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  • Ramayan is no doubt a classic. But i felt disappointed in this one. There wasn't really a impact that the original Ramayan had.

    The actor who plays lord Ram does a decent job while the actress portraying Sita has her moments as do other members of the cast but overall this wasn't as good.

    The best scenes were perhaps when the Mantra tries to brainwash Kaikeyi against Ram. There are quiet a few where the hunchback tries to poison the young queens mind, more than the original. After Ram's exile and the Kings Death there is nothing special in the series i felt, others may disagree.

    The actor playing Raven occasionally gets too loud but many actors tend to portray him as a loud character so he can't really be blamed. He makes a fair stab but is not as convincing when compared to the original.

    Dolly Minhas the only actresses name i know plays Kaikeyi and is quiet good in the role but somewhere along the episodes she seemed chubbier than when she was earlier. Also the key scene of Kaikeyi finally being brainwashed by Mantra was not good. Mantra should have slowly turned Kaikeyi against Ram which was what happened in the original.

    The actress playing Mantra does a excellent job and when she comes on screen you know there is trouble.

    Overall, it is not bad but is not as good as the Original Ramayan series.