According to screenwriter Guinevere Turner, while she was writing the first draft of the script, she received an angry phone-call from Director Uwe Boll, who swore at her and demanded she hand in a draft of the script. About a week later, after she sent in the rough first draft of the script, she was shocked to learn that production was going to commence immediately with the draft. (Even though traditionally the first draft is always a "rough" draft that is improved upon in subsequent drafts.) Later on, she was informed that Boll and the actors and actresses had subsequently re-written much of her script while shooting, and that the finished movie barely resembled her script.

The half-naked prostitutes in the scene with Leonid are real Romanian prostitutes. At the Stockholm International Film Festival, Director Uwe Boll said that prostitutes were cheaper to hire than actresses.

Michael Madsen called this movie "an abomination, a horrifying and preposterous movie", but added that he enjoyed working with Director Uwe Boll and would certainly work with him again if asked.

Jessica Alba was originally scheduled to play Katarin, but passed on it because it was too brutal.

According to Uwe Boll, Michael Madsen was frequently drunk throughout the production.

Kristanna Loken and Michelle Rodriguez had a bisexual relationship.

Despite extremely poor U.S. box-office returns, this movie opened in the top 10 in many foreign theaters, including Russia (number three) and the United Arab Emirates (number one).

It was Kristanna Loken's idea to cast Meat Loaf as Leonid.

The movie was originally scheduled to play in 2,500 theaters. That number dropped to 1,600, and ended up even lower after prints were shipped to theaters that hadn't licensed the movie.

Kristanna Loken worked again with Director Uwe Boll on In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007).

Kristanna Loken did not return for the sequels, and was replaced by Natassia Malthe.

This Is the second time that Michelle Rodriguez was in a movie based on a video game. The first being Resident Evil (2002).

Uwe Boll: At 4:27, in the audience, wearing a modern wristwatch.