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22 January 2006 | Madison-8
| Not for me, thanks
I don't "get" Max Hardcore. I mean, I understand what he does and even why he does it, but it's just not something I completely understand. I like my adult films to have something resembling even the remotest sense of erotica in them, and Hardcore could not care less about that. His films are often very...slimy. I just can't think of another word. I won't say he shouldn't be making it, because I'm a proponent of free speech and all that, but it's just a little low-life for me.

This film has Hardcore having sex with three separate women. The first (I think, they may be out of order here) is Amy Lee. Amy's a very cute girl, but she's wearing enough baby-doll make-up to make her look like a nightmare clown from hell (that's another thing I'm not fond of in Hardcore's films: Most of the girls are made up to look younger than they are). Valerie Jo's scene is routine and doesn't get as nasty as Max is known for. Finally, there is Queeny Love. I love Queeny, but her scene here is so much of a nothing that it's worthless.

If you like your pornos rough and sleazy, this is all yours. I'll be checking out something that shows the girls in a little more respective and erotic light.

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