Jamie: I don't think our death ray is working. I'm standing right in it, and I'm not dead yet.

Adam: I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

Adam: I think this is the strangest position I've ever been in on this show.

Kari: [quietly] Notice how he qualifies it with "on this show".

[discussing the lethality of paper-mache arrows]

Adam: Just thinkin' this one through from a mechanical standpoint... I'd be totally pleased with two inches of penetration.

Jamie: Generally, I prefer a little bit more.

Salvatore: [mixing explosive chemicals in order to explode pants] Frank, why are you standing so far away?

Frank Hausman: Because I want to live.

Salvatore: I guess the second question is, why am I standing so close?

Jamie: [Jamie is holding a duck] Quack, damn you!

Adam: He looks like he's trying to collect a loan from the duck. Duck loan collection agency!

[in a mobster accent]

Adam: We want to talk to you about some outstanding feed!

[Adam gets upset with Jamie and walks away]

Jamie: Adam needs a cookie.

Jamie: Adam, the police officer says you need to drink more.

Kari: You know, I promised my mom and dad I wouldn't do anything stupid after I got out of college.


Kari: Sorry, Mom.

Jamie: [in anticipation of a massive explosion] Jamie wants big boom.

Scottie: Maybe it's a myth that methane is flammable.

Adam: It's not a myth. We're just idiots.

Adam: [Holds a weather balloon] For science!

[Releases the weather balloon and it floats away]

Jamie: [Points to the weather balloon] It's going that way!

[Adam laughs]

Adam: You're a budding meteorologist Jamie!

[Jamie laughs]

Jamie: I always enjoy seeing Adam in pain.

Adam: If I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating

Jamie: Adam doesn't know it yet but he's digging his own grave.

Adam: What's that?

Jamie: What?... Nothing!

Adam: When a cameraman gives you a pat on the shoulder it must be really bad.

Jamie: [over radio] This is one of those "What the hell am I doing?" moments, over!

Jamie: [wearing a full-body fire-protection suit with tinted hood] I kinda like it in here, it's private!

Salvatore: [after frying balistics gel Ben Franklin] Well, we killed a dead president.

Grant: He was never president.

Salvatore: He wasn't President? Damn it.

Jamie: It's a beautiful day at the bomb range. Birds are singing, rabbits are hopping about... and pretty soon there's gonna be a big explosion.

Jamie: [while pushing Adam into the quicksand] Drown, you bastard!

Adam: Well, hopefully that's our job, to strap rockets onto everything!

Adam: [holding a floatation barrel] The only thing we're told we can't do is burn them, blow them up, or lose them!

Salvatore: Has he watched the show?

Jamie: [fills a truck with vacuum cleaners] Do we suck or what?

Adam: [operating shark-punching Buster] Oh, my God! This is more fun than should be allowed.

Adam: How hard can it be to blow up a room full of gasoline?

Adam: [Drops a pastrami sandwich on the floor and picks it up again] Whoop, I picked it up after like three seconds, would you eat it?

Jamie: I wouldn't eat it just because you've handled it.

Kari: [Kari makes the gun cotton for the confederate rocket myth] Ok, we're gonna add a half ounce of

[Donkey sound]

Kari: to ounce of

[Rooster sound]

Kari: slowly!

Narrator: When you add donkey to rooster you get a violent reaction.

Adam: Am I missing an eyebrow?

Adam: We got a robot in the water, he's stuffed with tuna and it's just another day here at Mythbusters.

Jamie: [after spectacularly destroying two semi-trucks] It wasn't quite right, but I don't think we can reset.

Salvatore: If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing, right?

[Jamie accidentally shoots a fluorescent light with a nail gun]

Jamie: Whoops! We should get out of here. That's mercury vapor.

Adam: Remember, don't try this at home.

Jamie: We're what you call "experts".

Jamie: I think that was one of the most destructive things I've ever done. That was cool!

Kari: [testing vodka as a poison oak remedy] I hope you don't have a date tonight. Showing up smelling like liquor with poison oak.

Salvatore: [laughs] Works every time!

Adam: Do you actually have moods?

Jamie: No.

Salvatore: [being massaged for an episode on the effects of stress levels on driving] This is the best damn Mythbusters *ever*.

Jamie: [Adam writes "Crash" Hyneman on Jamie's Helmet] What the hell are you writing out there?

Narrator: [Adam extinguishes the bunker after a successful rocket test] Not so much as fire in the hole as fire in the whole shop!

Jamie: I think this thing could hurt you. I think we're about to find out whether it will hurt you.

Adam: All right, I'll go put on the suit.

Narrator: What did I say about dressing up?

Adam: [dancing in Redman suit] Yeah! You can shake your booty in this!

Jamie: So what's in these things?

Adam: Supposed to be vinegar and water.

[takes a sip of feminine hygiene products and spits it out]

Adam: Yeah, tastes like vinegar and water.

[starts laughing]

Adam: I just took a taste test.

[continues laughing]

Kari: [christening the Orca V. Bottle does not break] Ewww... How the heck do they do this?

Narrator: [Kari tries to break the bottle repeatedly] It's made of "stern" stuff, Kari!

Adam: This kills you!

[points to a .30-06 bullet]

Adam: This kills you and everyone else in the room!

[points to a .50cal bullet]

Jamie: [while coffin is being closed in the Buried Alive myth] Farewell cruel world!

Jamie: [wearing a wetsuit] I feel kinda sexy!

Kari: [after Adam gets shocked by the ark] Do you feel God?

Adam: [Christine and Tory tape pizza boxes to Adam's arms] We're at the Icarus part of the evening. I think you know what happened to Icarus!

Kari: All right! Looks like it's time to pack Buster's bags for the Bahamas. What do you think he'd wear? Shorts or a little thong?

Adam: I... I don't know if Buster has enough actual flesh down there for a thong, but a...

Jamie: He's got no butt at all, in fact he doesn't even have any legs.

Adam: [pounding at Alcatraz raft loudly] Wait, was that a guard?

Adam: [Stays silent for a few seconds] Nope!

Adam: [Contiues pounding]

Adam: [in cockney accent to a shotgun toting Jamie facing an oven door] Alright Jamie, here's your motivation: This oven door has run off with your wife, so you decide to gear-up and get even.

Adam: Hell or high water we are gonna get him back out! We leave no man behind on MythBusters man!

Jamie: Good shot, Adam!

Adam: Thank you, Uncle Jamie.

Adam: This is your head!

[Touches ballistics gel]

Adam: This is your head with an axe in it! Are we clear?

Adam: [Holds up a pig's head in front of his face] Jamie!

Jamie: Yeah?

Adam: Please don't fire bullets into my head!

Jamie: Its only got one ear though.

Adam: We don't need ears for testing lethality of bullets at terminal velocity man!

[repeated line]

Adam: Well, here's your problem.

Adam: [pours tomato juice over himself] Wow, this is like performance art!

Kari: [Jiggles two ballistics gel hands] My dastardly scheme, it's coming together!

Kari: I think we have our exploding pants!

Salvatore: He's gonna die... but it's gonna look great.

Adam: Hand me the Jack Russell terrier urine. That'll do it!

Jamie: Well, as the myth suggests, William Thomson, aka Lord Kelvin, did indeed live during the Civil War era but he never claimed to have made liquid oxygen.

Adam: And we're supposed to believe someone who was called Thomson but went around saying he was Lord Kelvin? "That's Lord Kelvin to you."

Narrator: Adam and Jamie have never been afraid of going deep.

Narrator: [after Adam hurts himself] Adam is more fragile than this rig.

Adam: [Fake arrow on his head] Coming up, could a ninja snatch an arrow out of the air?

Jamie: Sorry about that, man.

Adam: That's okay.

Kari: I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm a really, really bad driver!

Adam: [wearing a pilot's helmet] Pilot to bombardier, pilot to bombardier, do you read, over?

Adam: [holds a duck to the camera] Do you have anything to say to the ducks back home?

[holds the live cast of Grant]

Salvatore: It's little Imahara!

Narrator: [Jamie talks to Adam about his screwed up Hale rocket] Denial is a river in Africa.

Adam: I wouldn't say Jamie's an evil genius.

Adam: [sits on his hovercraft with pizza boxes taped to his arms] I think we may have something here!

Adam: [Adam laughs] We're escaping Alcatraz in Mach 1!

Jamie: No wonder they couldn't find them. They're probably in Japan by now.

Jamie: Aren't tracer rounds illegal?

Adam: [covered in tomato juice] I think it's working!

Adam: How many of me can you stand?

Jamie: What's the problem, you don't believe the math?

Adam: [sticks on a Shock Watch sticker] This is the source of all my special powers!

Scottie: [smells Adam] You smell like a Bloody Mary!

Jamie: When will the fun ever stop?

Jamie: And that was the end of Adam's Television career.

Adam: No!

[punches Jamie in the arm]

Kari: [hi-fives Scottie] Giant industrial pogo stick! Nice!

Adam: Turkey master, I hand you your bird!

Adam: [Jamie pours gas into the pickup, Adam whistles] You really had to go.

Adam: [while trying to calculate how many pingpong balls it takes to cancel out one pound] Oh no, oh crap.

Jamie: That's great Adam. I'll see you later.

[Starts walking away]

Jamie: Let me know when you get that all worked out.

Jamie: Ninety-two feet to the top of the pulleys!

Kari: Ninety-two feet to the dead bird!

[Jamie laughs]

Jamie: Give it your best shot! Come on!

Salvatore: Mmmmmm... Yummy!

Grant: [laughing] Bullseye!

Adam: Jamie, marinade!

Adam: I'm not doing anything the Pakish wouldn't have done if they'd had a chainsaw.

Kari: [the Shrammer rams into the Orca V] Oh, camera in the water!


Jamie: Well, that's a bright light you got going there, buddy!

Salvatore: [Rubbing two sticks together but getting no embers] Shnike!

Narrator: Seems like he's off the island too!