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  • I saw this film at the Atlanta ComiCon Film Festival. It was a highly enjoyable indie comedy. It has the feel of "Clerks," in that it isn't highly plot driven, just more of a character-driven story. The chase for the sexy chef is just an excuse for us to spend time with these crazy characters.

    Logan Creighton does a great job as F.M., the "main" character. He plays the role subtly and does a good job of giving the audience a sympathetic (sometimes pathetic) character to root for. It seems we've all been in his shoes at one point or another.

    His friend, Tank, is the more outgoing character. He's the driving force of adventure. Todd Robinson does a good job of portraying this wacky character, but giving him a human angle as well. To relate the film back to "Clerks," Tank is Randal to F.M.'s Dante. The relationship is very similar and it works well in this film...

    The stories of Winona and Paul don't really add much to the story, but they are enjoyable in their own right.

    I have to give a nod to Greg A. James as Mike Buda. He's hilarious and annoying at the same time. He does a great job at balancing the one-note character, so that he remains funny even as he's getting on your nerves.

    "The Sexy Chef" is hardly original in its tone, but its the kind of movie that just makes you feel good. The characters are richly crafted by the writer, Ian Smith, so that you care for them throughout the film. I've mentioned "Clerks" several times in this review... it's not to say this film is derivative, but emotes the same kind of feeling to viewer. And besides, to be compared to one of the greatest indie films of all time is never a bad thing.

    Definitely worth watching. Check it out.
  • Who is The Sexy Chef? If you don't know, don't feel bad, but you should see this movie.

    I loved it. It was fun, funny and genuine. The characters are the sort you probably know from college or work, the plot keeps you interested and waiting to see what happens.

    If you've ever been fed up, had a job you hate, had friends who drove you crazy, were burned out, obsessed, or needed an escape, you'll identify with some part of "The Sexy Chef".

    It's worth watching, not only for an escape from the predictable movies that are pumped into the local theaters. You won't believe this is a first movie... the production is first-rate. See it. Now. Go.
  • The main problems with the Sexy Chef is that the production values are pretty low, the story is contrived, shallow, and thin as paper, the characters are all severely under-developed and it just isn't that interesting. That said, there are some good things about it too such as the actors (especially Todd Robinson in the role of Tank), the music, and the city of Portland as the perfect backdrop to this story about a group of misfits. This film shows potential but it obviously isn't what it could or should be mainly in part to the writing, direction and lack of attention to detail in the production. While this film is not entirely a failure and it has some funny and enjoyable moments it is disappointing that it isn't better.