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  • RGN-DC6 February 2006
    No Angels isn't your Holby City, Casualty or your ER style programme. What it does show however, is actually quite real to life. OK, some of the story lines are sometimes are a tad Exaggerated. This is no more so that Holby City or Casualty. No Angels depicts how life is sometimes on hospital wards, people make mistakes, people get upset, people use humour (sometimes in bad taste) to deal with really upsetting and stressful situations, something the show pulls off really well. The acting is fantastic and the characters are plausible. For most of the story lines I can think of example I have witnessed in practice that are very similar. This show does not particularly portray the nursing profession in a great light. However, this is not a documentary, its a drama, if was based purely on facts, my god it would be DULL!! This is a great light-hearted perspective of how life is for these characters (who happen to be nurses). VERY FUNNY SHOW!! Worth getting, especially if have experience working in this environment.
  • Its not set in London (or Manchester). Its based on the premise that nurses and doctors are not god like creatures. Lots of sex and very un PC. I mean nurses smoking cigarettes drinking to excess and having casual sex! Florence Nightingale this isn't.

    If you have a traditional in your view of hospitals as genteel places, where silent beautiful nurses glide from bed to bed caring for ill grateful patents with a stoic handsome Dr on call 24 hours a day, then you will hate this. The nurses have lives outside the hospital! The patents are sick with visible illnesses! The staff are under resourced and under pressure! It deals with death, sex, incompetence and relationships. Its is enjoyable and well worth a look and because it isn't prime time it doesn't have the "pre watershed" censor that Casualty/Holby City do so it can be that bit more realistic.

    These are real characters and after two series the actresses have got them to a T. They are incredibly real and you can see what motivates them to continue in a massively rewarding and then unrewarding vocation.

    Apparently all the scenes are based on real life incidents. Obviously compressed into hour long episodes but never the less they are in the main realistic. Third series? A new main character perhaps but it would be very welcome.
  • This show IS British TV at it's finest!! It's just a shame that it was highly underrated!! Although the characters have qualities that we've all seen before in sitcoms and soaps...these four women are SO easy to relate to and sympathise with!! The characters ARE believable as 'real' people...everyone knows at least one of these women even if they don't work in a hospital! The plot lines are solid from the very first episode and leave you wanting to know what is going to happen next. However, if you think 'No Angels' is a TV show that is based on a complete hour of sex and shallow puns with a bit of medical work here and there, well then you are sadly mistaken as the episodes are laid with a foundation of actual issues which make it the amazing show it still is. It ended too soon.
  • No Angels is a refreshingly honest and darkly humorous take on the whole 'doctors and nurses' concept. Therefore, anyone expecting to see 'Florence Nightingales' roaming the wards best be warned. These naughty nurses work hard and play even harder.

    Revolving around four central characters as they juggle work and play - sometimes combining both - No Angels is well written and highly acted. Comparisons to Sex and The City are likely but are easily dismissed. Although sexy, these girls lead anything but glamorous lifestyles.

    Overall, the series makes no attempts to apologise for the antics of all involved but instead offers a realistic insight into the work of the unsung heroines of Britain's National Health Service. As the title states, these nurses may not be angels but they are certainly indispensable.
  • I think this is a great series. It is about nurses but is not realistic yet it is still very good. The characters each have interesting and humours qualities and the situations they get up to are rude, funny and highly entertaining. i would not recommend it to serious nurses or children but it its entertaining for older viewers. The language and sex is fairy bad but no all programs should be bad language and sex free because it would be boring. So i think No Angels is very good.The music to it is great too, it is mainly women's soul music such as Diana Ross and Areatha Franklin.Hopefull they will make a few more series because it will be interesting to see how it develop's
  • october-1511 August 2006
    I've tried to watch this series on a number of occasions, but it just grates horribly. The problem isn't the cartoony portrayal of the girls' working lives - that could be quite funny if it was done well. The real hole in the programme is where its heart should be.

    These are not only nurses who care nothing for their patients, but "friends" who care nothing for each other. Their interactions are shallow, unpleasant and also pretty unrealistic. As one newspaper reviewer has said, it seems to have been written by someone who not only doesn't understand how women interact, but doesn't understand how human beings relate to each other. And even the most superficial show needs believable characters who the viewer can relate to.
  • film_andy6 March 2004
    Having watched the first episode expecting something fresh and original, I can hopefully do some good for the world and advise others to avoid this trash. Not only does it offend with it's "expose" on the nursing profession, it also manages to offer up a bunch of female characters with not one personality between them. Watching a four-headed monster-ladette show off with it's "we're so funny, we're so clever, look at us, aren't we naughty" fake empowerment of women...

    I can only think that the creators of this show we're aiming for a "Sex In The City" type show. Instead, they have set television standards back by about twenty years. Not only did it fail to distinguish it's female leads from each other, there was hardly any story, anything interesting going on, nor were the characters appealing in any way. You can watch any Ibiza documentary if you want to see drunk women hitting on drunk men - Channel 4 what were you thinking? And I've not even gone into how awful the acting is...
  • This took the slot of 'Shameless'. 'Shameless' was so good it got an immediate re-run and is currently scheduled straight after this. 'Shameless' was and is excellent. This is sh*t. Channel 4 have been shameless in commisioning this utter crap. The characterisation is non-existent and therefore it is impossible to give a damn about what is going on. This is what happens when a 'bright' young exec. says "I know.....lets do 'Teachers' crossed with 'Sex in the City' crossed with 'The Girlie Show' and give it a jaunty motown soundtrack...oh and plenty of shagging!". Avoid.
  • 'No Angels' is what passes for cutting edge modern TV drama - if you have little sense of taste. A supposedly hard-hitting portrait of the lives of young nurses, it achieves a portrayal that is never more than shallow, with lashings of sex compensating for the innate thinness of the drama. A heavy soundtrack of irrelevant (female) soul music makes a desperate claim to the attention of young hip (but brain-dead) women who would seem to be the target audience. Even the jokes about the sheer horror of life on the ward, and the black humour which enables the staff to cope, are neither funny nor truly sickening, just tasteless in a schoolboy-funny sort of way.

    I recently re-watched Dennis Potter's classic 'The Singing Detective'. One of Potter's deliberate aims was to parody the hospital soap - but he also exceeded it, producing a vision that was true, grotesque, sexy (at least where Joanne Whalley was involved) and hilarious. Of course that work was a masterpiece on many levels. But 'No Angels', with its simple formula, aims low and misses. Sadly dull.