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  • AIR EROTICA is a tiresome porn exercise about the Mile High Club, that attainable but pointless notion of having a thrill by having sex in public places, specifically during an airplane flight. It's a yawner.

    I was a fan of the late Chloe Jones, having enjoyed her print work in many a Playboy Newstand Special in the '90s, segueing into porn videos before her untimely death. This is one of her lesser latter-day vehicles, in which she chats (with her distinctive Texas accent) and has sex, but doesn't even remove her top -that's how slapdash hack Nic Cramer's production is.

    Framing story is Chloe comparing notes with a fellow blonde stewardess, both clad in odd black patent leather uniforms. This is perhaps Nic's only fetishistic bit of creativity.

    Largely as flashbacks, sex vignettes aboard the plane are presented. Perhaps the best is the first, with familiar porn star Julian, his huge back tattoo hidden under his captain's uniform, getting it on with an enthusiastic groupie in the cockpit. There is no verisimilitude whatsoever, as in "who's flying the plane?". Instead Nic substitutes smutty, mainly ad lib dialog and a totally juvenile approach, e.g., endless puns around the word "joystick".

    Chloe gets a lesbian scene and then a hetero one, to little effect. The entire video is pure filler, and as usual more effort was applied to her sexy styling on the box cover than in creating its contents.