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  • A good comedy offering, written by Shannon Fife and produced by Barry O'Neil. As usual in these Pete stories, it features Mrs. George B. Walters and Peter Lang in a love story. Both are past masters at this sort of thing and its success is largely due to their acting. A large number of people are in the picture, as an audience at Pete's opening as Falstaff, and the producer has made a good audience of them; they don't like the play and don't mind who knows it. Before Falstaff begins the comedy business in his role, Pete's playing is charming; it makes us feel sure that he would make a hit in that part. Mrs. Walters is the agent that got him the job and when he failed, made room in her heart for him. Richard Morris plays a lodging-house keeper who finds his unpaid rent acting on the stage and demands his money right in the middle of the act. It is clearly photographed and there is no doubt that the people liked it. - The Moving Picture World, April 26, 1913