Darius the Kid: Can I see your teeth?

Sebastian: Where are you going?

Rayne: I'm going on my own.

Vladimir: My companion seems to be missing. I do not know what has become of him!

Sebastian: Nice form.

Rayne: Finally, we agree on something.

Elrich: Would you stop throwing things at me?

Rayne: [to Kagan] I would sooner rot in your dungeon than sit at your table!

Kagan: [to Rayne] Ungrateful bitch.

Rayne: I thought they would be afraid of me.

Katarin: They only fear what they do not know.

Katarin: Your form is weak, lacking passion.

Rayne: It was part of my plan. I am tiring you out.

Katarin: Your plan is lacking passion as well.

Domastir: Kagan's gratitude or Kagan's wrath. Where is Brimstone?

Elrich: You honestly expect me to betray my daughter?

Domastir: That's funny, you never struck me as the paternal type. Give me the map.

Elrich: Give us our destiny.