Digger Sam: [his voice has deepened] My voice! What happened to my voice?

Gus: I heard a great joke.

[clears throat]

Gus: Why did the fourth grader cross the road?

Ashley Q: Beats me, Gus. Why?

Gus: Because he started sucking his thumb and lost control of his tricycle!

Menlo: Ah, good morning, five and sixers. Here bright and early for your regular visit to the steam room?

Erwin Lawson: Sorry to drag you out here before school, Menlo.

Menlo: Such as one's faith when one is the king's messenger boy and locksmith lad. Follow me. I'll open up the clubhouse.

[leads Mikey, Gus, Lawson, Jocko, Buster and Koreo inside Old Rusty]

Menlo: Assuming there are no little children watching, I'll simply-- Hello? The entrance! It's already open, but that can't be!

[They approach the entrance and look down it]

Menlo: The only people who know the combination are the king and me!

Gus: Someone broke in?

Menlo: [leaves] I must alert King Freddy!

Mikey Blumberg: What do we do?

Jocko: Who do you think is in there?

Buster: It's a deadly killer thief!

Menlo: Koreo, go in and find out.

Koreo: OK.

[slides down into the clubhouse]

Koreo: Aw, shoot. It's just some fifth-graders.