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  • lamegabyte28 July 2014
    At first, i thought that I was going to skip her as her career (mainly 1991-1995) is really old school today but just to look at her and her performances, PJ stays in my stable. PJ has maybe of the most stunning natural body of all time (ah, those hips, that ass…) and she has definitely an engaging personality as well ! In a way, she prefigures Crystal Klein (# to come), Crystal being less dominant and refusing hardcore ! It's sure that i have discovered PJ on my night trips and it's maybe « Immortal Desire » (review to come) that offered me her first scene : stretching lasciviously (with a great view on her ass) over a girl to suck her tongue. Her action is timed in seconds but it's definitely a great moment of this excellent movie ! Unfortunately, she got fatty quickly, maybe destroyed as well her soft tits for a pair of horrible fakes and she was gone as fast as she entered the business !

    This movie is a compilation of her early movies ! The picture quality is rather bad with ugly color ; Her lesbian scene are a bit tame but the historic value is great : you can't imagine that porn was like this almost a quarter of century ago. It's look very cheap, all the cast is over dressed (at that time, it's like they had sex being non nude !) and for a compilation, it's rather unusual to have the star being interviewed : so, PJ speaks easily about her life, her career and it's cool to hear from her, all the more that she confesses her ultimate fantasy which is exactly the same than ... me! Thus, a excellent reason to watch it carefully!