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  • I loved it and taped it and will watch it over and over. I thought it was just as good as the original and maybe even better. I though Hal Sparks led the group with the funniest insight out of everybody. 10/10. I hope they do "I Love the '90s" or "I Love the '60s." I would even love it if they did a variation of "I Love the '80s Strikes Back" using the '70s or do another 10 years on the '80s. I would watch anything that VH1 did with these series.
  • I was born in the mid-80's, so a good lot of what goes on in the first half of the mini-series that is I Love the 80's Strikes Back (and of course it's 1st part predecessor). But then a lot of it still is, and many shows, toys, products, and of course films, suddenly get the memory sparking up again. It's nothing really mind-expanding on the show(s), but it becomes entertaining, flashy, and then completely tongue-in-cheek soon enough. A good lot of the show becomes adoration by the commentators, including Michael Ian Black, musicians from bands like Barenaked Ladies and Jane's Addiction, actresses like Virginia Madsen and Juliette Lewis, and other minor comedians and oddball celebrities. In a way the show after a while, in general with the I love the such and such, almost serves better as pop-culture/media lessons for those who are now young teens or even younger than for those who lived in the times. It becomes hilarious to see them cover films like Howard the Duck and Stayin' Alive, or a little touching in an off-handed way to see the old-school Zelda game, and it's all in a sort of junk-food kind of fashion. If Ken Burns had kids who were all wise-crackers &/or stoner/slackers &/or rock and roll fans, and we're given a bit of a budget and plethora of clips and access to interviews, this would be the peak of what could be done...that is, until I Love the 90's!
  • I was a huge fan of "I Love the '80s". It was what got me into VH1. To me, it was the greatest mini-series that had ever aired, mainly thanks to Donal Logue, one of the most hilarious men ever. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I heard VH1 was doing another "I Love..." series since "I Love the '70s", VH1's follow-up to "I Love the '80s" didn't exactly live up to my expectations. I didn't the magic of "I Love the '80s" could be replicated. Well, I was wrong. "I Love the '80s Stikes Back" turned out to be even better than its predecessor. It's twice as entertaining and twice as funny. As with the "I Love the '80s" and "I Love the '70s", the best part of the mini-series is Donal Logue. The man is simply the best. He can say absolutely anything and make it sound hysterical. Donal Logue isn't the only great commentator. Hal Sparks, Bryan Callen, Rich Eisen, Zach Galligan, Gilbert Gottfried, Stephan Jenkins, Chris Jericho, Joel Stein, and Rob Zombie also provide amusing commentary throughout the ten episodes.

    "I Love the '80s Strikes Back" does have a few flaws. For some reason, the totally unfunny and absolutely dreadful Michael Ian Black seems to get more camera time than anyone else, making some segments extremely difficult to sit through. Also, some segments run too long and some run way too short. Some segments run up to five minutes in length while other seem to only be about thirty seconds. Even though these flaws bugged the hell out of me at times, I still found "I Love the '80s Strikes Back" to be the very best thing VH1 has ever aired. That said, I'm not necessarily looking forward to a third "I Love the '80s" edition, but then again, maybe the third time will be the charm.
  • "I Love the '80s Strikes Back" is literally more of the same shtick, and depending on what you're looking for, that might be a good thing. I mean, if it ain't broke, right? Some of the faces have been swapped out for new ones, and not all of them are as entertaining (less Juliette Lewis, please). Turns out Michael Ian Black is great in small doses, but Hal Sparks really steps up. I don't know what the hell was going on with Boy George, but Gilbert Gottfried was used to knee-slapping effect. Eh, it's all subjective.

    Just as before, this is perfect for putting on in the background while you're ironing some pants or killing a guy. Bask in the ephemera.

  • eviljanet30 October 2003
    Oh man. I loved the first "I Love the 80's" specials. I'd watch them everytime they came on VH1. When "I Love the 70's" came out, I was slightly disappointed, but fortunately, Mo Rocca, Hal Sparks and Michael Ian Black saved the day. Now that "I Love the 80's Strikes Back" is upon us, I am once again happy. VH1 left out "My Little Pony," "Eight Is Enough," "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)," and of course "I Want To Know What Love Is" featuring Hal Sparks singing (quite nicely, I might add). While it does seem that they're just talking about the leftovers from the first ILT80's, it's still funny, nontheless. I just wanted to watch because of Hal, Mo and Michael. I especially loved it when Michael Ian Black said that Gene Simmons was a very ugly Jewish guy. My only complaint? Mandy Moore. She was born in what..1985? She wasn't even around when Madonna was rolling around in a white wedding dress at the first MTV Video Music awards. She was like the equivalent of having Jason Mraz comment on "I Love the 70's". They should've gotten Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall and others to comment instead.
  • This is a creative look back at the 80s. VH1 uses unique comedians who capture the decade, as well as make you laugh. VH1 shows each year in a different episode capturing what cultural breakthroughs make each year unique.
  • This was a great third installment of VH1's successful "I Love the --" series. Very amusing interviews with Michael Ian Black, Hal Sparks, Mo Rocca, Donal Logue, Juliette Lewis, and others. Very vulgar and crude for most of the 10 installments but great all the same. It seems sort of forced at times (were Snausages really that important to the eighties?) and some of the interviewees are NOT funny, but all in all quite enjoyable. Watch at your own risk!

    9/10 -Kelly
  • This is a work of pure brilliance,that only the first i love the decade series could measure up to,a magor improvement over i love the 70s(but that was still killer as well) they came up with some new little mini-swipers like "what the f#&%",and "donal logues unfinished thoughts", making this fresher,newer and histerical. I know i sound like James Lipton from inside the actors studio,but this is know...good! now let me rate them

    1.i love the 80s 10/10 2.i love the 80s strikes back 9/10 3.1 love the 70s 7/10
  • ag925 October 2003
    I loved "I love the 80's". I was disapointed by "I love the 70's", but I LOVED "I love the 80's strikes back"!! It was so funny, Michael Ian Black is hilarious!! Everybody should watch this, tape it and then watch it all over again!
  • As if the first installment of "I Love the '80s" wasn't enough (and it actually wasn't), the geniuses at VH1 have blessed the world with another look back at the best decade ever. This time around, everyone commentates on things that were wrongly omitted from the original, including Smurfs, Rainbow Brite, Glow Worms, and Garbage Pail Kids. Each person featured on this show is extremely funny, but the stand out stars have to be Hal Sparks (he steals this one just like the first "'80s"), Michael Ian Black (also steals it again), and the insane Donal Louge. Honorable mentions to Rich Eisen and Loni Love. This is one hysterical series that's not to be missed. If you have any love for the '80s whatsoever, do yourself a huge favor and devote your week to "I Love the '80s Strikes Back". Because you definitely won't be sorry.
  • Full disclosure: I was born in 1967. At first the premise tickled me -- after all, if you were a teenager growing up in the age of Reagan, a trip down memory lane was worth a laugh or three. Pop Rocks, Atari and Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots? Loved 'em, not *despite* the fact they were goofy, but *because* they were goofy and silly and fun. But when VH1 decided to make the series "I Love Last Tuesday", I knew enough was enough. Goes Hal Sparks have nothing better to do than read from a teleprompter how idiotic Slinkys are? (Wait, let me check... hmmm, no. No, it appears he doesn't.) Snarky, snotty uber-hip posturing has its place, but enough already!
  • This sequel miniseries, like the original, could have been better. They don't seem to spend much time on interesting topics. Most of the "celebrities" are no-names who just need the publicity. The worst is Thomas Ian Black. He is a moron and pervert. They give him way too much camera time to express his dimwitted views. Most of the other commentators are not much better. Juliette Lewis is terrible as well. She seems to be on drugs or something. Rich Eisen is pretty bad, too. Is he still working? The announcer is actually very good. His vocal expression is sarcastic without being silly. I watched each episode and always felt disappointed after each one. The 80's were a great decade and this series does not do it justice.
  • Granted I was born in 81 but I somehow feel connected to that time more than any other.

    This show is good for remembering I remember seeing the whole thing last Christmas. I remember snuggling in my bed and watching it I loved the little things they talked about one thing I remember was how they poked some fun at Friday the 13th it was all in good fun. I also remember them talking about nightmare on elm street saying things like if you don't go to sleep Freddy is going to come and kill you. I wish they have I love the decade shows every day. Or at least while I'm off from work. One thing I wish they would have done different was made each episode a lot longer a hour wasn't good enough for each year I say two would be a good starter. But other than that I seen I love the 70's and I can't wait to see the I love the 90's coming this July. Rock on VH1.

    p.s they had a awesome cast of people to review the times.
  • I wish this show was more straight forward. I'd love a retrospect of the 80s where people are talking normal about various things.

    Instead the show has too many bites from unfunny sitcom actors acting like spas and trying to be funny. And they're acting all cocky, like they're cool because they're living in 2003.
  • DontCry4us25 October 2003
    AWESOME! So clever and funny...Michael Ian Black is hilarious! If you have yet to watch it...WATCH IT NOWWWWW! If you lived through the 80's, it's guaranteed to bring back many memories from then! I can't wait for I Love The 90's!