Dr. Max Hudson: If I start to go crazy can you... take care of me?... In the back of the head!

Diana Skouris: You won't even see it coming... Dr. Hudson?

Dr. Max Hudson: I just gave you permission to blow my head off. You can call me Max.

Richard Tyler: [to Lily] I'd give up another 53 years if it meant finding you again.

Diana Skouris: My mother always wanted me to hit it off with a cute doctor, but move again and I'll pull this trigger.

Matthew Ross: [regarding Liv] You know, becoming involved with her is out of the question.

Shawn Farrell: Advise me all you want about the center, but...

Matthew Ross: You are the center. Everything about you. You cannot afford to have an inappropriate relationship.

Shawn Farrell: Are you kidding me? Jordan Collier was all about inappropriate!

Matthew Ross: All the reason not to repeat his mistakes.

Shawn Farrell: And who exactly is the ideal girl for Shawn Farrell?

Matthew Ross: I'll tell you when I meet her.

Tom Baldwin: "Cult" is what a big congregation calls a little congregation.

Jordan Collier: She lies.

Shawn Farrell: [to Jordan Collier] That baby really kicked your ass.

Diana Skouris: [Marco hands Diana the fake version of Maia's diary of predictions] This is insane. It's also the nicest thing anybody's ever done for me.

Jordan Collier: Close your mouth, Shawn... you'll draw flies.