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  • pvsavla10 February 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    The legendary Rafi's song "Caravan gujar gaya, gubar dekhte rahe" written by lyricist Neeraj prompted me to see this movie, although it had 3 other good songs, one of them has a male and female version separately sung by Rafi & Asha Bhonsale and another melodious number by Mukesh, with excellent music by Roshan.

    The theme of the story was whether students should enter politics, while they are studying, which was a noble one, but this film lacked clear characterisation and had aweak screenplay. Main hero Rajeev resembles actor Bharat Bhusan's brother (wonder if he could be his younger brother in real life?) pales in performance against Tanuja, who looks charming, with her real Mother Shobhana Samarth playing the role of her Mother in the film too.

    There is an unconfirmed story behind the making of this film, where the whole film was conceptualised around Neeraj's poem "Caravan gujar gaya Gubar dekhte rahe" when producer R.chandra heard this poem in one of the kavi samelans.

    This movie is worth seeing for its songs and if one is Neeraj's fan, else there is not much substance in the film.