA (2007)

Golden Globe [Nominee]

Best Original Score - Motion Picture

Hans Zimmer

Golden Schmoes Awards (2006)

Golden Schmoes [Winner]

Most Overrated Movie of the Year

Golden Schmoes [Nominee]

Worst Movie of the Year

Golden Schmoes [Nominee]

Biggest Disappointment of the Year

Golden Trailer Awards (2006)

Golden Trailer [Nominee]

Best Voice Over

Golden Trailer [Nominee]

Summer 2006 Blockbuster

Grammy Awards (2007)

Grammy [Nominee]

Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media

Hans Zimmer

International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) (2007)

IFMCA Award [Winner]

Best Original Score for an Action/Adventure/Thriller Film

Hans Zimmer

IFMCA Award [Nominee]

Film Score of the Year

Hans Zimmer

IFMCA Award [Nominee]

Film Music Composition of the Year

Hans Zimmer

Jupiter Award (2007)

Jupiter Award [Winner]

Best International Actress

Audrey Tautou

Leggio d'oro (2006)

Leggio d'oro [Winner]

Best Male Performance

Roberto Chevalier

Leggio d'oro [Winner]

Best Dubbing Direction

Manlio De Angelis

Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA (2007)

Golden Reel Award [Nominee]

Best Sound Editing in a Feature Film: Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement

Anthony J. Ciccolini III
Daniel Pagan
Deborah Wallach
Teri E. Dorman
Karen Spangenberg
Gloria D'Alessandro
Linda Folk
Laura Graham

People's Choice Awards, USA (2007)

People's Choice Award [Nominee]

Favorite Movie Drama

Razzie Awards (2007)

Razzie Award [Nominee]

Worst Director

Ron Howard

Satellite Awards (2006)

Satellite Award [Nominee]

Best Original Score

Hans Zimmer

Satellite Award [Nominee]

Best Visual Effects

Kevin Ahern

Satellite Award [Nominee]

Best Sound (Editing & Mixing)

Anthony J. Ciccolini III
Kevin O'Connell
Greg P. Russell

Satellite Award [Nominee]

Best DVD Extras

Teen Choice Awards (2006)

Teen Choice Award [Nominee]

Movies - Choice Sleazebag

Ian McKellen
For X-Men: The Last Stand

The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards (2006)

Stinker Award [Winner]

Worst On-Screen Hairstyle

Tom Hanks

Visual Effects Society Awards (2007)

VES Award [Nominee]

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Motion Picture

Barrie Hemsley
Angus Bickerton
Gary Brozenich
Paul Riddle

VES Award [Nominee]

Outstanding Compositing in a Motion Picture

Mathew Krentz
Jordan Benwick
Enrico Perei
Rafal Kaniewski

Yoga Awards (2007)

Yoga Award [Winner]

Worst Foreign Actor

Tom Hanks