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  • A bunch of well past their prime actors try their best, but the obvious and simplistic script gives them nothing to work with. Stereotypical types are on parade, both mafia and retirees. The best part of the movie is seeing Burt Reynolds home decorated in "early U.S.M.C." Especially annoying are the camera speed ups, and atrocious editing. One scene barely begins before the film cuts away to another abbreviated scene. The ultra low budget shows throughout, but is amplified in the ridiculous shootout finale. It's a shame to see Burt Reynolds, Robert Loggia, Charles Durning, and Raquel Welch, wasted so badly, but I guess this was the only work available. - MERK
  • kariann-marti6 August 2018
    Yeah... this was not a good movie. It felt like a Hallmark movie for men, except not good enough for Hallmark. A middle schooler could have written it and gadhus friends act in it. It was a sweet enough ending, but you unfortunately had to sit through the whole movie to get there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of those instances, when a movie title tells viewers what to do – "Forget About It." The cast is fine – three older men who made us laugh in the past, one aging beauty of the past, and a host of other characters. But, for the most part most of the roles are listless – almost lifeless. It probably tried to parody "The Godfather" and some gangster movies of the past; but there were very few laughs in this film. The script is poor and it moves slowly. The directing is sketchy and jumpy at times.

    The support cast may be the most interesting part of the film – a varied collection of characters. It has a couple of misfit, love-starved, crooked FBI agents (man and woman); a wise but dubious local U.S. Marshal; Mafia hit men; a greasy former mob member under a witness protection program; a cowboy used car salesman; a teen-age niece of one of the three main characters; and more. But these, too, were not very funny.

    The premise of the film is a familiar one, and what action it has is actually the funniest part of the film. Only two or three gunshot wounds result from close-range small arms fire between a dozen characters. Their long scene sounds like a loaded firing range. The former mobster stands in the open just yards away from the hit men blazing away with automatic pistols in each hand, and they fire back at him. No one gets a scratch.

    I give it 4 stars mostly for the little mystery over the discovery of the loot, and the movie's end. But there just isn't much to entertain in this film.