Guillaume: Do you know where Blue Curaçao comes from?

Sam: Curaçao?

Rachel: You wanna smoke a joint...

Sam: Are you serious?

Rachel: When I'm nervous I hum oldies, I eat red licorice and I blaze phatties, so just say yes or no, k?

Niki: Nice place.

Sam: Yeah I like it... it's a little red, little red... I'm having womb flashbacks...

Sam: You don't really think you talked to God right?

Jeremy: No. I listened.

Niki: Where the fuck were you?

Sam: It's kind of a long story...

Rachel: Getting married isn't going to unfuck her, you know that right?

Niki: This isn't my fight...

Naomi: Cut off one asshole's dick and they all feel it.

Jeremy: Believe it or not, the first time I tried drugs was 39 days ago. I figured, why beat around the bush, so I came home and dropped acid.

Sam: How was that experience?

Jeremy: I saw God.

Sam: Guess it was pretty good then.

Jeremy: He said only one sentence out loud. Do this one small thing, and all your sins shall be forgotten. The time I slapped Joanna, the time I called my Mom a bitch, even the time I beat off in the confessional..."Do this one small act."

Sam: How do you feel?

Rachel: Awake.

Naomi: Having a kid doesn't mean you're not one.

Julia: Where's home?

Niki: The Anchor Motel...

[Julia laughs quietly]

Niki: You know it?

Julia: Too fucking well.