The burnt wreckage of the hotel was not by design; the hotel actually caught fire the day before filming at the hotel was to commence. The characters hotel room was just two rooms down from the fire.

Besides the hotel fire the production almost had another fire problem as there was a brush fire in the gorge working its way up to the Stonehenge monument. It stopped the day before filming and only feet away from the monument.

The original actress that was supposed to play the bartender did not show up for the 3 am call and could not be reached so an extra was quickly cast in the role instead.

This was the first film for The Smith Brothers (writer Ian Smith and director Tyson Smith) and producer C.K. Lichenstein II.

In both the casino and the casino's parking lot, music was constantly playing through overhead speakers. As they couldn't afford the rights, they had to either edit out the music or re-record the dialogue for these scenes.

The casino never closed for filming and so most of the scenes inside were shot late in the evening when few patrons were around.

The "driving" scenes were mostly shot in the family garage.

Some actual driving scenes were shot but many were unusable so producer C.K. Lichenstein II came up with the idea of using a map instead. Director Tyson Smith took a photo of the car the characters were driving and moved it with a magnet underneath the map.

Brunei is not in Europe as Tank says but is on the north coast of the island of Borneo, hence the map at the end of the film (see the crazy credits section).

F.M. stands for Freak Magnet.

The bum that walks down the sidewalk with his hand out, as if he is trying to block being shot, was an actual bum who walked through the shot. The filmmakers thought it was funny and that it fit in with F.M.'s penchant for attracting freaks, so they kept it in.