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  • Yesterday I was at the movies. There were a lot of alternatives, but among them this movie was the only not American movie and because I saw the first part and liked it very much, I went to this one. I saw it in an Slovenian Cinema with bad Slovenian subtitles. Many gags in the movie aren't understandable if you don't know German language very well.

    First I was disappointed that Felicitas Woll was replaced with Jasmin Gerat. At the end I was sure that the substitution was very accurate and Jasmin made a cute :) job in the movie.

    In my opinion all the roles were presented well. The story is simple. Three friends Inken, Lucy and Lana are searching a cheap apartment in Munich, Germany which we all know has the highest rent prices in whole Germany. Every girl is searching it her own way.

    I can't say what I disliked in this movie. I think it's real life stuff - as funny and sad is it is.

    I forgot all the things that bother me, there was not a minute that was boring.

    I would suggest everyone to see it, but it's better you see it in original and you know German and the Germany current time "life".

    I gave it a rate of 8.
  • Another excellent German movie that I found while flipping to a channel that shows foreign movies when I was bored-- and I'm glad I found it! It has to be one of my favourite comedies of all time! Even though I had to go with the subtitles, there was no way that you couldn't understand the jokes in it. I was laughing so loudly in my room I'm surprised no one thought I'd gone crazy! Inken, Lucy and Lena are great characters, and not having seen the first movie before this one, I didn't have any bias against the new character.

    The male characters also show WHY girls are on top-- hahaha. But they provide some serious 'eye-candy' and some heated moments :D At this point, I've got to say that Inken steals the show with her scenes! I don't know if the storyline was just written funnier for her-- but most of the scenes that would have me just bursting out laughing usually had her in it.

    Also, their use of the movie Sissi, another of my favourite movies had me laughing so hard, that I just had an urge to try that game :D Lastly, it's not a sweet, always happy movie-- it's real (except of course, up-sized to movie size) and the struggles they go through are real.

    Fast paced and with colourful characters-- I'd love to watch this movie over and over again :D
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Mädchen Mädchen 2" or "Mädchen Mädchen 2 - Loft oder Liebe" or "Girls & Sex 2" or "Girls on Top 2" is a German movie from 2004, so two more years and this one has its 15th anniversary. It runs for slightly under 90 minutes and this already includes the credits, so it is not a long film by any means. The title already gives away that this is a sequel to a pretty successful 2001 movie. However, when I say "successful" I only mean audience numbers I guess because quality-wise this first film was a huge mess and sadly this one isn't much better, if at all. Austrian writer and director Peter Gersina took over from Dennis Gansel and several actors also returned, including two of the three leading ladies plus Riemelt for example, even if he does not have that much screen time really. This film is once again about the romantic (mis)adventures of the three female protagonists. What can I say. Amft proves once again what a limited actress she is. Herfurth is certainly better, but she cannot turn water into wine either when it comes to the script and Gerat (who took over for Woll) is not lead actress material either and clearly hurt by the possibly worst story line of the entire film. Nice try implying that we know at around minute 60 who the real Sebastian is. Let me tell you guys that any non-retarded audience member already knew the first time he came on screen. The cast here makes it easy to understand why only Herfurth from these actresses is still having a strong career as of today, actually even as a filmmaker now apparently, even if her first full feature was not exactly a success either in terms of the quality, but we talked about that one on another occasion. However, as for the male cast in here, it is certainly a bit baffling that there are names in it that have really worked their way up in German film, not just Riemelt, but also Fitz, Verhoeven and von Thun. Good for them. You probably wouldn't expect it seeing the quality of this film we have here. So yeah, all in all it is a ridiculously embarrassing film and that's especially disappointing because the search for the right apartment (also referenced in the German alternate title) is a subject that could have resulted in a much better film because it is still such a current subject. But they sure found a way to mess this one up and the quantity of writers is truly shocking because if not one of them saw all the flaws with this movie and tried to correct them, then all hope is lost. But perhaps it is also the audiences who are really the ones to blame. I myself am not only glad that they did not make a third film, but actually this second film (if not the first) was already one too many. Realism, wit and even funny comedy are contents that you will not find in this duology. Stay far far away.