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  • When a book is so good as the book by which this film was made is, you kind of expect the movie, well, not to suck, but let's say you don't keep your hopes up very much, cause you usually end up disappointed (The Notebook doesn't count). But this... As little as my hopes were, this kept disappointing me throughout all hour and a half of its duration. I mean, come on!!! This is one of the most romantic and beautiful stories of which I read, and during the movie, I actually was bored, in the moments when I wasn't annoyed. The acting was terrible, as was the script. It seems like director wanted to include as much scenes from the book as possible, but then forgot to sort it by order, so everything was incredibly confusing and dull. The relationship of Step and Babi, which is very delicate and which is the main topic, was not appropriately unfolded, and not as much attention as it should was given to it,so everything looks emotionless and ridiculous. I must add that this ugly guy who plays Step has probably ruined any other re-reading of this book to me, cause I'll be imagining him as Step, and not the perfect guy as Step should be and as I imagined him before the stupid film. I give it 3 stars simply out of respect to the wonderful book which I recommend to everyone, and that lovely view of the sea and sunset. So... If you didn't read the book, just go do that and forget about the movie cause you just won't know what the hell is happening. And if you like the book, and want to see this movie, just skip that little part and go buy yourself the next part of the book named "Ho Voglia Di Te",and that will be time and money well spent. If you still decide to watch it, my voice will be in your heads telling you "I told you so!" all the time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I walked out of the cinema in which "Tre metri sopra il cielo" had just been shown with mixed feelings. At an immediate level, I was pleased to have seen a nice teenager flick, well acted by promising young people, a captivating story, and so on. But when I discussed the film later with my friend, I found myself to be somewhat angered. Like they had made a fool out of myself.

    POSSIBLE SPOILERS: 3MSC is about the world of teenagers in Rome, and the juxtaposition of two worlds: Babi's (a good student, a perfect daughter, a virgin dreaming of a Blue Prince) and Step's (a violent boy, doing anything of his life except earning some illegal money at clandestine motorcycle races, even if he is the son of a rich man). Despite all their differences, the two young people end up falling in love (of course). And of course all their differences will bring Heaven and Hell, moments of joy but lots of troubles in their relationship. Fine. Nothing very original, but it's soooo difficult do produce original flicks nowadays! What worries me a bit (and the reason of my little anger) is "what lies beneath", the thesis of the film: it is obvious that you are supposed to sympathise with Step. Babi's world is fake, full of formal habits that make the lives of this upper-class family empty. Step's life, on the contrary, is the adventure, the excitement, the way to experience the new. This is the film's thesis. But this, even with my 20 years of age and my being a sinistrorse, I can't accept. Nothing could ever convince me that I have to stay on the side of someone who always solves the troubles he faces by beating everyone; who steals; who thinks that the better way to obtain something is to shout louder than the other people around him. No, I won't accept it even if this someone is twenty, has green eyes, a fine smile (when nobody has beaten him in return) and a handsome physical appearance. No, I'm sorry. And I'm sorry because a lot of 14-year-old girls will see this film and walk out of the cinema with an innocent smile on their faces thinking "THIS is the guy I WANT TO MEET in my life". And at this delicate age, this is quite dangerous. That's why I was angered.

    I don't want, saying this, to destroy totally this film. As I said, at an immediate level you can actually enjoy a story not very original, but finely shot,&acted by two young actors (Riccardo Scamarcio and Katy Louise Saunders) we'll see often in the future. The important thing, if you are a 12-to-19 person, is not to get badly influenced by what I told before. An average flick? Sure. But a "Film of Cultural Interest" (as they say at the beginning of the film)? A "Cult"? (as on the first page of the book on which the film is based)? Please. Italian cinema nowadays offers far better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This story about the love between a good, correct girl and a charming, troubled bad boy is beautifully told in the book, but the main aspects of it are blurred or straightly changed in the film, turning it into a shallow, nonsense, boring teenage romantic film. First, the film fails to state the huge abyss that separates Babi and Step. In the book, Babi didn't like Step and his lifestyle, she finds him violent and rude (in the film she actually says she had a great time riding on the back of the motorcycle, which is ridiculous, because it's dangerous and she's just not that type of girl). Despite her objections, Babi falls for Step because she is attracted to him and the freedom and fun with which he faces the world. In the film, Step is presented as a bitter teenager who's constantly angry and doesn't talk much. The 'true' Step is quite the opposite. He is charming, happy and manages perfectly to turn all questionings to his attitude towards the one who is judging him. He is secure, irresponsible and, together with his friend Pollo, feels like he owns the world. They are not stopped by fear, manners, social and legal rules in the way of enjoying themselves and life. In this, the plot manages to engage the reader/viewer in wanting to feel as free as they do, but at the same time to question the illegality of their actions and recklessness towards other people. Just as Babi does. But she surrenders to what she feels for him, despite this. This fact on its own is crucial. It tells about inner conflicts, the judgment call we all have to make about what we can and cannot accept, and how so many times our feelings are not something we can control, whatever our mind says. Step is not only charming but actually shows to be sensitive enough to wait for Babi until she is ready to make love with him. She doesn't feel ready, but he is so tender and caring, doesn't push beyond what she lets him and creates a perfect atmosphere for their first time, just as she had asked (again, this is totally twisted in the film, where Babi is eager to have sex with him, apparently only because he is so hot (since Step is not charming in the film, just violent). This troubled, intense love story ends (in the book) with Babi leaving Step, as she realizes that he is not going to change his violent self. Also, once the initial wave of maddening love is passed, the fact that both hate each other's world becomes too evident. Step is left heartbroken, because he is left with all his wounds exposed, those he had managed so well to hide. The fight with his mother, his loneliness, the origin for all that anger and violence. The end is truly heartbreaking, because he is left alone, with Babi gone and Pollo dead. But at the same time it makes total sense, it couldn't have been any different. He is left to face his issues, deal with them and perhaps make a better man out of himself, more considerate, less violent, more responsible. All this in the book of course. As said, the main facts about the personality and relationship of and between the characters have been totally changed in the film, so one could actually say that the book and film are not the same story, even though they bare the same name. It makes one wonder why people bother to make a film based on the book if they are going to change everything. Such changes are usually based on attracting the wider audiences, but if the book was so successful is for a reason, and they should have realized that. So, out of a great book that managed to engage a whole generation capturing the essence of adolescence and the first love, they made a shallow, not convincing film, with some lousy acting too. In summary, don't bother with the film, read the book.
  • One of the most beautiful movies i have ever's true it's a chick flick but who cares when you have Riccardo Scarmacio with his piercing green eyes? If you're in search for a typical romantic story set in an Italy breathtakingly beautiful, then go for it. Leave behind all misconceptions, preconceptions, get rid of the idea that the movie isn't as valuable as the book ( in case you read it ) and succumb in love's magical power. If you wanna laugh, cry and above all, dream, then this is the movie for you. If you like movies that require a second thought and a second viewing, then skip this one. 3msc doesn't require much of a thinking, what it does, nonetheless, require is a free mind and an endless power of dreaming with the eyes wide open. The love story between a bad boy ( the dream of every teenage girl )and a kinda nerd young girl mostly attracts adolescent viewers. But this movie is about the journey towards love through the eyes of 2 different people, one belonging to a high social class, and the other struggling to do everything to escape from his world, from an attitude of revolt to illegal motorcycles racings. The movie has everything what a movie for teenagers should have:excitement, adrenalin, adventure, the illusion that the love conquers all and 2 young and promising protagonists. All in all, give this movie a shot and you won't be disappointed.
  • I enjoyed this movie, in all it's inaccurate depictions of a romanticised Italy. It's perhaps not the best film I've ever seen, but it certainly merits a place in my favourite romantic movies list. While it's understandably not appropriate for everyone, for those who enjoy some sappy romance and a story loosely resembling a single woman's daydream or two- this will surely put a smile on your face. "Tre metri sopra il cielo" better understood if you speak Italian, or, at least have some sort of knowledge of Italian culture- sheds light on first loves, has a Romeo-Juliet forbidden love scenario and gives you a brief moment of butterflies in your stomach as you watch the convincing love between the two characters. While the movie had the potential to be better (by eliminating that annoying Radio presenter that narrates, for a start) for what it was -the story of an unconventional relationship between socialite and bad boy- it delivered very well. The acting was good, the filming quite beautiful and the script pretty standard. I will reiterate that this IS Italian, and so it probably won't be as effective to those who don't speak the language. It really isn't as wordy as other films, and the words that are spoken are intended for a sort of romantic impact- easily achieved in Italian, a very romantic language, not as easily translated into English. But very good nonetheless, definitely worth watching (With an open mind!).
  • this movie isn't very good and the experience is much better if you read the book, book moves you more and hits you directly in the hart (written by Federico Moccia). Also, it's in Italian so that's another no. Male actor is hot while the female looks a little nerdy to me and doesn't capture Babi's personality well. Aditional characters are good and the movie is exciting and is mostly based on anticipation of love and first hookups. You we'll miss a great experience if you don't watch it. This Drama/romance is something that will deeply move you and make you cry in a good way over life that passed and that's going to pass. It describes first loves, broken harts and passing life exceptionally well. I wish they make Hollywood version because this movie will be a blockbuster. Just so you know, Roman teenagers send this book with short messages so that tell's much about popularity and quality of this book
  • lorirom25 March 2007
    "Tre metri sopra il cielo" is a really beautiful love story with an European stamina. I really recommend this movie if you plan a romantic evening. Babi seems a bit nerdy and a little too young, but the scenario is great and it will capture you right from the beginning. Also, the end of the movie is very European. Step is the dream of every adolescent girl: he is handsome, he likes to live on the edge and he rides a great motorcycle. Let's hope that the movie can be seen also in other countries than Italy and I'm expecting the sequel "Ho voglia di te". Italians have great food, great movies and talented actors. Enjoy the movie!
  • I just want to make a premise. I haven't read the book from which this movie is based so I'm going to review only the movie.

    I Watched this movie after a good friend of mine insisted telling me that "If you love love stories, you're gonna really love this one". I, by the way, suggested her to see A Walk to Remember (2002) which is, still today, my favourite movie of all time.

    Just like the title of this review, and if you saw the movie I quote in my last paragraph, in my opinion Love (with capital L) is something different and not what we can see in this movie.

    3MSC (this is the way italian teenagers refer to this movie) is a story between a good girl and a bad guy. If only for that, I can say that it's quiet realistic since it happens in the reaility too and I have a friend of mine who falled for a teen drug dealer (the common thought that "nobody can understand women" here is much more true) but is the way the movie choose to show us that I don't like it... LOVE is something that you feel inside, a strong feeling that goes beyond the attraction (almost phisical) that we see in this movie. To love someone doesn't mean "let's have sex". What we see in this movie is what I call a simple "crush" The only thing that can be truly romantic is the lockpad on the bridge scene which here in Italy became immediately a "must do" so much that many famous bridges grew in a few days a forest of lockpad.

    I love love movies, I watched many of them (the most are american or english) and I can see the true love in those. I can't understand why in italian love movies there must be always a "good" character who takes drugs and the sex part. It's not that I don't like the movie (I love the american pie franchise for instance but those movie don't called theirselves "love stories" and we know that we're are watching a teen-comedy) but I don't like that people receive a message that say "taking drugs and having sex underage is cool"

    Let's talk about the acting... Scamarcio has the very same expression for the whole time. I think he was chosen for the role of Step only for his "bad face" appearance and not for his acting skills... Many of you who are not italian may have seen this movie dubbed so you can't understand what I mean but this is something that modern italian movies has: a theatrical way of acting instead of that of a movie. There is no realism in these movies, both in dialogues and face expressions.

    To leave a rate, I confess that I Wanted to give a 1 but I choose a 2 out of 10 because is a little bit better than any desica/boldi trash movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    From what I've read of the other reviews this film does not live up to the expectations of the book. May I recommend another film (Spanish, not Italian) under a similar title. Tres metros s o b r e el c i e l o/ Three steps above the sky/ Three meters above the sky. The love story is beautifully portrayed with very real and believable characters. It's definitely worth the watch. Plus, the lead couple are incredibly cute. The main characters are not simply characters who come from a privileged life or a sketchy background. They are more complicated than that which allows viewers to able to relate to them on various levels. There is more to their stories and their true colors are slowly shown throughout the film, just enough to play the emotions of the viewer and to make the viewers empathize with the characters. The film gives you a little bit of everything you look for in a good romance film: laughter, love, life, danger, action, thrill, and a poignant ending. An ending which makes you look back on your own life and wonder if you've found or will ever find the kind of love that too will take you Tres metros s o b r e el c i e l o.

    (It was necessary to type the Spanish words for "above/steps" and "sky" with spaces in between in order to submit this review as the system does not recognize them.)
  • Ugly romance comedy that madre me vomit on the toilet.