Critic Reviews

  • 80
    Kirk Honeycutt The Hollywood Reporter
    A prime example of a solid romantic comedy.
  • 75
    Peter Travers Rolling Stone
    Younger knows it's fun to watch Rafi and David cross lines of age, culture and religion. He also knows it's painful. That's what makes his movie hilarious and heartfelt.
  • 75
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times
    There are some one-liners that zing not only with humor but truth. On the whole I was satisfied.
  • 67
    Peter Rainer Christian Science Monitor
    Frankly, the most disturbing thing about Prime is that Uma Thurman is now officially an Older Woman.
  • 60
    Ronnie Scheib Variety
    Despite a comic Yiddishe mama turn by Meryl Streep and a sensitively nuanced performance by Uma Thurman in a convincing changeup from her recent kickass action roles, Prime remains an oddly juiceless older woman-younger man romance, with a Freudian twist.
  • 58
    Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly
    Not one bit of the story tracks. But with these women in these roles, you're asking for truth?
  • 50
    Tasha Robinson The A.V. Club
    Greenberg and Thurman are both engaging, but they can't quite compensate for their characters' shallowness. Streep, on the other hand, just can't stop compensating. Her oy-vey-can-you-believe-the-kid-and-his-shiksa performance is all studied mannerisms with no real heart.
  • 50
    Robert Wilonsky Dallas Observer
    Younger, for whatever reason, simply can't abide their happiness, and so he destructs the relationship from time to time for no reason, using plot devices that wouldn't have been out of place in episodes of "Three's Company."
  • 50
    Ella Taylor L.A. Weekly
    On and on drags this amour fou, with its one-liners, ripostes, elaborate misunderstandings and chastened reaction shots, all courtesy of writer-director Ben Younger, straining to let out his inner femme after the testosterone excesses of "Boiler Room."
  • 50
    Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune
    I found nothing likable or funny about either of these characters, who both deserve a pie in the face. (One of them even gets it.)