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  • There are some great songs on here that I haven't even heard before. The videos show a good variety different styles of videos too. I have trouble these days sitting for long periods of time but I was drawn into this video collection & never tired of it. I've always been a huge fan of music video collections though. A visual with an awesome song in the back ground can never go wrong. If you like any of her best of CDs you will like this DVD. I've always been interested in bands but sometimes I just can't get anything to know them by except CDs but now all these great music DVDs are coming out & this one shows you what look changes Pat & the band went through & some of the videos start off slow but they always come up with something later that just makes you say "this is a pretty good song." Anxiety was a cool video. It reminded me of something Alice Cooper would do. Precious Time is just an awesome song & I couln't wait to see the video for it. Some one interesting to watch is the drummer, the way he dances while beating on the drums & symbols to the beat of the music is just a cool visual. I love Neil's guitar playing as well & it's cool to get to see him play his solos close-up. It's got some good, catchy videos. I wasn't at all disappointed.
  • Running the gambit of Pat Benatar's music video's from 1980's "You Better Run" and up to 2001's "Christmas in America", and almost all of her 24 videos between those previously mentioned two (the video for "Hell is for Children is inexplicably absent, but a live version can be found in the extras). This DVD is a very nice item for any Benatar fan to hold in their collection even though I did have issue in some of the visual quality of some of the videos. Not enough to detract me from pulling this disc off my self every now and then, but enough to put it behind the Video Collections of Bruce Springsteen, The Police, and Bestie Boys that I also have in my pretty substantial personal collection.

    My Grade: B

    DVD Extras: Visual or just audio Commentary by Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo; live versions of Heartbreaker (1980). I Need A Lover, Hell Is For Children, and Heartbreaker (2001)