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  • This movie possessed many intriguing smaller conflicts that were eventually resolved in a happy manner. The whole thematic idea of bringing back Christmas into Holly's life was a direct message to the viewing audience that we should never " give up hope " and to those friends out there that need just that little nudge to step into someone else's life can make one's life turn-a-round.

    The plot was superb, casting couldn't have been better. Production was excellent. I could go on for hours but trust that I will urge all of my friends to watch for it next year. This film speaks to the masses in so many ways, values, and how we all should act everyday. I believe I watched the majority of the December offerings. This movie was the chestnut of them all.
  • I've never found myself much of a fan of Hallmark productions. They call their works original but are more and more just spins/homages to classic movies. Nonetheless, while this movie followed the lines of the average Holiday Romance movie, it was quite good. Kelli Williams was beautiful and mostly believable as her part. The whole story was, while nothing ground breaking, still a wonderful movie that I actually sat through and thoroughly enjoyed. Surprisingly enough, Kelli's young double, another Kelli, was believable as well to be her younger self. All in all, a movie I plan to consider buying on DVD, especially if it has some interesting outtakes and actor interviews.
  • Occasionally at Christmastime I allow myself to settle down on the sofa and watch a really cheesy feel-good movie. One that I'd normally never have chosen to see, and maybe challenge it to put me in the proper Holiday spirit. So when "A Boyfriend For Christmas" came on the Hallmark Network, I thought I'd give it a viewing, mainly because it looked bright and cheery -- with attractive lead actors and Santa Claus to boot!

    Now this is the type of movie that would be pointless to berate, or to discuss all its plot holes, inconsistencies and shortcomings. I mean, it has the real Santa Claus as one of the main characters, and a snow-globe as an important plot device. Here's a Christmas movie not afraid to name the main character "Holly!" I expected the movie to be predictable and follow the formula for breezy romantic comedy, but it still does fall short in some respects, even for a movie aiming this low.

    Here the characters here are simply powered by the force of the plot, and they really have no internal motivation, except to push the story in the direction it needs to go. For instance, Holly's mother is almost maniacally obsessed with her annual New Year's Eve Party, with no real reason other that to provide a setting for a conflict later on. Holly's nephews are around, just to provide a messy situation at the right point that leads two characters to a reconciliation. The former boyfriend's motives are murky at best, and there's a perplexing kiss between him and Holly, which is inexplicable, except that it helps propel the rickety plot.

    And I'd have to add that there is a totally out-of-place and unintentionally hilarious interlude with Holly figure skating at the local outdoor ice rink. The professional skater hired to double for the actress has a totally different body shape and coloring. This amateurish scene, which go on far too long, was obviously added to pad this TV G-rated movie, and "freezes" the momentum of the story. It's even more phony than the chipped ice the set dressers dumped on the ground and shrubbery to simulate winter weather.

    If there's anything here is to strongly recommend, it's the charm and appeal of Patrick Muldoon, as the boyfriend supplied by Santa Claus. He's handsome and winning, sometimes goofy and boyish and at other times appropriately serious, sensitive or masculine. In the hands of a lesser talent, this could have been a stale, tedious and vapid affair. But Patrick adds his easy charm and a talent that enables this small movie to reach a level of affectionate likability. And certainly any woman watching this would love to take him home for Christmas.
  • catgrl915 December 2005
    I loved this movie! It is great has great Christmas spirit and is my favorite Christmas movie. The movie is about a girl named Holly wishes for a boyfriend for her 13th Christmas. 20 years later, she has lost most of her Christmas spirit. But when a mysterious man named Doug Firwood shows up at her house as a "Christmas present", she is doubtful. Soon enough, he charms her family and they fall in love. A big misunderstanding breaks the relationship. Will Holly find her true love? You'll have to watch the movie.

    This movie really shows what it is like to fall in love with a twist of comedy and Christmas. I have seen it 2 times this year, and loved every minute.
  • dmh3022 November 2008
    I know this movie isn't very old. But it has become one of my daughter's and my favorite traditions. We both love the romance of it all. We can't wait for it to be on every Christmas season. The acting is better than most in a "made for TV" movies. We have already set our DVR to make sure we catch this years showing. We recommend it to all our friends and family. It is enjoyable for all ages. My daughter got hooked on this movie when she was about ten years old. And it is still enjoyable to us over 30 romantics, as well.

    It is a feel good movie with a happy ending. What more can you ask for at holiday time?
  • ann_bookworm18 November 2009
    Another lovely 'feel good' Xmas movie with great leads - especially Patrick! One of several Hallmark movies that I love to watch at this time of the year - if only we could buy them in the UK, (shame!). My all time favourite has to be 'The Christmas Card' but this is great as well.

    To those of you writing here who did not enjoy this - surely you must know if you have ever watched a Hallmark Xmas movie what sort of films they are - wonderfully romantic, possibly a little sweet and syrupy, and dare I say it - predictable (who cares!), definitely aimed at anyone who is a sucker for a little bit of romance and for anyone like me - very watchable! Shakespeare they ain't - but we love them!

    To those of you writing here who did enjoy this movie - it's nice to know I am not alone, and that there are other people with a little romance in their soul and a love for movies that can leave them with a big smile on their faces, (not to mention another leading actor to drool over whenever he appears on the screen!)- anyone thinking of Patrick when they read that? Enough said!

    In conclusion - if you have not seen this yet and you enjoy Hallmark Xmas movies I would definitely recommend this one. Enjoy!
  • I believe that this is one of the first hallmark Christmas movies I saw. This movie is super sweet and while it's unrealistic I eat it all up. I know many hallmark movies are unrealistic but some are more unrealistic than others. This isn't have bad.
  • kz917-116 January 2018
    Sometimes love is worth the wait. Like twenty years or so..

    Santa finally comes through with a boyfriend for Christmas...

    Who else wants Patrick Muldoon on their doorstep Christmas morning?

    Worth a view.
  • nicole_ward11 December 2011
    A simple, romantic Christmas film. I enjoyed it and know that many others would if it was given the chance. People don't seem to want to watch films that aren't box office hits anymore. I search the internet for such unknown films (like this one) and I am always much more impressed with them. This film is really nice; I would have liked a little bit more emphasis on the Christmas theme over the romantic theme .. but it was still enjoyable. It had Santa so that was good enough ha!

    I think it's a bit slow at first, but after this it picks up and turns out to be great overall. Just get past that slow part and you will most likely enjoy it as much as I did. Yeah, it wasn't the best film (or Christmas film) I have seen, but it is still good and I am glad I found it!
  • I realize this TV movie is a few years old but I just saw it this past Holiday season. Like the comment I read posted on the main web page, I agree that the plot needed more complexity. However, I did think the story-line was charming and I liked the acting of all the main characters.

    My main protest has to do with the outside settings. This is supposed to be December and all the deciduous trees are still in full foliage? Oh, please. If it's at a geographical location that's cold enough for winter wear and even snow on the ground then I can assure these Southern California movie producers that in December there are NO green leaves (nor even autumn-colored ones left, for that matter) anywhere except on evergreens. Even the grass was still green in this fantasy land.

    For some reason I kept getting distracted from the "charming" story by these seasonal discrepancies. They provided a good laugh.
  • In the spirit of the Christmas season, I watched this movie on TV, and it was the first time I had ever heard about it. And truth be told, there was nothing better on TV, so I decided to give it a go.

    Well, the movie was, as to be expected, sassy. The story was sort of alright in its own way, though it was a bit too sassy for my liking. I guess you have to be a woman to fully appreciate this level of sassy activity.

    As for the cast, well I actually think that Kelli Williams did a rather good job, and she was good in her role. And it was the first time I have seen her, or maybe I have seen her before, but she didn't leave any impression. Regardless, I think that she put on a good performance in this movie. Acting opposite her was Patrick Muldoon, which I remember having seen in "Starship Troopers", where he had a very memorable role. And I have to admit that I was just sitting there waiting for a bug to plunge a sucker through his skull and suck out his juicy insides. I guess that was both good and bad. Good in the sense that he really left a long-lasting impression from the "Starship Troopers" movie, but bad in the way that he was sort of trapped in that particular role. I didn't really buy into his performance in this movie.

    It is my belief that this movie may be suitable for women and younger girls during the Christmas season, as the story is romantic (and quite predictable) and warm. But it is not that interesting for the male viewers, of course I am just guessing here.

    "A Boyfriend for Christmas" will not leave a lasting impression as a Christmas movie, so don't except any classic movie in the making here.
  • I watched this movie on Hallmark last night. There wasn't much Christmas-oriented entertainment in spite of being Christmas Eve. It was OK, even if I didn't really believe it. The movie is another one about nice people with money who have personal problems, which is what fills up most of the Hallmark Channel. It could have been called Chistmas Chick Flick, as that's all it was. On that level, it was good enough. Kelli Williams is pretty as a cynical social worker who needs some Holiday Cheer and 1990's heartthrob Patrick Muldoon is likable and competent as the boyfriend she gets for Christmas from a tree lot owner who might be Santa Claus. Some familiar names are included in the supporting cast and they help make it easy to take. One complaint mentioned by another reviewer is that in spite of the winter season, the plants and trees were in full bloom, which didn't help credibility. It looked like it was filmed in the Spring. It won't matter much if you keep your expectations from getting too high.
  • I turned the movie on for some holiday "background noise" while I graded papers and I have to say, it pulled me in. I thought the story was sweet, the acting was decent, and the writing was very well done. I was laughing out loud several times and found myself wearing a dumb smile on my face throughout the movie. I thought Kelli Williams (currently starring in the TV show Lie To Me) was charming. Her characters' description of "Doug" to her father ("He makes me look at the world through new eyes -- like a little girl -- like nothing is impossible") was beautiful. Of course I'm a big softy who likes romantic comedies -- and yes, I'm straight. :)
  • mammamia70112 July 2020
    I have loved this movie since the first time I watched it. It's hard to believe it's been since 2004! It's truly one of those I never want to miss. I liked it so much I even bought the dvd! Yes, it's somewhat of a typical Hallmark movie, and there is the mishap of leaves on trees when it's supposed to be winter. I often find these bloopers humorous...although occasionally annoying. Hallmark could do better with these types of things.

    All in all, it turns out to be a romantic and sometimes funny movie. Of course you will like the ending, however this movie did leave me wondering if it would end the way I had hoped. (The first time I watched) I just love Patrick Muldoon in this. He pairs perfectly with Kelly Martin's character. Santa was perfect and believable. In fact, all of the characters were cast perfectly in their roles. I honestly cannot imagine anyone not enjoying this movie.

    Here's a bit of trivia...The actress who portrays Kelly Martin's mother is actually her mother in real life! Imagine, mother and daughter being mother and daughter in a movie together. No wonder why this is such an entertaining family movie.
  • Christmas has always been my favourite time of year and will always be very special to me. Main reasons being that it means lots of family time and reliving the nostalgia and fond memories of singing and listening to carols, watching Christmas films and animations, playing festive games and opening presents. Will never tire of it and nothing will ever change that for the world.

    Seing it as someone who wanted to see a different festive film other than the ones watched every year, 'A Boyfriend for Christmas' is never going to be among my favourites or one of the all-time great festive films. It is not great and it has its flaws. 'A Boyfriend for Christmas' is though a more than watchable film and avoids some, though not all, of the traps that other Christmas films have fallen into. It is a case of having appeal for some and others finding it a bit of a chore to sit through. For me despite its flaws, 'A Boyfriend for Christmas' is generally one of the better new Christmas films seen recently, if not one of the classics (naming them will be unfair).

    As to be expected the story is predictable, with a lot of easily telegraphed scenes and an outcome that is obvious from the outset. Some draggy pacing here and there too, especially a somewhat slow-going start.

    Quite a fair bit of the dialogue does make one cringe and like some festive films it is not without its cheesy moments, some of it getting a bit much. Bruce Thomas does try his best, but he does overdo the duplicity and smugness and the character comes over as a caricature (always a trap with this type of character).

    However, 'A Boyfriend for Christmas' is a decent looking film, the locations are particularly striking. The music provides some affectionate nostalgia and is pleasant to listen to, while the direction avoids being too routine. Didn't find myself irritated by the characters at least generally, found the leads quite endearing, and wasn't bored. The Christmas atmosphere is handled charmingly and affectionately and the romance is genuinely sweet and doesn't go overboard on the schmaltz.

    Despite the predictability, 'A Boyfriend for Christmas' has its heart in the right place, a difficult to dislike atmosphere and has a nice message that is easily relatable and wasn't laid on too thick. There is definitely a festive spirit and there is plenty of warmth and charm here, with enough parts to warm and melt the heart. Never does it feel too juvenile or mean-spirited and the sentimentality generally doesn't become too much. The acting actually comes over very well, with Patrick Muldoon and especially Kelli Williams being immensely likeable and sharing a charmingly believable romantic chemistry. Generally the supporting cast show enthusiasm without over-doing it, Thomas being the exception. Charles Durning's jovial and warm-hearted Santa being the standout.

    Overall, likeable and above average if nothing to be blown away by. 6/10 Bethany Cox
  • lisafordeay3 December 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    A boyfriend for Christmas tells the tale of a young woman who helps a little girl 20 years ago with her brother to see Santa Claus. Santa spots Holly (the young woman) and asks what does she want for Christmas and she asks for a boyfriend.

    20 years passed and Holly got out of a bad relationship and meets a guy who goes by the name Doug who happens to be an attorney called Ryan. But will Holly find out who Doug really is and did Santa bring Doug and Holly together?

    Overall I knew from the get go what was going to happen. If you love a good cheesy christmassy romantic comedy then check it out.
  • This is a seasonal Hallmark TV movie, made for the Holidays. It's clearly a Christmas movie by the setting and sub-themes about kindness, honesty and charity. But, "A Boyfriend for Christmas" is mostly a Christmas romance. As with other films of this ilk, one can see the stretch to come up with something new. The novelty in this one is a little more fairy tale than coincidence.

    While it's somewhat hokey, the main characters are likeable and good. Kelli Williams as Holly Grant is particularly likable. And her apparently wealthy and some
  • Jackbv12330 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    As I watch this 13 years after it was made, I can't help but wonder if quality has changed so much. The production seemed clumsy. From the beginning, the characters did not seem natural. Everything seemed forced.

    Worst of all, I am appalled that Ted and his actions were even tolerated by Holly's family and especially by Holly herself. He should have received a solid slap in the face when he kissed her without invitation. Today, that is considered assault. Beyond that, he was basically a stalker and constantly rude. Holly told him no more than once, yet he persisted. Was this normal behavior in 2004?

    The plot set-up had potential. Certainly a boyfriend for Christmas, once you get passed the dangers of being a total stranger, could have led to some interesting possibilities. And meeting the family met some of these possibilities, but the two alone and settling on the couch, kissing, and then falling asleep all night next to one another is stretching it. Like I said, forced.

    This movie was too focused on the conflict between Ted and Doug/Ryan. Ted was over the top and as I implied above, insulting. I would have much rather seen more time between Holly and Doug/Ryan. I think this movie missed out by not showing more of Kelli Williams off, and developing more and smoother chemistry with Patrick Muldoon.
  • To be honest this movie was something i just happened to stumble upon while flipping through i wasn't really pumped up with excitement or expectation...

    At the beginning the movie defiantly exhibited great potential...But as the hour dragged on, it became nothing but a slow bore.Even though the movie had a good hallmarkish storyline there was absolutely ZERO CHEMISTRY between the two leads making it impossible for one to get lost in the movement with these two....Their awkwardness was nearly that palpable. :/

    This movie is 3/10 in my book...Sorry.
  • "A Boyfriend for Christmas" could have been an acceptable movie for the Christmas season. But it turned out to be a wasted evening watching it. Apart from some of the actors this movie is not worth watching. Kelli Williams is lovely to look at, (I wouldn't mind seeing her in a feature-length movie) and she does a great job as Holly Grant in the leading role. The great Charles Durning (as Santa Claus) is good as always. The idea is fine and the story has its moments but the script as a whole is worse than anything I have seen in a long long time. I don't think the writer Roger Schroeder will ever get a chance to write for TV again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To me, she was the best part of the movie. Watching her was a delight. She is mature, vivacious, sweet, yet tough; definitely tough.

    This was a feel-good movie (of course, it is a Holiday Movie) and I enjoyed the happiness and upbeat feel of the film.

    The other characters were, well, none stood out except for Bruce Thomas who plays the pompous, arrogant, smug "ex" who vies for her love. He really nailed the "smug" element down. He was a pleasure to dislike. (He, by the way, was the UPS guy from Legally Blonde, of course).

    An entertaining holiday movie, specially with the pretty Kelli Williams face lighting up the screen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This gem from 2004 features Kelli Williams at her cutest. Patrick Muldoon is kind of a blank slate, but that works as a foil to Kelli's charm. As an added bonus, Martin Mull is here too!