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  • PRIVATE SECRETS 1 (aka PRIVATE AFFAIRS, VOL 2) is a solid selection of porn vignettes from Sascha Alexander. His protégé Sarah Young fronts the video, which is far less Sarah-intensive than usual.

    Opening sequence pairs Sarah with lean & hot Misty McCaine, a distinctive member of the Sascha/Sarah Troupe. They have lesbian sex by the pool in a silent segment that gets the program started with a bang.

    Vignette #2 is also near the pool, spotlighting the distinctively beautiful Suraya Jamal, one of many international stars spotlighted in the ecumenical porn video UNITED COLORS OF SEX. Her spectacular nipples and caramel-colored skin tone are a highlight, shtupping an unidentified, well-hung Euro actor, then joined by Sarah for a threesome.

    Alicyn Sterling takes center stage for the next two lengthy vignettes, notable in spotlighting her puffy nipples and youthful beauty before she went under the knife to present her iconic huge breasted image. First up she exercises and then gets serviced by Peter North, resulting in his usual copious ejaculation. This is one of the few "soundies" in the set, with North speaking in English, plus the usual groans & moans.

    This is followed by a full-length version of a familiar (often anthologized) vignette pairing her with Tom Byron and Tera Heart.

    Heather Hart masturbates (with the handle of her hairbrush) in Segment #5, a rather lengthy silent exercise. She also applies a Joe Sarno-size industrial strength massage unit to her clit and oils her breasts with a creamy lotion.

    Brigitte Aime masturbates in dark pink lingerie, joined by North and Jon Dough for a threesome, culminating in double penetration. North again gets 1st-class treatment in this "soundie".

    Video ends with a young Sean Michaels (his hair cropped relatively long for him) shtupping April Rayne, joined by T.T. Boy for another d.p.

    All told a good cross-section of top XXX talent from the beginning of the '90s.