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  • Production shut down on ABC's "Recess" series after it reached 65 episodes, as is mandated by producer Disney. But "Recess" proved to be so popular that an additional 13 episodes were commissioned. For some reason, though, ABC never broadcast the new episodes and they were instead edited into three direct-to-video movies. This entry, comprised of three episodes loosely joined together, finds the "Recess" gang finally being promoted to the fifth grade. But it seems they've lost some of their magic with the change in grades. First of all, there are distracting problems with character voices. Courtland Mead (Gus) and Jason Davis (Mikey) don't quite sound like they usually do, and Myles Jeffrey has replaced Andrew Lawrence as TJ (Lawrence's voice was sounding pretty deep in the final episodes of the series, so this change is understandable). Jeffrey is OK, although he hasn't captured TJ's spunk the same way that Lawrence did. The real problem, though, is that the stories just seem...tired. The first, in which TJ becomes a truant to protest changes at school, is simply boring. The last one, in which Spinelli decides she is too old for Halloween, seems like a rehash of previous stories. Only the middle entry, in which the kids join a secret club, comes close to the series' standards. Fans of the series will understandably want to catch up with their favorite characters, but this movie may make them realize why all good things must come to an end.
  • Recess: going to the fifth grade is a movie about the new school year and how the gang discover some unwelcoming changes - no good food like pizza, no good stuff left in the playground and no lockers.It's up to T.J. and the gang to solve this problem even though T.J. solves it by himself so he decides not to go to school and holds kind of petition. This is one of the best Recess movies ever and I really enjoy watching it because it's so funny and I most like all the Halloween parts. In this movie my favourite characters are Mikey,Vince and Principal Peter Prickly.The animation was very well put together and the voices were well put together.
  • Despite being touted as a 'movie' in the style of 'School's Out' this is in fact three episodes of the show sandwiched together, and although you can't really see the join, the quality of the animation and story telling isn't on a par with that of 'School's Out'.

    It's not a bad collection of tales, but the new voices in the cast take a while to get used to, and the writers have taken some liberties with believability that are a bit daft.

    Watchable, yes, totally enjoyable, no
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie, a three episode compilation, took an interesting turn. As the gang enters the fifth grade, a certain maturity comes along with it. The first story is about the controversial new policy introduced in the new year (welcomed whole-heartedly by the fifth grade teacher Miss Finster)that strips the school of all fun. In a protest of student rights TJ ditches school, leads a revolution, and returns a former adversary. The story makes a transition into an exclusive 5th and 6th grader club that enters a more mature theme of acceptance beyond cliques and age. Thirdly, Hallowe'en fun is in question as being older requires the gang to be more mature, but are fun and age really related? In conclusion, the movie searches the more mature themes of growing up with the same goofiness of the classic show. Even the jokes reach a higher level (Hustler Kid/Nixon?). In the end I was very impressed with a show that grew with the kids and was able to include the whole character list of episodes past (after some casting changes). Highly recommended to any fans.
  • Just for the record, I love Recess. It is fun and entertaining with great characters and writing as well as one of the catchiest theme tunes of any animated series. Taking the Fifth Grade is decent, but it is lacking something compared to the overall standard of the show. I did feel as though All Growed Down and School's Out captured the show's spirit better as well. I'll start with the good things as there are enough. I did think the voice acting was good, TJ's voice is naturally different and lacks spunk but everybody else is voiced very well, Prickley and Miss Finster are especially well voiced. The music manages to be both catchy and dynamic, good characteristics for music. The writing is on the most part fun and engaging, maybe a little preachy for my tastes in the first story but the second story especially has some great moments. The characters largely are true to those of the show, Miss Finster being a class teacher is odd, but that didn't bother me too hugely. TJ lacks his characteristic spunk at times but like in the show he does have a sense of fun and his heart in the right place. The rest of the gang I can't think much of a problem with. On the other hand, the animation is rather basic, the colours lack real vibrancy and the character designs do look very sketchy at times. Taking the Fifth Grade's story is three stories into one, and I have to agree that the second story is the only one that properly captures the show's spirit. The first one means well but over-patronises for me towards the end and the third, while having some funny moments like seeing Miss Finster as a fairy princess and Randall as a fairy prince, is rather forgettable and somewhat predictable too. I also really dislike the character of King Freddy, I do find him annoying and rather incompetent as a king of the playground, mainly because King Bob(who you do see briefly) has better rules and more of a command over the rest of the kids whereas Freddy comes across at times as a whiny brat. All in all, a little tired but not bad. 6/10 Bethany Cox
  • I always thought Recess was a really cute show, It was enjoyable and you could actually sit through a half hour or an hour of it, unlike other shows.Was the show realistic or ethical? Of course not, Did anyone really expect it to be? But it really was still cute. The characters were cute and I thought the animation was very well done. This movie was cute as well, the show was better, but not much, all in all it's worth a look if you enjoyed the show, Is it worth buying? That's up to you. Just keep in mind if you never cared for the show, you probably won't like this much either. It is a cute followup to the original, and is worth a look for fans of the show!
  • Thankfully better than 'Recess: All Growed Down', but 'Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade' is still a bit of a chore to watch.

    This again features a couple of different stories, though to be fair their integration into the film is much improved if still a bit messy. The cast are as they've always been, solid but not exactly memorable. Animation-wise it's decent.

    This is more on the level of 'Recess Christmas: Miracle On Third Street', yet still miles off 'Recess: School's Out'. I simply don't understand why they didn't create three unique stories for these sequels, as they did for the original production. Compiled stories are, in my opinion, lazy.

    Not a series of films that I'll be revisiting, but they are ones that have pretty respectable ratings across a few platforms so it seems I'm in the minority. Each to their own, as always!
  • I know it's a cartoon but why is the first day of school on Halloween? Aside from that small detail, it's pretty nostalgic. Not a bad movie.
  • Recess taking the fifth grade was a great show! I loved it. The voices were different, but 2 me, as long as there is Recess shows, the voices don't matter at all. The first part was about TJ protesting against the school board of education. It was okay. The second part was a secret club for grade 5 and 6 graders only. The show was funny. The 3 and last part was Halloween. Spinelli decides she is to old trick or treat, so she stays at home. Then TJ, Mikey and everyone goes out by them selves, and thinks they outgrew it too after a while. Fans of the TV series will love this show. Any way, the best parts were when Spinelli went to the pumpkin patch, when Spinelli set the rest of the gang up, and when at the end TJ stopped and waved good bye from the door, and Miss Finster sighed and slammed it in his face. I thought it was funny because on the TV introduction, just before the show starts, TJ waves to the audience and Miss Finster slams it in his face. This show was so funny! Its the best recess show ever! So go and watch it!
  • It's good to see closure for a fabulous series. (please no reboots, live action movie or spinoffs)

    Just like the episodic series this one entertains in the 5th grade.

    Its only flaw that remains is TJ being an annoying fat pest.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Recess taking the fifth grade was an absolute joke. I loved watching recess when I was a little kid. I grew up with it but this was a mockery of all those years of a great show viewed by many. It was TERRIBLE! the 5th grade and 6th grade club? That was so stupid. So everybody just automatically likes each other, Lawson isn't a jerk, Gellman isn't a bully? It's so stupid.

    Then there's the new King. King Freddy who is just terrible. He's an absolutely horrendous king. We need King Bob back! Then there's the kindergardeners. I mean sure its a year in the future so they're in first grade but they still show the same kids from the previous year as kindergardeners which doesn't make any sense.

    Also, their teacher is Ms.Finster! She's not a teacher. It's so stupid how they did that. The first episode is just the Board of Education taking away the entire playground and giving the kids crappy food. They should've just stuck with the original TV series as it is not some retarded direct to video movie consisting of three poorly thought out episodes of the recess gang in 5th grade.

    Thats another thing. This was sooo badly written. The script is terrible. Old School is the best. They shouldn't have messed with it. It was great in its prime. And last but certainly not least, the worst part about Recess: Taking Fifth Grade is that they REPLACED T.J. HOW CAN THERE BE A NEW PERSON VOICING T.J? HOW COULD THEY DO THAT? WHY WOULD THAT DO THAT? IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THEY KEPT ALL THE OTHER ORIGINAL CHARACTERS! IT'S ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS HOW THEY RUINED THIS SHOW! THEY SHOULD'VE STOPPED WHILE IT WAS GOOD! Also, it doesn't even sound like T.J. He sounds really stupid.

    all i can say was that this was extremely disappointing considering that it used to be an amazing show.