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  • George Kaplan is one of Adult Cinema's best screenwriters -all-time - but he flunked for this Jim Enright feature.

    It stars Shayla LaVeaux and Stacy Valentine, introduced on a bed being served wine by butler Tony Tedeschi. Shayla is writing her autobiography, and telling tales from her Hollywood past to beautiful (and busty) assistant Stacy, making for the usual porn vignette structure, though Kaplan's script is awkward in knitting them into feature format.

    Title telegraphs what otherwise would be a spoiler, as suddenly in one scene Tedeschi and Shayla bare their fangs as vampires, as LaVeaux ends a tiresome story about a Brit gentleman in 1959 who abandoned her to return home to his wife, leaving Shayla with a parting gift of immortality.

    Contrivances like Stacy having an erotic dream starring Shayla and her wandering into rooms where folks are making love are unconvincing and the movie ends cornily with Shayla staging an orgy where Stacy will have to decide whether to take up her offer of a bite on the neck.

    The beauty of both leading ladies is the movie's saving grace.