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8 January 2016 | lor_
Cathy goes all out in quality sequel
Cathula II ends with star Cathy Barry saying "No it's not the end, it's only the beginning," but alas, this is the final segment of her promising vampire series. It's low-rated in IMDb, but I dug it.

That's because I've been surveying the length and breadth of Brit Porn from the turn of the century, before the local industry reached a critical mass and now supplies among the best XXX product in the world. Most of the videos shot before 2007 are generic sex, but not Cathula.

The lengthy opus begins with highlights from Part I, focusing on prior star Jane Whitehouse. Cathula has an assistant Marnesh who transports her coffin (saved from a conflagration) to a new manor, and assists in procuring fresh women for her sexual and vampirish delectation.

Hubby Phil Barry, who handles most production chores as well as acting in a supporting role, includes minor special effects and some convincing blood and gore to lift this out of the strictly sex category. Horror fans need not apply, but it does put some thematic meat on the feature's otherwise wall-to-wall sex bones. Many scenes are presented in black & white, generally when Marnesh is busy doing his rounds. Nominal storyline has the group of vampires successfully acquiring an ancient tome, whose powers would have been explored in Part III had the Barrys elected to continue the saga.

Blonde star Angel Long is impressive as Cathula's assistant and soul mate, and a stunning brunette who I thought I recognized as Katie Raymond from Barry's classic interracial film "The Affair" succeeds in stealing a couple of scenes.

But it is Cathy Barry who dominates throughout, giving a lusty, earthy performance that exemplifies her uninhibited approach to sex that indeed made her the top XXX star in Britain in the previous decade to this one. Final scene has her as woman on top with a large glass dildo sharing her vagina with the usual big dick - an impressive feat.

Emphasis is as usual on group sex and a large cast is up to the task of generating eroticism and variety for nearly 2-1/2 hours.

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April 2004



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