FBI Agent Max Canary: If I'm not mistaken, she just cut off your balls, Derek.

Derek Jennings: Just the one, Max. Just the one.

Emily Tuthill: [holding a gun to Muhammad's head] Are you ready to die? You better be, and when you meet Allah you tell him your rage destroyed you. You tell him it destroyed me too.

FBI Agent Max Canary: He was just a guy going to work. He took the elevator up and he never took it down. We buried his leg. That's what was left. His leg.

Al-Q'aeda assassin: You have caught me, so I am a dead man

Derek Jennings: You're only as dead as you wanna be, really, aren't you? so why don't you put the pin back in that thing and hand it over to the officer over there?

[assassin hesitates, then throws grenade]

Derek Jennings: Grenade! Get the grenade!

Derek Jennings: [as assassin flees] Drop the grenade! Drop the grenade!

[assassin pulls another grenade, Jennings leaps on him, shoves the grenade under the assassin and it detonates]

Derek Jennings: [to corpse] Now you're a dead man.

NSA Agent Maren Jackson: When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember that your mission is to drain the swamp.