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  • EXPIRATION - A delightful discovery from the Victoria Indie Film Fest.

    A fresh new Montreal filmmaker's no-budget film that outclasses most big budget projects. Every shot is beautifully composed, memorable characters you really care about, and each scene has a reason and depth. Smart sound track too.

    Gavin Heffernan wrote and directed and co-starred as the reluctant protagonist on a journey "amidst the chaotic, yet seemingly predestined events of a Fall Montreal night". It is a labour of love project and it worked!

    On the DVD, the real, not promotional, "making of" doc gives you as sense of the energy, sacrifice, and care that went into the production. And the "director's commentary" recorded hours after a marathon final editing session reflects the same. Gavin sounds somewhat dazed and, sitting in front of three uncorked Coronas, shares with us the triumph and wonder of a cool auteur's film, beautifully realized.

    I'll be showing it soon as part of my weekly film series. Like POST CONCUSSION, discoveries like this are what I live for.
  • After watching this film i immediately had to find out who made it , and find out everything else they had done....then, had to find out what all the actors had done...then i had to see what everyone was getting up to next.

    well, don't bother. save yer bandwidth. The guy who wrote it, directed it, and starred in it. Gavin Hefferman. 23 years old, took a year to complete between pre and post while studying. its filmed on digital with a 10k budget, using a cast of unknowns. I found this out after watching it.

    i think this is one of the BEST films I've seen this year. all the characters are totally believable, the script isn't far-fetched, but when its unusual or foreign, its still very believable. i think there's maybe 3 songs used in the whole film, and one of those is classical played on hifi in the script.

    I think if i knew how the film was made, and the budget, i probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much, i would have expected more. but with out that level of expectation, trying to chop down a young filmmaker, i thoroughly enjoyed the whole moofee. i couldn't think of a fault now if i tried.

    I could write about details or plot or crap, (if thats what you want, read a different review) I gotta go and give friends my copy to watch......
  • I was astounded on how professional this movie was made with the budget it had. I wish Gavin the best of luck in the future. I really enjoyed the plot and dialogue, and hope to see more from him in the future. The dialogue sounded real, not forced. The scenes were laid out very well. The plot was easy to follow. The movie plot looked believable. It is amazing that the film was done by a college student with a lot of volunteers! Gavin, do yourself a favor. Get the Independent Film Channel ( to air this. That should get the exposure you are looking for.
  • Had the pleasure of meeting many talented directors and filmmakers out

    at the Victoria film fest 2004 (best fest ever), and I have to say to

    the world, this 23-year-old-kid is the Real Deal.

    I've been in film for many years and I was just blown away by his

    feature debut from a creative, technical and poetic point of view.

    American Beauty meets After Hours with loads of unexpected thrills

    (let's just say I'll never play roulette again) and grace (especially

    between the 2 leads). Go out and find this movie and watch it. If you're

    a studio head out there - give this guy a deal. Good stuff Gavin.

    Warren P. Sonoda, director, Ham & Cheese.
  • Loved this film. Quite unlike anything I've ever seen before.

    Absolutely worth checking out. A film about Religion made with such subtlety that I imagine most wouldn't even realize the true theme of the film..
  • Dope fiends and the strange prowl the night, yet the normals often drop in for a visit. So is Expiration, a work of understated devililishness, probing into the depths of the putrid city streets after dark.

    Heffernan is a madman, one of which we need more of and yet one who must stand alone and be unique. He'll slaughter pigs by hand if it would make a better film, and that takes dedication and love and a fair amount of industrial strength glue in my business.

    Not to be missed, Expiration undoubtedly appreciates upon viewing, and I fully expect it's vintage to be prime in two to three years after maturing in French and American oak.
  • This film is pure genius. for the budget that Gavin had to make this film, I could imagine what would happen if we gave this kid some money.It totaly blew away all the big budget films that I have seen this year. The girl that plays Rachel the Lead, JANET LANE , WOW, what a talent. smart ,sexy and a great actress to boot , this girl will be holding a golden statue within the next two years.I would compare Janet Lane to Gweneth Paltrow or even Meryl Streep. Congratulations Gavin on doing what most of Holly wood could not,MAKE A MOVIE WORTH WATCHING.
  • Expiration is a wonderful film. Forget the fact that this is Gavins first film. Even in comparison to professional films this movie is one of the most enjoyable films i have seen this year. i loved the storyline, the cast, the characters and the way the film was shot. It was eye candy. I would love to work with Gavin on his next project to see what he will next after getting some experience with Expiration. He might be even better!!
  • mirakle26 November 2003
    This movie was made with lots of hart and spirit and little money. It's an honest movie fun to watch. I know I have enjoyed it. I think Gavin Heffernan is in the right field and is going to be around for a long time as he will get more experienced we can expect great things coming up.
  • I had an opportunity to see this film at the New York Digital Film Festival in November and I was completely blown away by it. Despite being made at a fraction of the cost of a Hollywood feature, this film stands absolutely toe to toe with any mainstream release. With no word of a lie, the cinematography is better than some Academy Award winning film's I've seen. The music, acting, and direction are all on pace with, if not better than the average Hollywood release. Janet Lane is beautiful and incredible as Rachel and if she doesn't become a superstar in the next month, I'll eat my shoes. I don't know how these filmmakers did it, but 15 minutes into the movie, I had forgotten the rest of the world existed. As Sam and Niki arrived in Montreal, it was like I was in the backseat, arriving with them..

    The story's a little tricky to summarize. Think of it as a cross between "After Hours" and "Eyes Wide Shut" with a little "Rebel Without a Cause" thrown in also... But I think the reason its so hard to explain is because these filmmakers are really walking on some original turf here. I think you'll know what I'm talking about when you see the scene on the roof... At the festival's Q+A session, writer/director/editor/star Gavin Heffernan nailed it when he said Expiration is a "an extremely complicated, simple story about childhood" You're gonna see this thing in theatres, and when that happens, PLEASE go check it out. Finally a movie that doesn't suck.
  • This movie is very good, and it has moments of brilliance. The best scene is the one on top of the building. The way the natural light and music and acting come together will stay with you for a while.

    There are two types of movies that I like to watch. They are either story driven movies or character-development driven movie. This one was an example of the latter. The characters were very well drawn and I felt like I knew them by the end of the movie.

    I highly recommend watching the movie with the director's commentaries turned on. He is extremely funny, in a humble, brilliant kind of way.
  • shawnkanderson2 February 2004
    I just so happened to see the CANDADIAN premiere of this film at the VICTORIA film festival! I must say, out of the four films that I traveled to Victoria (which is a long way from my home) to see, of the last weekend of January, this film (VERY surprisingly) was the best film I saw....better yet, it is the BEST film ive ever SEEN.

    I was thinking that this would be a cheap bore, and I couldn't wait to get to the other movies; but it turned out towards the ending that I cryed at the sheer beauty of the film.

    Always moving forward through about 70 different locations, the film always keeps you intrigued. The filming is incredible and the story is so beautifully mastered that you get completely absorbed by the film.

    If you've got a copy of this DVD (like i did!), then show it to as many people as you can. This man's work needs to be witnessed by the world.

    A friggin' 11/10 is what this film gets.