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  • bcdc3919 July 2007
    This documentary series, at least as far as I can tell, had a very short life and, judging by the lack of response at IMDb, not a lot of interest. This is surprising and unfortunate because it was a remarkable piece of work. I've been watching for it on my Dish Network guide and haven't seen any listing in some time. If anyone knows of a channel broadcasting it, I would love to hear about it. For anyone interested in the paranormal this series was a true gem. Unlike "reality"-style fare, such as the lame "Scariest Places on Earth" and the much better, sometimes fascinating, SciFi Channel series "Ghost Hunters", this series implements classic documentary style. Using a steady camera, it combines interviews with people who have had direct encounters with the paranormal with expertly recreated past events. It's fascinating, well executed and, at times, genuinely scary. I would love it if they would bring this back.
  • I love this show kinda the new Sightings or Unsolved Mysteries. They talk about everything from Aliens, Crop Circles to Ghosts. Today they had one with this little ghost girl named Sally who was supposedly attacking this family the Pickmans. I will definitly keep watching this.